Most Important Reasons Why Cold Calling is Dead And (Digital Marketing Is Future!)

Most Important Reasons Why Cold Calling is Dead And (Digital Marketing Is Future!)

Are you aware of the fact that cold calling is long dead and digital marketing is the future? If not, here's a blog which discusses nine prominent reasons that showcase this fact in the most interesting manner.

In this modern world of business cold calling is becoming dead. It worked on those days where phones are attached to the desk. But now a day’s sales and marketing team will do this. Digital marketing team put their customer in a driving seat so to understand what their customers want to engage and make a good relation with them.

There are various reasons behind the death of cold calling and digital marketing takes its position for a purpose to generate more leads. or because people are not comfortable to talk to a person who is unknown to you, most people even do not pick up the strange number, sometimes people unable to trust on such phones calls and much more. Below you can find in detail that how cold calling is dead and people prefer digital marketing.

1. It’s Outdated

According to the report of international Smartphone mobility, mostly Americans prefer text communication rather than to communication on phone call. Nowadays, people do not prefer and unwilling to attain a call from unknown sources.

When we talk about a phone call to business clients, it is becoming more difficult to use extensions, operating systems, and voicemails. Many companies do not allow giving direct lines to the company owner and going through some inquiries through email addresses. Cold calling does no longer exist.

2. It’s Irritating

As we lived in the business world which is full of the brand and modern technology. Customers looking for various option while taking a decision. Creating value, reputation and goodwill are very important nowadays in business. The cold call will mainly reduce that goodwill completely.

The cold call will ultimately irritate the people in their busy schedule. Cold calling is the type of alarm which calls someone that why anyone calls me? Did I know you? How can I benefit that?

3. It’s Exasperating for Employees

Cold calling difficult for a person, but actually it is much difficult emotionally for particular employees. Most people on the other side of the receiver of a cold call can also irritate for a moment. On each call, the employees also feel inconvenience to call Has been on the receiving end of a cold call and can understand the annoyance; with every call made, your employee feels the inconvenience that is being caused due to the cold calling.

cold calling

Sometimes employees face the bad reaction toward the customer’s side which led to discouragement. This may also turn it into exhaustion and high stress. The employee who appoints to cold call day and night is mentally suffering and decreases its productivity. They are feeling that they are doing the very boring job.

4. It Wastes Time

As the adage goes, time is money; small businesses desperately need to conserve both. In fact, the average sales rep makes 8 dials an hour and prospects for over 6 hours to set just 1 appointment (Source: Ovation Sales Group).

According to the statistics of cold calling, both the input and the success rate are very low and just waste of time and waste of company resource. Due to cold calling, the caller does the following actions like?

  • Phones remain ringing
  • block the number
  • recording of a voicemail
  • discount the call
  • dropped the call
  • Dial tones
  • Directory messages
  • Other technical things

According to the statistics of industry, there is only 2% success rate of cold calling. Also, keep in mind that this is the success rate of attending the call but it does not always lead to the sales success.

so now, there is a question arise that how digital marketing work better for the business as compared to cold calling which has a very low success rate.  Blow there is some reason due to which digital marketing is the future all businesses.

5. Everyone is online

With the help of digital marketing, you can approach a wide range of audience in all over the world. Your business will not face any barrier regarding language, culture when we talk about geographical presence. There is millions of users increase in the last few years in social media platforms. With the help of digital marketing, you can easily reach your target audience and spread your brand awareness.

6. You have added trust

In cold calling, you were convincing people to trust you without any proper reason. Which is much challenging for the employee? But if the people will find you and your business on social media there is more chance that people come toward your side. Because nowadays other people recommendation, SWOT analysis and positive feedback toward your brand is a blessing. Which build trust with your brand? Their trust converts into lead and sale. You can stay trusted to your customers by sharing helpful content on your blog.

7. It’s more cost-effective

There is a myth that cold calling is cheap than digital marketing because it just takes your time no other resources. But in the business world, your time is a very precious resource for your company. Generating positive ROI means to spend time on doing best things and leave the other thing. Sometimes for best productivity and ROI companies outsource their marketing department.


8. It broadens your reach

In cold call, you can just outreach one to one person. Due to which it limits the numbers of people that you can convince and answer at the same time. Also, an excellent cold caller has few hundred calls on each day. But on the other side in digital marketing, you can target huge audience at the same time and in all over the world. It is possible in it because when a person read and share your content then all people will see this that are in the friend list. So if few people can share your content your brand awareness will ultimately grow. This is a significant feature of digital marketing.

9.Prospects are in their comfort zone

You were becoming more trustworthy if you give the verification of your skills and abilities. So with the help of digital marketing, you can give the proof, testimonial of your business by sharing on social media platforms.  These ways your website visitors will turn into leads and leads to sales.

These reasons are purely said that Cold calling is dead and Digital marketing is about to future success.

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