How to Make Social Media Work That You Need To Implement For Your Business[10 Strategies]

How to Make Social Media Work That You Need To Implement For Your Business[10 Strategies]

Do you want to make social media work for your business? If yes, here's a blog that consists of ten strategies to achieve this feat in a very user-friendly manner.

It is obvious and undeniable that social media is the most influencing medium nowadays. Many people are engaged in different social media platforms and spent a lot of time on it. People here interact and the news spread so fast that it can reach thousands of people in a minute. It has been the center of virtual interaction for most people since it is like a pool filled with unfiltered information.

The inclusion of different social media in a business strategy is the pivotal point of promoting your brand. This strategy can be a game changer when you are able to explore and properly utilize the social media’s potential in your business strategies.

The use of this tool for digital marketing strategy is infinite and it is important for broadcasting and reaching your audience in a different part of the world. It is the most effective strategy for all businesses today, whether they are a young entrepreneur or well-established brand. Being that said, here are 10 strategies to make social media work for your business.

1. Use Chabots:

Chatbots are the product of advancements in technology. From personalizing the shopping experience for customers to creating personal buying assistants, AI is something retailers can’t ignore. It is powered by a set of rules or AIs (artificial intelligence) and they can be encountered via chat interface that is used for different reasons. Many major chat products like Facebook Messenger use this service for the purpose of functional fun or other transactions. It is also used by some applications to give weather and news updates, some chatbots gives life advice and help you out in scheduling and managing your personal finances. Chatbots have endless possibilities. You can make anything that is unimaginable.


Logically speaking, we place our business where people are. Social media is like a pool but it is filled with people who interact virtually so it is important to use chatbots to improve your business potentials. It is a digital tool that can help in communicating and assisting your customers in resolving their problems while making transactions online. It also helps you in the sorting out of information and details necessary for the completion of the said transaction without any potential human interruption.

2. Make a personalized experience for your customer:

Chatbots are pretty trendy but the boring and simple type is a too main stream. It should be unique and appealing to the customers. It is a useful tool for automating your business and if you are able to utilize your chatbots potentials, this can make a whole lot of difference.

Chatbot allows you to create a more personalized theme for your customers to experience. And to start, redirect your customer in a Messenger window instead of landing it to your site’s main homepage. This can make the transaction easier and will create a lot of loyal fan base that will boost your sales. A personalized chatbot is an out-of-the-box adventure that breaks the traditional view of your customers and attracts them since you offer them a something with a personal touch.

3. Create an engaging content marketing strategy:

The quality of your content marketing is the main key to make it work. For a long period of time, it has been the most prominent form of marketing. It is also important to link the quality content of the brand with the correct frequency and posting schedules you make on social media.


To help you in bringing the right customers to you at the right time, it is necessary to couple all of the above factors with high-quality SEO. And since you can make and implement a good content marketing strategy for free, you gain the ability to attract an audience but make sure that you use the relevant and appropriate hashtag for the further success of your strategy.

4. Build network for your audience:

Social media success doesn’t end with a lot of followers and achieving all the other important metrics that seem necessary, you need to work more in order to maintain your successful status. It is also important to show your audience and let them know that you are not just a robot and you are more than that. Incorporate personality to your network by blending humor and emotions in every post you make on social media so that your customers will understand and can easily relate to your brand.


Social media is a diverse virtual world with lots of people who interact with other people with the reason that can be personal or social. It means that social media can be a good place to promote your business, but it is also a market of perfect competition. If your consumer sees the same posts everyday they would gradually lose their interest towards your brand.

You can make your communication with your consumer interactive by asking them some questions and opinions about certain matters. You can also share newsworthy information to your customers instead of a non-stop promotion of your brand. Always keep in mind that you should not make your business the center of your social media page, interact with your audience by directly liking and sharing their post rather than the other way around.

5. Jazz up your profile with unique content strategy:

It is efficient to have a creative content strategy that you can use in your future posts on social media. And since people are commonly responding more to funny videos, good imagery, and interesting stuff, it is important to use this means to jazz up your content! Remember that plain texts are too mainstream and boring, catch your audience’s attention by putting attractive colors and image that would make your page pleasing and full of life.

engaging content marketing strategy

6. Utilize brand advocates people:

Using celebrity as a brand ambassador is too expensive but we know people that can help you in promoting your brand. How about using your loyal customers to promote your brand and convince them to share their comments or insights about your product. Your loyal consumers can be the best promotional tool you can have, so always keep in mind to leverage your current customers while focusing to find new potential ones.


Your employees can also be your brand advocates. You just have to create guidelines for your social media that is specific to your brand. You can also tell all the best social media practices to your advocates and it is also desirable to add a leader to each section.

7. Creating pertinent social media channels:

It is a human nature to seek communication to other people and maybe that is the reason behind people creating as many profiles as possible in different social media. This scenario is a disadvantage since this kind of people’s mindset will hinder you to reach the target audience. The key to overcoming this when choosing your social media channels is to look at your buyer’s persona first.

Social Network

If you accidentally create a profile on an irrelevant channel, the negative result is evident because you will seriously feel the impact of how people respond to your product and that is how essential for a business marketing strategy to know where to make an appropriate channel.

8. Provide a social media budget:

One of the most important forms of marketing is social media platforms. It is important to allocate enough amount of money for your social media endeavors since it is the crucial factor for your success. The most cost-effective method for you in order to reach your target audience is to leverage your budget with the right strategy by advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on another platform. And you should always keep in mind that social media is not always about business and communicating people, it is on a much personal level for most people so you have to consider the possibility of deeper connection to your customers.

9. Do a run cross-channel campaign:

The cross-channel campaign is an advocacy of further engaging your customers or the possibility of them encountering every digital channel and device of yours. Set your mind that these kinds of campaigns are virtually run by every company today, you have to offer something fresh and unique to give yourself an edge that can help you to stand out from the wide array. Another thing that can help you is to add an emotional touch to your social media campaigns, it is necessary so that your audience will be able to relate your brand.

To know the efficiency of your cross-channel social media campaign, you must see to it that an engaging story is exhibited. You can also add up a specific link that will give your audience more information about your campaign but the most important element of all is the use of relevant hashtags that is unique and memorable.

10. Create content that tells story:

It is efficient to create a content that will tell a story about your brand and you can also share the happenings inside your company with your audience. And since live streaming features are well established especially in Facebook and Instagram, you can use this feature because it is not yet used to its full potential by other big brands. And few tips for you to compete with them are to start to use the live feature before they catch on. Live stories can help you to show that you are not just a money-making machine, you are also engaged in inspiring your customers and creating memorable as well as shareable contents.


Business industry today is really highly automated, and since people prefer to engage in online transactions because it is simpler and faster than the traditional business transaction. Online business on social media is gradually being preoccupied because customers gather more often of their social media platforms rather than visiting their websites. And with the help of the strategies above, you are able to set yourself to the next level and compete with other well-established brands out there.

Author Bio:

Alexe Chasanov is a freelance ecommerce business owner somewhere in California, specializing in men and women fashion outfits. She’s working with the start-up company to help them in their marketing and growth hacking efforts. She loves blogging, shopping online, anything related to beauty and style, and is a photography enthusiast.

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