Little Sneaky Secrets To Optimize Landing Page

Little Sneaky Secrets To Optimize Landing Page

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then,” said a famous person. This is true with Landing Pages. Termed as a “Gateway” to gain customers, Landing pages have a remarkable potential to add value to your website. These pages are part of your website and they have to be designed with a soul intention to convert the visitors into your customers.

Why landing pages?

Landing pages are the answers to searchers needs. They can impact your conversion rates. The idea is to create a geographic facet of your webpage to your customers. Landing pages are one of the top inbound marketing strategies that serve niche functions;

  • Generate New leads – Capture information
  • Close more leads as customers
  • Improve Conversion rates
  • Sell products Online, instantly
  • Reconvert
Your landing page should pass that “8 second” test!!!

Silverpop’s landing page report titled, “8 Seconds to Capture Attention,” estimates that nearly fifty percent of the visitors to landing pages will bail in the first eight seconds. It is the limited time that you have to convince your visitor. These 8 seconds includes load time of your website, time that a customer takes to navigate your page, to figure out your definition, and come back for a reason. Any goof ups can result in a fall in conversion. So, optimize your page to get maximum benefits. Landing pages have to quickly grab the attention of all visitors and keep them engaged.

How easy is it to pass the 8-second test?

Persuading someone to visit your web page and persuading them to purchase your product or subscribe a newsletter is a great task these days unless you are aware of some of the secrets to optimize your landing page. The internet is like a haystack. You drop something; it is difficult to find them and is more difficult to place them at the top. Web pages especially the landing page also gets lost in the huge internet. You need to optimize your landing page to gather more conversions, see more ROI, understand your audience, your customers in order to retain them and grow with them. Your landing pages should be similar to dangling cheese in front of a mouse. Draw the attention of your visitors.

Secrets to Create High Converting Landing Page

Strategise like Albatrosses

An albatross is a bird that flies without flapping its wings for huge distances. These birds are long-living and they spend most of their lives in flight over the sea. They return to small oceanic islands only for breeding. They are perfectly adapted to survive in toughest situations. Where does the power come for an albatross bird to withhold such mechanism? The answer is that this extremely efficient bird works with a simple sequential strategy, a tricky manoeuvre to fly and land every time. Online marketers should also strategies like this seabird. Analyse and use the right method at the right time and target them to the right audience. A well-laid landing page has the power to grab and retain the attention of your visitors.

Secret No: 1 - Understand the Fundamentals

Your landing page should be;

  • Well planned
  • Functioning perfectly
  • Match the source that generated the click
  • Completely controlling the flow of information
  • Unique
  • Have an attractive header, attention grabbing contents, easy and less navigation, simple
  • Invite a call for action from the visitor

Secret No: 2 - Create Responsive, Adaptable Designs

Landing pages just cannot be created for Desktops. Mobiles, tablets, wearables are dominating today. So, landing pages should be created to adapt to different browsers and devices. Use metrics to understand how visitors get onto your site. The entire architecture of your page should offer an intuitive navigation experience to the visitors across all devices. Construct new landing page for every new marketing campaign that you initiate. Do not go too deep into the psychology of colours. It can contribute a small percentage to the entire requirements of a perfect landing page.


Secret No: 3 - Say No to Deciduous Contents

No deciduous contents...Try to have contents that are always fresh, that creates an urgency, which matches with the searchers needs and offers clarity. Contents should not be superfluous, and not very mathematical. Only very bother to dig all those fractions and percentages. Give a chance to the visitors to continuously discover something interesting in your page every time they visit. Ensure that the headline matches with the visitors query.

Secret No: 4 - One-Size Does Not Fit All

Landing pages are created with different goals. Every campaign should have a new landing page. For every new campaign, set your experiments vigilantly and plan a new landing page wisely. Let us consider two different landing pages styles which serve different purposes;


webinar landing page

Your webinar landing page can ideally have the following details;

  • Header / Headline (effectively communicates your landing page purpose)
  • Sub-title
  • Form
  • Quick and apt description about the webinar
  • Image (differentiating element)
  • Instead of Image, you can even use Video to create a click through
  • Purpose and benefits
  • CTA – (most important else the result is totally Zilch)
  • Social media sharing


pre launch landing page

Your pre-launch landing page can ideally have the following details;

  • Countdown (Indicating the availability of the product)
  • Header / Headlines
  • Sub-title
  • Form
  • Description and Feature of the Product
  • Picture (or) Video to click through
  • CTA
  • Social media sharing

Though there are no thumb rules, these are generally followed by many top landing page designers. You can adjust the placements that fit well with your purpose. You can enhance the effectiveness of your landing page by adding details that can work best for you. Just add some energy...

Secret No: 5 - Follow SEO Guidelines to Create Traffic

  • Choose the best keyword that describes your page
  • Your title tag is the one that gets listed in the search engine bots. So keep it as per the word limitation.
  • Keep your META description simple
  • Your keyword should go into the landing page URL
  • Killer headline
  • Create contents that create an urge to take action
  • Do not fail to describe the function of each visual

Final thoughts

Landing pages are designated to drive traffic. They create a ripple. They play a good role in your overall marketing plans – search engine optimization, pay-per-click, conversion rate optimization and social media marketing. Bear in mind that to engage and influence your customers, you need to pass through trial and error method, repeatedly attempting like “birds call,” iterate and explore all possible practices and philosophy. Understand the purpose to create a landing page. Stellar pages can be created with the right inputs. To optimize conversions, you need to track the performance of your landing page, rate the success. Analysis is critical to any online marketing campaign.

Key elements that will help you to track your landing page performance are bounce rate, time, and conversion rate. Make sure to A/B test and follow the impact of the campaign.  Get an insight of your every campaign. Have a descriptive and actionable CTA. Pull out more intelligence about your leads. Once you get the details, you need to channel them through various relevant campaigns. Videos are extremely effective. Use them wisely in your landing page as this will help visitors to stick on your site for some time. Above all, ensure that your landing page looks great on all devices. The market is flooded with opportunities, but competition level exceeds equally. Figure out; landing pages lets you to taper your focus and get rid of the clutter.

Apart from turning lookers as customers, landing pages help you to add value and earn trust from your visitors. Plan them well and make them work correctly.  Understand your audience and deliver experience and excitement accordingly. Small changes can have high impact. There are lots to ponder apart from changing colors, font size or image. Landing pages should excel in both design and development perspective. So, be wise while creating them...Be like Albatrosses...have a perfect landing always.

Thoughts, questions...? Just leave them in the comments.

Meenakshi Krishnan is a Content Consultant at OpenXcell, a pioneering Mobile App Development Company in India and USA. Technology inspires her and this has helped her to write contents on varied topics ranging from telecom, apps and healthcare communications and so on. She is currently working on global mobile app technologies reporting on diverse subjects. Prior to this, she was working for a technology marketing company based in Norwalk as a content contributor.