Top 15 Landing Page Builder Tools

Shubham Rajpara / April 7, 2021 | 12 Mins Read

Top 15 Landing Page Builder Tools

If your marketing campaign doesn’t involve a well-built, attractive, and responsive landing page, you are already missing out on many conversions.

A landing page is an outline for a user to understand what to do next when visiting your page. If they don’t have directions about what they should do next, what are the chances they will stay on your page?

For your marketing campaign to be successful, you equally need to make your landing pages successful. And that is what our catalog of landing page creators is precisely going to show you today.

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are the final destination a user arrives at after clicking on a link or ad. In marketing, landing pages have a lot of significance since they have a direct emphasis if a user will convert or not.

These pages could be of all kinds with a different intent each time.

For example, if we run a marketing campaign with an objective for people to contact us more, we will send them directly to our contact page.  

The same scenario exists when a marketer runs a campaign for his company. He can have targets like collecting emails for newsletters, generating leads, encouraging conversions, or increasing sales. Whatever the reason, the user ultimately has to convert on a landing page only.

That is why you need one of the best landing pages for your website.

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What is a Landing Page Building Software?

If a perfect landing page is something you desire, a landing page building software will align with your needs.

Creating landing pages from scratch involves a lot of thought and takes up a lot of time. However, with a landing page creator, all this process is made more comfortable for you.

A landing page building tool comes with hundreds of landing page templates perfect for any kind of niche. So be it healthcare, technology, or fashion that your website belongs to, a landing page maker will have the right templates for you always.

Are you looking to use templated landing pages?

When you have to create a landing page, you always have two options - either build one from scratch or use a template.

If you choose the former option, you are inviting costs and working on yourself. But if that isn’t a problem for you, you can easily make a landing page that complements your website and is the exact way you wanted it.

On the other hand, a landing page template could help you even more. These templates are:

  • Cheap
  • Easy to build and edit
  • Usually responsive

However, not every template sits well with every type of website. So before you decide on purchasing one, make sure you clear out if it matches your website.

How can a Landing Page Builder help in conversions?

You need to know about landing page templates because they are already optimized to get the maximum number of conversions.

Most of these templates are built by experts and marketing gurus who understand what a landing page requires to convert a visitor.

Other than that, these page templates are also:

  • Cost-friendly and easily editable
  • The fastest options
  • Require few resources
  • Have the most attractive elements

Best Landing Page Builders you should consider

1. Landingi


If you want an all-in-one landing page service perfect for all your marketing campaigns, Landingi is one of the best solutions for you.

Landingi offers a wide range of templates that are perfect for ‘most’ of the niches your website revolves around.

This platform also has a great visual editor, which makes the creation of landing pages much simpler and straightforward. 


  • Comes with a variety of pre-designed templates
  • Has a free image library for all your landing page sections
  • Even comes with an in-built analytics tool integrated with Google


  • 250+ landing page templates
  • Embeds on your Facebook page
  • Could be used on mobiles
  • Drag and drop functions


  • A/B testing and other features not available on all plans.


Starts at $29/month when billed annually.

2. GetResponse


GetResponse is a leading landing page builder that’s automatically optimized for your marketing campaigns. 

This tool is the most ideal option for small/large businesses that want to redefine their marketing efforts and optimize their conversion rate. 

When you purchase this software, you get access to unlimited landing page templates, email marketing tips, and other eCommerce features that could prove to be very valuable to your business.


  • Comes with A/B testing and email marketing solutions
  • Beneficial for your entire e-commerce business
  • Comes with integrated analytics and reporting


  • Allows access to thousands of brilliant, high-quality Shutterstock photos
  • A/B testing
  • Could be integrated with multiple platforms
  • Comes with abundant marketing tools and resources


  • Could be out of budget for some enterprises
  • The landing page is not the primary product
  • Needs upgrading after a certain point of time and growth in customers


Starts at $11/month with flexible pricing plans.

3. Mailchimp

You might have heard about Mailchimp in the past because of its insanely popular email marketing tools and eCommerce solutions. But other than that, Mailchimp is also a very efficient landing page building software that will make all your marketing efforts a little easier.

One of its many features is that you can integrate it with any website building platform like WordPress or Wix, and it would automatically do its job for you in the background.

Mailchimp offers a suite of features and pricing plans, among which landing page builder comes with a free plan as well. 


  • Has great eCommerce tools
  • Comes with an easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Comes with a personal dashboard for all your marketing campaigns


  • Built-in drag and drop builder
  • Customize your templates from start to finish
  • Great marketing tools and resources
  • Even great for email marketing and other campaigns


  • Not only a landing page software
  • Only 1000 customers allowed on the free plan


Starts at a $10 plan. However, there’s a free with limited features as well.

