7 Hacks You Should Know About Instagram These Days

7 Hacks You Should Know About Instagram These Days

You can do a lot more using Instagram.... Learn some of hacks you should know about Instagram nowadays

Instagram enables you to connect with other people, follow the big names in the various fields, and to market your business.

However, to get the most from the platform and avoid getting overwhelmed you need to know some crucial tips. Such hacks will help you to get more followers, increased engagement, customers and sales.

The following are some hacks you should know about Instagram nowadays:

1. Use Instagram Live to Build Your Audience

Instagram live is a fantastic feature to make your audience feel part of your event. It comes in handy in questions and answers events, product launches, and so on. For example, if you have a meditation session, you could have your followers join in.

Eventually, those who are interested will most likely follow your page. The beauty of Instagram Live is that you can have another person like an expert join in to give your audience more insight without the person being in the same location as you.

2. Repost Videos to Skyrocket Your Number Of Followers

On the first time you post a video, you may get a few people viewing it or commenting on it. However, reposting it after some time could attract more viewers. Videos often get more engagement. That means you will not have to create new videos.

Reposting, too, is a smart way of increasing your followers and doing more promotions at lower costs. You may as well repost other people’s videos and give credit to their owners.

3. Automate Your Instagram to Ease Your Work And Get Better Results

The constant posting of content and doing so at the best time, monitoring new followers, commenting, following relevant people and others can be overwhelming. That explains why, automating your Instagram to have bots do these tasks for you is the better option.

Until it was shut down, Instagress was one of the most popular, affordable and easy to use Instagram automation tools. It helped the Instagram users to get more followers, and keep engagement by liking other' posts, commenting and following new people. However, you need not to worry that instagress is no more, here's a list of alternative services to replace it that you can use:

  • SocialCaptain
  • LikeSocial
  • Instablow
  • FalconSocial
  • SocialSteeze

4. Use Hashtag Marketing To Optimize Your Instagram Marketing

Do you need more views? Get more people to see your new Instagram story by adding a hashtag to it. You may add up to 30 hashtags to each of your posts. Adding Instagram hashtags to your post gives it higher chances to be seen by a new audience.  Alternatively, you can use hashtags for the new accounts that you create. How do you go about it? You do so by just adding a hashtag (#) and then your slogan or brand name.

5. Upload Up To 10 Images Using Instagram Carousels

To post several pictures on one post, you should use the Instagram carousel. In instances like when you have launched several products or have some photos related to a post, this feature will come in handy. Here's how to do it: On your Instagram app click the + in the middle.

 Next, select multiple and circle up to 10 of the images you want to post. Proceed by clicking next. If needed, add the filters, then click next and share your pictures after adding the caption.

6. Flaunt Your Customers’ Photos On Integral

When a customer posts a photo or a video with your product, it shows they are happy with your brand. That is one of the greatest social proof that any business needs. You can repost the photos or videos on your Instagram account or even your website.

However, not all customers will appreciate that. So, where you doubt if they will be okay with that, or for more extensive use of the customers' video or picture, seek the customers' consent.

7. Include Keywords In Your Name Field

If you didn't know, the name field in your Instagram account's bio is searchable. To be easily found by your business name or keyword when one searches for them, have your name as something that highlights what your account is all about. For example, you can have a business, painting and so on.


Instagram is an excellent asset for social interaction and marketing your business. If you apply the above hacks and other relevant ones, you'll undoubtedly reap tons of benefits from it.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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