8 Ways To Soar Your Digital Marketing Strategy Above the Rest

8 Ways To Soar Your Digital Marketing Strategy Above the Rest

Do you want to take your digital marketing strategy above the rest? If yes, take a look at this blog wherein we have provided certain tips in giving your automation the wings it needs to fly high. Do not miss this blog at any cost!

As you know, part of keeping up with your digital marketing strategy is finding the latest and greatest techniques. One of the fastest growing trends today is adopting some sort of automation in the mix. And considering how fast and easy this method can be, it’s no wonder that it produces so many ways to automate your marketing needs.

Word on the street is marketing automation saves time and money and it can take you to new  heights with your campaigns.

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So here are are few tips in giving your automation the wings it needs to fly high.

1. Hail to the Templates

By utilizing white label marketing templates or other automated templates, you can reduce the amount of time spent crafting emails, social media posts, and more, you can cut out more time from building your posts and more time to focus on other areas that you are a nerd at, like analyzing data or whatever your cup of tea is.  When doing templates, take note to change them up every now and then so your messages don’t come across as robotic or stale. For every other blast of emails/outreach, change up the language a bit so that you are always sounding fresh.

2. Be Brand Specific

specific brand

Using an automation platform allows you to focus on your brand. White label templates use the same structure of posts but include pertinent details regarding your brand. As a result, you can easily streamline the process of crafting marketing posts. Better still, when you choose a dedicated white label automation platform, you can be even more hands off. Any marketing professional will say that the majority of their time spent making posts is wasted on formatting and research; by hiring it out to an automated service, it drastically frees more time from your day while including all of the details necessary that you need.

3. Customer Service For All

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Many marketing professionals focus on the wrong aspects of their campaigns. While it’s true that your marketing mix should ultimately be to pull in new interested customers, many make the mistake of not focusing on current and past customers. Rather than try and find new ways of rekindling that relationship, white label techniques can allow you the freedom to increase time spent on focusing on your already established customers.

4. Automate Your Campaigns

Automated Campaigns

Campaigns are a digital marketer’s bread and butter, but few things are as frustrating as spending time on launching a new one, only to see lackluster results. 80% of marketers have already automated their campaigns, often with improved sales metrics of at least a 34% increase.  Rather than wasting time and resources trying to come up with a new direction for your marketing plan, why not use something you know is going to land? By entrusting your brand to an established campaign that’s all but guaranteed to work, you can spend less time banging your head against the wall and more time enjoying better site traffic.

5. Use Personalized URLs

Personalized URLs

The latest flavor in marketing tactics is by using Direct Mail PURLs, or Personalized URLs. These links work like any other, except that they send users directly to a landing page of your choosing and they are able to be personalized to give a better and more fulfilling user experience. Furthermore, by including a personalized URL title, such as including your name or brand in the link itself, it helps give you credibility and increased ranking. A personalized URL looks far more professional over traditional links, and helps create a bigger impact for those who would click on it.

6. Start Dripping

sales funnel

While everyone by now is familiar with sales funnels, one of the newer methods of streamlining conversion efforts is with drip campaigns. These tactics utilize a series of automatically triggered emails and other funnel techniques to enhance the materials provided. Rather than trying to put all of your eggs in the same basket, this technique is done over a set period, helping guide customers towards a better conversion rate.

7. Personalized Discounts for Key Customers

Although on paper all customers are created equal, it is a common occurrence for some customers to negotiate specific discounts. Moreover, while an old sticky note may work for a while, one of the best ways to streamline the process is to integrate certain discounts for key customers across the board. Even newer customers are looking for a quick and easy discount; 59% of online shoppers hunt for promos before they make a purchase.

Personalized discounts can also help make better revenue control. By having an easier time streamlining which customers are receiving which discounts each month, as well as making it easier for others to obtain discounts, it can create a simpler purchasing process for both sides.

8. Better Integration


It’s a rare occurrence for a marketing team to only rely on one service provider for your needs. Most teams, or even singular professionals, may utilize separate service providers for email subscriptions, social media, and more. However, one of the simplest ways to tie all of your marketing needs together is through integrating them all.

By allowing all of your services to work with one another, it gives marketers a way to analyze them better. With improved metrics and better direction, marketers just like you have been enjoying a more effective overall strategy.

The Future is Now

marketing trends 2017

As with any marketing trend, marketing automation is one of the top-performing ones that comes with proven results. Though automation will add in bots to schedule out your digital marketing strategy, there still is an art to it that involves the mastermind of a human. Knowing how to correctly manipulate your automation is key to a good and effective campaign.

Ryan Stewart is a digital marketing consultant with over 8 years of experience working to help Fortune 500 brands grow their online presence. He currently resides in Miami, where he owns boutique creative agency WEBRIS. You can find Ryan on Twitter or LinkedIn

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