How Quizzes Increase Conversions for A Small Business

How Quizzes Increase Conversions for A Small Business

Quizzes are attention grabbing, interactive, and engaging. Readers tend to stick around to complete a quiz instead of leaving it halfway. In the marketing world, quizzes comes under the umbrella of interactive content; they elicit interaction and two-way communication with your customers.

For small businesses, it’s extremely difficult to stand out. There is always a set budget for marketing and human resources. Plus, the content on the web is increasing. Companies have to compete with one another to capture the user’s attention.

According to an estimate, 3 million blog posts are created each day. For a business, it’s imperative to attract people to turn them into potential customers. Fortunately, quizzes can help you with that. Buzzsumo says that 82 percent of the people who see a quiz on their social media try it. So why aren’t you using it yet?

Why Use Quizzes For Content Marketing?

As mentioned earlier, the marketing efforts of businesses are bound by what it can afford. Even PPC and other paid search can get costly. I remember when I started my business. I had to stretch every dollar and do exhaustive tests to make sure I spent it in the best possible way. I couldn’t even afford the Spectrum Internet Ultra package for my business let alone a marketing team.

But if you just take a closer look, customers are tuning out the advertising noise. That calls for getting creative … you need to break through and start a conversation with your potential customers.

Content Is Increasing

There is a need to offer people with valuable information in exchange if you want to get exposure. With so much content already out there, the chances that your content could get lost are pretty thick. Unless you have a way to draw people in and retain them, you can’t stay in the game.

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The Need for Interactive Content

In order to capture the attention of your audience, you will have to produce meaningful content. How do you do that when the audience is so diverse? How do you know what material to use? Interactive content is the type of content that lets users gather their own meaning to what you have produced. And an online quiz maker is exactly what you need to provide this kind of unique experience to your users. 

What is it about quizzes that hook people up? The answer is – the desire to know more about themselves. A quiz is like a secret vessel of knowledge about oneself. One can only unlock it after an interaction.

With a carefully crafted questionnaire or quiz, you can pull out gems of insights about your customers. The curiosity of people keeps them engaged as they answer one question after another.

When people start a quiz, they finish it as well because on average it takes 2 minutes and 27 seconds to finish it. So, in other words, people will be interacting with your brand on your terms. 

How Do Quizzes Help To Jumpstart Growth?

You gather valuable customer data: Analytics generated from a quiz offers you useful data about your visitors. As you analyze this data, it can help you understand your audience in a better way. You can discover their needs and interests.

That means a quiz helps you segment your audience, refine the content, and create content that your audience will love.

Drive traffic: Quizzes help distract a user. They give an opportunity to boost user ego. It tells how smart a user is or their level of expertise in a specific topic.

The characteristics that are inherent to all humans allow engagement via quizzes. Users even like sharing the results. So, if there is a link to a product from your site or an article included in the results, it can drive traffic to your website.

Generate leads: The results generated by quizzes can help you collect emails as well as other information about your leads. Here’s a pro tip – before showing the results, display a form inviting people to give more information about themselves. Since they will be eager to see results, they won’t hesitate to provide the information you need.

Tips to Collect Leads with Quizzes

Make use of these tips to collect leads for your business with quizzes:

• Create an interactive design that doesn’t take away the attention of a user from the quiz. It’s ok if you are not a designer. There are plenty of online tools that can help you play with colors.

• Feel free to use gifs, pictures, and explainer videos to make the user experience even better. This will make sure that people take the quiz all the way through.

• The quiz must create a conversation. But keep it short and use small sentences. It’s an assessment and its two-way communication.

• If the quiz is longer, then include encouraging words like “great job” or “you are halfway there.” This will motivate the user to finish the quiz.

Quizzes work because they are effective in getting a customer involved. If you have been struggling with getting web traffic or generating leads, try including quizzes in your content marketing strategy. It’s a selling idea - much like the Spectrum Internet plans that I can't live without. 

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