5 Visual Marketing Trends to Boost Instagram Marketing

5 Visual Marketing Trends to Boost Instagram Marketing

Text-based content is always going to be the king, but to make a difference to your business in this digital era, visual content is critical in all of your efforts. It will be hard to ignore the recent social media visual content trends if you want to capture attention and gain the recognition, awareness, and engagement required to get ahead.

If you talk about the real social media players, then you will not be able to ignore the photo and video sharing website, Instagram. Instagram has emerged as one of the most attractive social media websites in a very short span of time. Many small businesses have started using Instagram for Marketing.

Small business owners are using Instagram for a good reason that is, the website allows them to reach a large and diverse audience. Small businesses can boost their presence on Instagram if they utilize the 21st century's 5 visual Marketing trends.

Here are 5 visual Marketing trends that small business owners need to follow for Instagram Marketing:

1. Brand Image As Instagram Display Picture

The most basic thing that a small business can do on Instagram is looking professional. Using logo or a part of the logo as a DP (display picture) will be a sagacious attempt to make you look more professional to your targeted audience.

Many brands have been using the animated version of their logo or negative space logo as a visual marketing tool for Instagram marketing. The flexibility of a logo to new trends never cease to surprise us.

The more customers interact with your logo, the more they will remember you.Since it is so easy for an image to get lost in the sea of pictures on Instagram, you can use your logo on every picture you post on Instagram so that people would know that the picture belongs to your brand.

2. Share Animated Videos on Instagram

Are you aware of the power of animated videos (explainer videos)? Videos are more powerful than pictures, and an animated video is a great Marketing tool to interact with the target audience. If you are a business who wants to boost Instagram Marketing to reach a massive audience, then you should follow the trend of making animated videos to promote your business image.

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One good thing about making an explainer video is that it’s cheaper in rates than other video options, and still it is a trendsetter for online Marketing.

Small businesses should make animated videos of the products and services that they offer, and share such videos on Instagram to boost their presence online. Instagram lets the targeted audience find videos by hashtags and when the video goes viral, it will be automatically shown in the News Feed. 

3. Make Use of Story-Telling

Small business owners can portray their business to the mass audience of Instagram through storytelling. They can make videos about their employees showing how work is done in their companies.

Doing it can help small business owners to market their business to the prospect customers successfully. Telling a story is not troublesome, and businesses can utilize a story for their own goods.

Storytelling is an interesting way for small business owners to showcase their business. Moreover, it will help to promote small businesses on Instagram.

However, the story that small businesses want to show their customers must have something of interest for the viewers; otherwise, the business will fail to market its products and services with great success. Long story short, businesses need to be very careful to tell its story to the prospect customers online.

4. Utilize Infographics

One thing that visual learners like is Infographics. The audience on Instagram are visual learners, so small businesses can use Infographics to promote their products and entice the audience.

You can turn data into the quotable text-based image to make your data more attention-grabbing and clear or display the data using icons, especially when conveying important ratios and numbers.

Charts can be mixed with the icons to form icon charts. Icons charts comprise of icons tinted with two different hues to represent the percentage value.

Infographic is a great resource to educate something to the viewers. There are many creative ways to create and display infographics on Instagram that can be shared to a massive audience tapping hearts and typing comments.

5. Use Motivational Posts to Increase Follower-Base

Many companies have been using motivation content for many reasons. Can small business owners motivate their target audience on Instagram? Yes, they can do that. How? They can do it by posting motivational posts on Instagram.

In a motivational post, businesses can make use of visuals coupled with a strong quote in order to communicate with the target audience successfully and get more followers by using hashtags like #qoutestoliveby, #motivationalqoutes, and #quoteoftheday, etc.

Business when marketing a product on Instagram should follow the 20/80 rule. Only 20 percent of the post they share should be about selling the product or services; while the 80 percent should center upon the content that engages and matters to the targeted audience.

Besides, when you are talking about your products or services, avoid blatantly marketing and sales tone. Rather explain your product’s benefits, new offers, and discount deals.


These are 5 simple visual Marketing trends to boost Instagram Marketing. Let us revise the above find trends in a bullet point list:

  • The best visual Marketing trend to utilize on Instagram for small business owners is to have the logo of their business as the display picture to look professional.
  • An interactive and one of the most used visual Marketing trends today for small business owners is to utilize an explainer video to portray their business successfully to the customers.
  • Storytelling is another visual marketing trend that small business owners have started using to make communication with their customers an interesting one.
  • Visual learners rely on Infographics; therefore, small business owners are making full use of it to communicate about their businesses to the customers, as it is also a popular trend.
  • Another Instagram Marketing trend is that business owners exploit the motivational posts to communicate with their target audience.

Business owners should make full use of the above stated five visual Marketing trends to market their business on Instagram and get the best of benefits they will reap eventually. 

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