4. Unbounce


Unbounce is one of the most efficient landing page services. The reason for its immense popularity is the provision of an easy drag-and-drop builder and amazing eCommerce tools.

Rather than giving you ‘just’ the landing pages, this tool provides you such landing pages that will help you convert. 

While Unbounce could be used for all your professional ventures, it is a little hard to get used to for beginners. That still doesn’t mean this tool won’t be able to help you with your marketing campaigns.


  • Supports A/B testing
  • Can be integrated with Google Ads
  • Real-time reporting with 125+ templates



  • Takes some time to get adjusted to the platform
  • Expensive, especially when needed for enterprises


Starts at $79/mo with additional plans for business and enterprise use.

5. Instapage


As the name suggests, this page builder helps you create landing pages instantly. It really doesn’t matter what stage your business is at; this page builder can cover all your needs.

With its Google Docs-like collaborative editing, InstaPage is great to work on and customize your templates by your team members at the same time.

It comes with hundreds of templates that could be made live instantly. It is easily editable, and you can create landing pages in a matter of just a few minutes.

This tool is perfect for your marketing goals like lead generation or app downloads. 


  • Provides instant landing pages
  • Has drag-and-drop functionality
  • Could easily be integrated with other platforms


  • Hundreds of landing page templates
  • Has drag and drop functionality
  • Features a pixel perfect design
  • Could easily be integrated with other platforms as well


  • The enterprise plan could be expensive
  • AMP, web personalization, and some other features are only available on enterprise plans


Starts at $99/mo. However, there’s also a free plan included. You can get started with a demo.

6. Leadpages


LeadPages is one of the cleanest landing page creators out there. 

With its stylish builder to easy drag-and-drop elements, this page creator is the best that you could use for your marketing campaigns.

Above all, this tool is the cheapest on our list of landing page builders. As you purchase more plans, you unlock more features like A/B testing and other eCommerce tools.



  • Comes with a drag and drop functionality
  • Has more than 150 templates
  • Also has built-in on-page payments
  • Comes with an integrated Facebook ad builder
  • Comes with dedicated marketing tools as well


  • Certain integrations aren’t available on higher-tier plans
  • Lacks enterprise-grade security
  • Can’t be personalized well


Starts at $25/mo, with a free plan, included as well.

7. Lander


Lander is a perfect tool for small businesses that want to create straightforward and efficient landing pages.

The pricing plan on this tool is differentiated on the basis of how much traffic you are expecting on your landing page. 

One of the best things about Lander is that it even allows you to customize the code of your site, which means you can design each element on your landing page the way you want. With every plan you choose, you also get tools like A/B testing and numerous landing page templates that are enough for your marketing campaigns.



  • Beginner-friendly with a lot of great plans
  • A/B testing on every package
  • Allows backend code editing
  • Has Facebook landing pages


  • Not that great of an editor
  • Not the most customizable option


Starts at $16/mo. However, there’s a free plan included as well.

8. LaunchRock


If your budget is limited, yet you want a clean, simple, and effective landing page, Launchrock is the most ideal option for you. The best part is that Launchrock is free.

It is driven by helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to get started and support their marketing campaigns. 

Even though the features of this tool is limited, you won’t really feel the difference because of the presence of other features included.


  • Free for everybody
  • Has analytics and real-time reporting
  • Super-fast builder


  • Available for free
  • Is a super-fast builder
  • Really efficient with built-in analytics
  • Has a lot of promotional features


  • Doesn’t come with an A/B testing
  • Has limited customization
  • Usually suitable for small businesses


Starts at $29, yet has a great free plan as well.

9. KickOffLabs

kickoff labs

Kickofflabs is one of the finest landing page builders on our list. However, just like Mailchimp, it isn’t all about that only.

Rather, this tool helps you launch and market new products/services by equipping you with a lot of features you need for your campaigns.

Besides being a great landing page builder, you also get additional features such as A/B testing, security on your pages, and additional eCommerce tools.


  • Perfect for running contests and referrals
  • Has real-time reporting and analytics tools
  • 40+ customizable templates


  • Has unlimited landing pages and referrals
  • Comes with built-in analytics
  • Has a variety of promotional features


  • Limited campaigns with limited integrations
  • Has limited customization as well


Starts at $19/month. It also includes a free plan.

10. ShortStack


Even though ShortStack isn’t insanely popular for its landing page builder, there’s a lot that this tool can do for you.

One of the biggest strengths of Shortstacks is that it allows you to create some of the best lead generation campaigns. These campaigns include app downloads, giveaways, contests, and of course, email signup campaigns.

There is an editor included as well that lets you create your very own landing pages from scratch. Even though there aren’t a lot of templates, you can still design your own pages with its awesome builder.


