Does Human Touch Really Improve Digital Marketing?

Does Human Touch Really Improve Digital Marketing?

In recent times we have seen human touch transforming the digital marketing field. Here are eight ways that showcase how the human touch has improved digital marketing.

Marketers in today's business arena enjoy the benefits of digital marketing. Through technological advances, getting to new customers is simplified and more direct than it was before. Digital marketing has brought about new opportunities, displaying your online target ads, and so much more.

Although technology has improved digital marketing in a way, algorithms, bots, and software don’t do it all. The human touch is still important in digital marketing. In fact, in high-touch marketing, the presence of human touch is crucial to the entire marketing field. However, over the years, people have been praising the advances in technology with less recognition from the people behind the desk. Here are a few ways in which the human touch has improved digital marketing.

1. Listen to customers

It's true; technology can help target and define an audience it cannot listen to it. No matter how advanced the technology is in a particular company, it can never respond to individual emails, read a comment on social media sites or understand marketing campaigns across customers concerning ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, a human touch is required to bring all this together. One of the human nature characteristics is listening. When a client finds that there is a listening partner on the other end, it builds motivation to know someone can understand your hustles and the basics of your setbacks.


2. Create relationships

Technology can help a company to generate new clients and create traffic to the website. However, even with the new technological evolution trends, there has never been a system that will meet with new clients, market the company’s products, or even follow up with existing clients to improve and maintain the relationship. Building a relationship is a human aspect. Only the human touch can create a new relationship with a new client and work towards improving the existing relationship with old clients by marketing new products.


3. Build trust

Once a relationship is in existence, the human touch will trigger the consumer to trust the brand. Trust is only achieved through personalized phone calls, face-to-face meetings, organized workshops and other personal things that a company can do to interact with its consumers. Although the systems will evaluate and apprehend the entire brand benefits to the customer, a personal touch will develop a high level of trust. This will, in return, encourage the customer to reward the brand by investing much more.

4. Draws the business structure

Even if you have the best data collection with an upgraded technology system, it's still the work of the human touch to develop the idea and program it into your system. All systems are the same, and they can work in different institutions. However, if you have a person with an understanding of the particular business, they can synchronize their thinking on how your business will grow with the way the system works to bring successful results for the business digitally.

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5. Engage with customers

Although everyone is becoming digital these days and people are always on the internet finding solutions to different things, there are those customers that have little knowledge about digital marketing. With such customers in your organization, you will require a human touch to hold them through some digital steps. Therefore it will be easy for your organization to grow all around with all its customers onboard.

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6. Provide a human touch

Even if your company has everything on the technology, there are times when clients only want to understand that there is the other side of the enterprise, a side that they can relate with. Every customer wants to believe that your brand has a human nature, which they can relate to as humans. No one wants to invest in or buy from robots. Additionally, people don’t invest in brands but rather in people.

7. Storage

Although there is an improvement in systems and today, cloud storage gives an extended storage period than it was, there is no better way of storing and filing the company’s data than with the human touch. Rather than going through several file documents to find the particular file you want in a flash. With the human touch, you can bet on the neat store arrangement with dates on every counter to ensure you find the exact information you need.

8. Spot the unseen

There are times when technology and systems will not give accurate data collection. With Pay click London, it will require the human touch to manually evaluate all the details and calculate the entire brand's benefits.

When the systems fail to collect information about a particular client, people with a personal relationship and understanding with the customer will always notice that and correct it before the brand makes losses.

Additionally, there are times when technology will require upgrading. In such moments, you will only benefit from the human touch. People with an understanding of the business can be able to tackle the brand's challenges independently without focusing on technology.

However, if the technology in your organization is top-notch and there are no possibilities of making errors, the human touch is still important for manual record keeping. This will help to ensure that you have all the documentation of your business progress from the start to where you are. Additionally, when you are requested to provide any particular information about your digital growth for a certain period, you will have a place where you can access the info manually.


For a company to sail into the deeper ends and achieve greatness, it will require having technological influence. However, the digital market can only be fruitful and efficient when technology and the human touch are integrated.

Technology makes work easier for marketers while marketers ensure that the technology gains great support from the customers by providing one-on-one brand information.

Lastly, the fact that every business is about making a profit regarding tangible assets; people must be involved. There is no better way of making money in an organization than when you include a human touch to the brand. Therefore, if technology and the human touch work together, the business or brand receives a better reception in the digital marketing industry.

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