Five Ways You Can Market Your Law Firm for Free

Five Ways You Can Market Your Law Firm for Free

Want to expose your Law firm to new customers? Here are a few free strategies you can use to get more exposure online.

Marketing any organization is not easy, let alone a law firm. Most people simply don’t know where to even start with their marketing effort. That’s why a vast majority of firms still rely on word-of-mouth.

And while word-of-mouth is still important, recent research by the local search expert, Mike Blumenthal reveals that the second most popular way of finding an attorney these days is through a Google search.

That means, if you want to expose your firm to new customers, you need to concentrate on your online marketing efforts. But does this mean that you need to hire a marketing company?

Actually, you don’t have to. The matter of the fact is, not all forms of marketing require you to spend a ton of money. Here are a few free strategies you can use to get more exposure online.

1. Get Your Blog off the Ground

As many people have pointed out in the past, the best way to get more traffic is to start a successful blog. And why are blogs so important and powerful? Well, a blog can give you an opportunity to tell your future customers what your firm stands for, explain how they can use your services, and fortify your brand.

Ideally, your blog should give your future customers a good look inside your firm, show that you have some character, and differentiate you from your competitors. In an ideal situation, a company blog should provide all the information the visitors are looking for without looking too “salesy.”

You should give some legal tips or talk about the laws in your state. Basically, you need to give some basic legal advice for free in an effort to establish you and your firm as certified experts in the field. And as visitors give their feedback, you’ll be able to tweak and improve your blog content accordingly.

2. Ask for More Customer Reviews

There are dozens of popular sites where people can leave their review of a company they’ve done business with in the past. Uber riders have their ratings, restaurants have Yelp reviews, and just about every business has a Google star rating. If you want your firm to look reputable, you need a good rating.

Every time you finish a case, you should definitely ask them to visit the most important referral channel for your firm and leave an honest review. You’d be surprised just how much a few good reviews can do for your business – you see, people now trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations.

However, we should warn you that you shouldn’t try to buy good user reviews. Some marketing companies out there offer to boost your user review rating for a certain price. You should avoid doing business with these companies and stick to regular reviews instead.

3. Produce YouTube Content

Whether you’re aware of it or not, YouTube is now officially the second largest search engine on the planet. So if you want to get more exposure, you need to make some content and get your name out there. Other law firms are already doing it and it’s definitely paying off.

Just look at the official site of Ben Abbott & Associates. The firm often organizes contests and giveaways, which they stream live on YouTube. This allows them to engage with their customers and lets their staff members show some personality.

But if you don’t want to spend any money on marketing, you don’t have to organize a contest. For instance, you can simply give a video tour of your office. You can always record a short video about your company, edit it, and upload it using nothing but the phone in your pocket.

4. Become Active on Quora

When people want to know something about a specific subject these days, they simply visit Quora – the biggest Q&A site on the Internet. For the last couple of years, their user base has been growing steadily. If you become active on Quora, you’ll have a chance to expose your business to millions of people.

What’s more, the answers posted on the site rank pretty well on Google. So if a person types in a certain question, there’s a good chance that someone posted a similar question on Quora before. And that means that the Quora page will be there as one of the top links in Google’s search results.

Possibly the best thing about the site is that all of your answers will stay posted on the site for as long as it stays online. Therefore, people who need some legal advice will be able to discover your answers years after you originally posted them. If that’s not good promotion, we don’t know what is.

5. Consider Guest Posting

Once you start blogging on a regular basis and get your blog in order, it’s time to branch out. You see, online marketing is all about getting the right piece of content in front of the right people at the precisely right time. Guest posting can give you all of that for free.

Moreover, it gives you the ability to get your content in front of thousands of members of your target audience and in the end, get yourself more than a few new clients. Building relationships with other bloggers and editors may take some time, however, it will definitely pay off.

In order to find the right guest posting opportunity, you just need to think of a few popular blogs in your industry – perhaps a few you read yourself – and find a way to contact the owners. Then, see if they accept guest posts. And if they do – pitch them a topic that will provide true value to their readers.

The Bottom Line: Always Have a Clear Plan

Of course, these aren’t the only free marketing tactics you can use to attract more clients your way. You can always google around a bit to get more ideas. But our advice is to listen the people around you – your colleagues, fellow entrepreneurs, and even family members.

That will give you a general idea of how your marketing message sounds and allow you to tweak it and come up with new ways to spread it.

Lastly, we want to remind you that before you even start using the strategies we listed above, you need to come up with a clear marketing plan. You shouldn’t jump into anything without having an understanding of your target demographic and knowing what the easiest way to reach them is.

Ben Abbott & Associates is a law firm that focuses on solving car accidents cases which include accidents involving an uninsured driver, drunk-driving accidents, and more. With the central office in Garland, TX, this is the firm you’ll want to contact in case you get into an accident around Dallas or Fort Worth.

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