  • Campaign driven tool
  • Perfect for most of the marketing campaigns
  • Integrated email marketing features


  • Could be personalized to run specific campaigns
  • Has great lead generation features
  • Comes with social and email integration
  • Also has great email marketing features


  • Good features yet could be substituted with other landing page builders
  • Templates aren’t that great
  • Relatively expensive


Starts at $99/month with a free trial included.

11. OptimizePress

WordPress landing page builder Preview

Being one of the finest WordPress-based landing page builders, OptimizePress provides hundreds of templates for your landing page designs. 

Not only are these designs perfect for all kinds of campaigns, but they are also personalized for lead generation pages, sales, and a lot more uses.

With an entire library of graphic elements and abundant graphic elements, OptimizePress allows great customization options with integration for email marketing platforms as well.

It has yearly plans that allow you to just pay for the features you need as your organization grows.


  • Plans could be adjusted as per the features needed
  • Templates for capturing leads and increasing sales
  • Create landing pages that could sell on autopilot


  • Great templates with a lot of new designs
  • Personalized and affordable pricing plans
  • Great customer support


  • Not very beginner-friendly
  • Not suitable for all kinds of niches


OptimizePress starts at $99/month with business and enterprise plans as well.

12. Squarespace

Squarespace is a popular 'website builder.’ 

Not a dedicated landing page creator. 

That still doesn't mean that Squarespace doesn't allow you to build killer landing pages. 

This platform has features that not only allow you to create a remarkable landing page but even include the benefits of hosting your site and provide real-time analytics along with integrations with multiple CRMs.

Being a beginner, if you aren't able to find the best options for creating the right kinds of landing pages, SquareSpace is the right fit for you. 

With the Cover Pages tool, you also have the option to create a page using hundreds of templates available in the database.


  • Great templates with modern-day website structures
  • Perfect for eCommerce stores and small business
  • A suite of marketing tools available


  • Great tools for eCommerce stores
  • Start to finish assistance with great customer support
  • Hundreds of responsive templates


  • Not a lot of customization options
  • No support for third-party apps or plugins


Squarespace starts at $18/month for businesses with advanced pricing plans as well.

13. ConvertFlow

Website conversion platform overview video

If a builder with an easy visual builder and advanced features tops your preference list, ConvertFlow is the most ideal option.

Boasting multi-page forms, automated pages, and conditional logic, ConvertFlow is easily one of the best landing page creators out there. 

ConvertFlow could also be integrated with a lot of CRMs and understand the leads' behavior very closely.

Other than that, the platform also allows you to run custom code for retargeting and event tracking. All these features together could skyrocket your conversion rates by providing a very personalized experience.


  • Integrates with all kinds of CRMs
  • Easy, code-less builder with all kinds of features
  • Create automated landing pages


  • Multiple templates with easy customization
  • Integrates with multiple apps and platforms
  • Advanced marketing tools available


  • Could be costly for some small scale businesses
  • Conditional logic could block popups at certain times


Starts at $29/month with a free plan included as well.

14. is a robust platform that allows you to create landing pages without the need of a developer. These landing pages could not only stand-alone but also be a part of your website.

One of the significant features of this platform is that it extracts data from partial submissions that also lead you to conversion optimization insights.

It also allows you to create automated drip sequences, allowing you to capture the best kinds of leads for your business.


  • Embeds on your website easily
  • Could be personalized for certain users of your website
  • Easy drag-and-drop functionality 


  • Could be customized well 
  • Multiple templates for all kinds of niches
  • Different styles, typography, and designs/backgrounds available


  • Customization could take longer than usual
  • Even though the templates are multiple, it could take time to find the right one


Starts at $19/month, with a free plan included for starters as well.

15. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is probably one of the biggest marketing platforms available. With its plethora of marketing resources and tools, it's obvious to consider it as one of the best landing page builders. 

ClickFunnels has proven to be very reliable for a variety of entrepreneurs in coaching, lead generation, or e-learning.

Even though ClickFunnels is great for 'most' niches, its landing pages are the most curated for selling courses or other online content. This platform could also prove vital if you want to start a blog business and minimize most of the work on your end. 

For the fields its landing pages are curated for, you can create some of the most responsive and interactive landing pages in a matter of a few minutes.


  • Great for beginners that want to start (and automate) their very own online business
  • Very easy to use with a plethora of marketing tools
  • Includes a variety of pre-built funnels
  • Also, has A/B testing



  • Not available for all kinds of niches
  • Very less customization as compared to the rest of the builders
  • Pricing could be an issue for some businesses


Starts at $97/month with a 14-day trial included as well.


So you might be wondering, what’s the best landing page builder? The answer is - it depends on your business.

Our list of landing page builders features all the types of landing page creators that would be suitable for different scenarios for your business. 

Different businesses use different builders. As such, before you go on purchasing a landing page builder plan, make sure its features align with your needs.

I hope this list of landing page builders helps identify the right tools for your business.