13 Ideas for Your Real Estate Instagram Posts

13 Ideas for Your Real Estate Instagram Posts

Instagram can be a powerful way to boost your engagement numbers. On top of that, if you are in real estate, Instagram is the perfect platform to brag your listings! You can use Instagram to showcase your houses, give virtual tours and even generate quality leads!

Instagram is very popular in the promotion of Real Estate, but many real estate advisors don’t know how to post effectively on Instagram so how they could gain better results, they don’t know what people want to see, they just upload posts randomly on Instagram.

Now It’s time to up your marketing level, increases your interaction with the audience, analyze what people want to see, and show them their demanding content.

The Real Estate advisor’s Instagram account is comprised of both professional content and personal account means the real estate person should need to post related real estate as well as related daily routine activities. There are some tips and ideas that will help you gain effective results.

1. Show Local Market Statistics


People in the local area love to see the local market stats such as current rates of residential plots, commercial plots, rents places, etc. The real estate advisors know very well about these stats so they have the opportunity to provide these stats to the people.

You just need to show limited stats but don’t show irrelevant, use one stat on one screen, if you want to show more stats then show in multiple posts one stat on one post and Explain these stats in the caption so how people get to know about the local market stats.

2. Tell People about Local Restaurant


Many times you need to visit the local restaurants for the meeting purpose; it is the best opportunity to get to know your audience about your favorites. You can post a photo of the food, the main page of the menu, a short video of the restaurant environment or tag your location on the post.

During publishing your post, tells your audience about what you are eating and drinking, and also mention the location of the restaurant. if you are with somebody in the restaurant then mention that person too.

3. Post your Team Event

If you are the real estate advisor you are constantly in the meeting along with your team. During every meeting let know your audience about your meeting, also mention the destination of the meeting, and tag the people with whom you are meeting, these people will let to know that how much you love your work.

You should need to upload an Instagram post in the following way; capture the picture with the whole team, write something about your meeting in the caption section and remove extra things such as water bottles before capturing the picture.

4. Explain your Goals

If you are working on a specific project or goal then you should have to tell about it to the people and then you will see how people start getting motivated from your goal, for example, if you are working on a construction site, then you will probably need to find the investor to address any construction claims.

In the Instagram post just explain positive points about your project and goal, and keep update the people about the progress of the work.

5. Share your Life Events

Instagram is the best social media platform to keep updates to your audience with your daily life events. If you want to be friendly with the audience then you should share your daily life events with the audience.

During post on Instagram, you don’t need to be afraid after all, this is Instagram and on Instagram, you can share anything and try to share more and more about your personal life so how people come to know about your personality i.e. your likeness and dislike ness, etc.

6. Ask Question to the people


If you have a huge number of Instagram followers and engagements then this is the best way to gain more attention from the audience, you can ask the question to people, literally people love to answer just for judging their ability. You can ask questions such as where do you love to live? In-house or an apartment.

Similarly, you can ask a question related to the trending topics, but the topic should be relevant to real estate. You should need to care about some points i.e. always ask the simple question because people don’t like to read long and comprehensive, and if you can’t find any question related to real estate then choose that question that is somehow related to real estate.

7. Post the Pretty and Precious things

As we mentioned above the real estate advisor always visiting new places for business purposes, during the tour if you have seen anything unique such as blooming flowers, ancient places, etc, then capture the photo of that object and then publish on your profile as well mention where you saw this thing, research about that thing and tell people about it.

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8. Show Your Rewards to People

Whenever you have gotten the reward from the local business organizations or any other person for whom you have worked. Share the pictures of the ceremonies where you have been awarded.

During the publishing, your Instagram post must write positive reviews and comments about the company as well as mention your working experience with them. The one thing that is very important is that you must mention the company name and the company’s owner name in your post.

9. Enhance Your Community Services

As we know that the real estate advisors spend lots of time participating in community services. The real estate advisor knows very well how to gain the attention of the people from social work, share every moment of your participation.

In the Instagram post, you can share some guidelines of the community services, if you are working as an ambassador of the organization then you must mention that company in your post and tell the people about your future events.

10. Share Local Places Photos


The real estate advisors continuously visit new places and see many beautiful types of scenery, capture the photo of each moment, and then post on Instagram.

If you are visiting any local place then take a photo of that place and then upload it on Instagram, it will impact a positive impression on the audience so how the audience will estimate how hardworking you are. Always take photos of those places that are unknown to others, Take the photo by yourself, don’t copy from the other’s profile.

11. Update About Your Business Meetings

In this tip update your audience about your business meeting but it does not mean you share your business documents or any other material related to the meeting.

You just share your meeting location and mention those people to whom you are doing a meeting. In the Instagram post, you just tag your location during the meeting, mention the people who are present at that time and share the topic and summary of the meeting with the audience.

If you have a blog and you are writing your content on that blog then you should share on your Instagram post so how the traffic on your blog goes increase. For each blog article, you require an eye-catching and unique image, create the image in such a way that the audience shows anxiety to open that link.

During sharing your post on Instagram you just need to upload the featured image of the content and put the link tree on that image.

13. Share Funny Memes and Jokes

People love to see and laugh at Funny Memes and Jokes. On the Internet, you can find thousands of funny memes and about real estate download them and upload them on your Instagram post.

This is the best way to show your personality to people. You should need to care about two things: the first one is the jokes and memes do not offend any other personality and they should be no abusive. The second thing is don’t post memes and jokes that are difficult to understand or only real estate agents can understand.

Author: Laura Stewart

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