Content Generation Tools And Strategies That Make You Proud

Content Generation Tools And Strategies That Make You Proud

Content is the king and will always remain the king in this digital era. In this write-up, we discuss the different ways you can create a content that is unique, appealing as well as professional. In short, we are going to discuss content generation tools and strategies that can make you proud.

Content is the major aspect of all other components that build your digital business. Content is the one that plays a major role in building the business. Be able to generate unique, appealing, and professional content.

1. Identify The Objective

Before you write, you should understand the ethics of who you write for and why you write. Be aware of what your visitors search for on the Google search engine. This gives a better understanding of generating the content.

So how could you find what your customers search for?

Make use of an analytic tool that helps you better find what your customers search for. Track those repetitive words that hit the search tab often and make a list of them. This could plan your writing with an implementation of keywords and search phrases.

2. Generate Content Based On Keyword

Write down all the keywords and search phrases your visitors often look for. Make use of them while generating your content. Create blogs and articles that could reach your set audience.

3. User Emotions - Trigger Factor

Users' emotions are one good trigger that you could use. You need to be mindful of what your viewer's emotions are. Always try to write content that offers solutions to your viewers. When you are a good story writer who eventually triggers your reader's emotions, your readers stick to you and try to reach you very often. If you work out this strategy in your upcoming posts, you could be the leading content marketer.

Be aware that your readers do not come in search of any dumb information. Rather, they are here to know something informative and enthusiastic. So make them live with your content. This stirs up their thirst to often reach you for your service.

4. Content Converts Leads To Customers

Quality content not only brings you leads but converts leads into customers. More than using your selling techniques or strategies, convince your customers.


Give your customers a comfort zone where they stay for a long time. You should be able to make them think that your services are appealing and that they can opt for their business.

5. Make Sure Your Content Reach The Right Audience

Most content marketers do not understand who their regular audience is. Knowing whether your audience knows the type of content you generate is good. If your content matches their needs, it is easy to promote your content to them.

Find the right audience

It is valuable that you create trending content for your audience. This triggers them to like and share the most.

6. Balanced Graphics

When you develop content, it is good that you build them with effective images. Images not only attract visitors, but they communicate the exact information. You can include images that are relevant and effective around your content.

Recently, GIF files have become a major part of content generation. These files are far more interactive than normal images could. Hence, GIF files are much better than usual PNG and JPEG images.

Every Content Marketer should also be aware of the following content management tools,

7. Mailchimp

Not only generating effective content is a marketer's duty. Promoting your content to the perfect audience who long for your content is the next good thing you do.


What if your audience is at an unreachable destiny? The only way you could reach them is through email. A promising email could create awareness among your audience.

Now it is easy to send a single email to thousands of recipients. Mailchimp does that all for you. You can make use of the platform to deliver thousands.

8. Infogram

Infographic images are tools that generate information and boost effectiveness. Infographic conveys it in a single image than a thousand words can.

Wanna you do that too? Infogram, a free Infographic tool, can help you generate the best image. No matter what kind of information you wish to generate, there are a hell lot of templates that can help you.

In case if you find a better one, you can upload them.

9. Atomic Ally

Many content marketers find it difficult to predict the outcome of their analysis. Atomic ally makes a complete analysis of your study and calculates the feedback.

The tool calculates around 20 factors that impact your audience. You gain an opportunity of concentrating on specific audiences like specialists and academics. On selection, the tool analyzes the appropriateness for your audience. It also informs that the content is muddled or too simple.

10. Headline Analyzer

Headlines are the best triggers that make your readers peep into your content. If your content is appealing, your readers click in to know what you have conveyed.

Headline Analyzer tools analyze the perfect headlines and rank them. This could help you to present the best and most attractive titles for your readers. Moreover, headlines are a mixture of common, uncommon, emotional, powerful words. The Analyzer gives you the percentage of every word that you use. It analysis the word strength and helps you to correct them accordingly. Words that are uncommon, emotional, and powerful make the best pair and gain a lot of trust from the readers.

11. Hubspot Topic Generator

Are you struggling to generate an attractive title? Are your readers unsatisfied with your title? Here is a tool that helps you in a better way. Hubspot topic generator is a wonderful tool that generates the title. Hubspot is the leading content marketing platform. A trustworthy tool to generate relevant titles according to your need.


All you need to do is fill in the relevant noun on the boxes. Once you fill them in, hit the generate option to get the set of topics from the Hubspot topic generator.

Author Bio:

Justin Aaron is a Technical Content Writer at K2B Solutions for the past two years. The Web and mobile apps development company, for which he delivers content on the latest strategies for web development and content marketing. Justin Aaron also writes articles and blogs on current strategies implemented in e-commerce, digital marketing, web development, and Mobile applications. He is also well known for his non-fictional writings.

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