How to Use Customer Reviews and Ratings for SEO

How to Use Customer Reviews and Ratings for SEO

Do you want to use customer reviews and ratings for SEO in an effective manner? If yes, check out this blog wherein we have provided certain tips to achieve this endeavor in a hassle-free manner.

Well, there is no uncertainty in the fact that social proof which is nothing but client reviews and ratings for particular products is a standout amongst the most prominent reasons for people’s decision to buy the same. Isn't it?

As a matter of fact, you must be quite aware of this reality if you are someone who is driving an online e-commerce store. You should have surely noticed that there has been a skyscraper in the conversion rate of your website on incorporation of potential surveys from your past customers.

But, do you know that such an effective social proof can also help you to get a clear idea regarding your SEO ranking moreover? Yes, that’s right! And this is a proven fact even. A recent study suggests that many companies attained a higher SEO ranking while making use of customer reviews.

An impeccably delineated graph from the concerned study is incorporated beneath:

Thinking about how it can really happen? Here, I should specify that you have to take some keen and right strides so that you can make this brilliant certainty a reality.

Just take a glance over!

1. Use the keywords keenly:

Indeed, if you are driving an online store then it is very sure that huge numbers of your clients have given their reviews with respect to your products. Also, do you know that these appraisals can swing up to profitable keywords and natural language content on your particular pages? Indeed, that is actually possible! What's more, such keywords are really wonderful for achieving high SEO rankings.


Well, you mightn't have the capacity to have a full control over the overall reviews from their side. Yet, if they are appraising some specific products, at that point you can wager on the fact that they will use some common viable phrases usually. So, you can shrewdly push those in the right direction either by accepting some elite reviews from your clients or by offering the prompts.

You can simply take a look at the accompanying screenshot which shows the outcomes from Yelp for the keyword ‘fashion boutique Toronto’.

2. Full-fledged content submission:

On the off chance, you proceed to acknowledge and publish online surveys constantly then it will give you a chance to concoct a free stream of routinely updated content. Also, this is something that Google truly likes to see!

On doing so, it will show to your site visitors that you are continually keeping your site updated and in this manner it will give a shot for you to appreciate high conversion rates.

Likewise, I might absolutely want to give a very useful tip that the previously mentioned effects are more potential when there is a dedicated review page. It’s because individual product pages may set aside a long time to complete the cycle through new surveys.

3. Go for micro-formatting:

Until this point, I've generally discussed how on-site reviews can improve your rankings. This approach will empower you to turn out to be more noticeable and appealing to potential viewers. While using the h-review aggregate micro-formatting, you can impart to Google where your reviews begin and end, and if there is a rating framework related with your products.

Go for microformatting

With this information, Google can influence rich scraps of data to show to customers promptly in the search results. If they see that your products are assessed an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars, they'll be altogether more inclined to explore through your particular page.

An outstanding example is given underneath:

a. Enhance social media conversions:

Imagine a situation in which a series of amazing reviews empowers your products to twist up perceptibly famous, growing both the social reach and sales. You can consolidate reviews to your social media strategies as an approach to demonstrate the popularity of your products. These will in-turn lead you to savor a high SEO positioning.

b. Using local SEO and off-site reviews:

Indeed, on-site reviews are not just in charge of getting a remarkable SEO positioning. You ought to likewise have an astounding number of stunning reviews in different third party sites and other off-site sources. It is very vital for accomplishing a decent position in the local 3 pack.

c. Try to get a decent positioning for specific products:

If an ever increasing number of individuals will begin hunting down the reviews of your products then it will be an extraordinary opportunity to rank higher in SERPS. This is on the grounds that it will cause an expansion in the chance of viewing more searches as [Product name]+ review. So, ensure the surveys for every single product are good enough and if there is any negative ones at that point pick brilliant strategies to shroud the same.

4. Proven research: Effectiveness of reviews to pick up a high SEO rank

Well, the fact that customer reviews can be utilized possibly to get a higher rank in Google is sufficiently genuine! Furthermore, it has been demonstrated by MOZ’s Local Search Ranking Factor Survey that Google and other search engines consider reviews up to a degree of 10% to choose the rank search result.

Effectiveness of reviews to pick up a high SEO rank

The accompanying pie graph is being given by them to adequately break down the multiple variables:

Now, what are you waiting for? Simply follow the viable methodologies that are mentioned above and you will have the capacity to build your reputation, draw in more traffic and get a higher positioning in SEO more than ever.

Joseph Payne is the marketing manager at CouponsMonk.com, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment, and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

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