How To Use Explainer Videos For Getting the Maximum ROI?

How To Use Explainer Videos For Getting the Maximum ROI?

Video content has become a necessity for marketing, either to attract new audiences who are increasingly hungry for video content, or to catch up with your competitors. And among all of the contents, explainer videos stand out as one of the most impactful strategies; capable of engaging audiences, bringing awareness to your brand, and boosts conversions.

Explainer videos work incredibly well for many types of businesses, given the condition that it is a well-structured and original video. There are over 3 billion internet users in the world today, and it is increasing at a rapid rate. Here is one interesting fact: Cisco predicts over 82% of total internet traffic to be videos by 2022. 

Image Source: MIUI

The above image represents what happens on the internet in a single second. If you carefully analyze the facts like 48 hours of videos uploaded, over 684k Facebook shared posts, and so on, you can see the massive consumption of the content and that include the video. 

Today, you can quickly come up with your explainer video with the help of free online animation software and upload it to some video-sharing platforms. However, publishing explainer videos and using those videos tactfully are two different subjects.

You can create a mind-boggling explainer videos, but you will not get the maximum revenue out of that video if you do not know how to use that content. 

How can I use explainer videos for maximizing my revenue and profit?

Many people publish amazing videos, but the lack of knowledge to use those assets correctly cost them a lot. In this section of this article, I will show you some practical ways to use explainer videos for generating an influx of profit to your company. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some proven ways of using explainer videos:

1. Home Page

Home Page is the primary page of a site, and it is crucial to make your visitors engaged once they land on your home page. It needs to be attractive and should link out to various other essential resources on your website

When someone lands to your site and knows nothing about your service, they would want to see what you have on offer for them. You can make an explainer video that explains what the visitors can expect from the site and what actions to take next.

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Make sure that you position your video on the right spot so that the visitors have no difficulty in finding it and also attach a big play button. 

2. Put it right up there on the landing page

The study has found that adding a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by as high as 80%. By placing your explainer video on the landing page, you not only increase your conversion rate but also reduce the bounce rate.

The chances are that the visitors will stay on your site for at least 2 minutes, assuming that your video length is around that length. 

Once the people watch that video, they will get an idea about what the product/service is all about, which will help them make a decision, whether to take action or not.

Those who are interested in your product will have a better chance of purchasing a product/service once they understand what you are offering via your explainer video. 

Make a video like a product demo or a walkthrough video that will help your potential customers to understand more about the offer. 

3. Integrate it on your blog

By publishing a lengthy text-based blog, you will drive your visitors away from your site, which will lead to drastically reducing your “time on site”.

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You will find that plenty of top blogs are now full of images along with videos to make people engage with the blog. The integration of the explainer video in your blog will make the content digestible, improve your brand image, and also improve search engine rankings. 

4. Show your company’s values by publishing it on video-sharing platforms and social media platforms

Keep in mind that you are promoting your offers to human beings with real feelings. In addition to sharing the information about your product and service, you should also keep the human factor in your mind and share something about your company culture that might interest your visitors. 

You will be building a relationship with your audience by doing that, which will eventually lead to an increment in trust that will boost your conversion rate in the future. Try integrating the video on your “About Us” page. 

5. Use it for internal communication and training

One report revealed that poor communication costs a whopping $37 billion annually for organizations. The reason why your employees are disengaged is because of the lack of motivation and knowledge of what organizations expect from them. 

We’ve talked about how explainer videos are useful in explaining complex concepts to your customers. You can use that same feature to train your employees so that they can be more productive and produce better outcomes. 

6. Make your emails more powerful by inserting it on emails

Email is personal, and it is one of the best and personalized ways to communicate with your subscribers. However, your goal is not to sell your product and convey all important stuff via an email. A longer email can bother your list at times.

Image Source: TechSmith

By including an explainer video, you can direct your list to your landing page or a product page, which will help in boosting your revenue per email. You will observe a better click-through-rate after integrating an explainer video. 

7. Do not miss out on your social profiles

Your social profile defines your personality. By embedding an explainer video in your social profiles, you will be able to better communicate your message with your audience without consuming much of their time.

Your viewers will appreciate your effort if you take an extra step to include a video in your social profile and will eventually reward you. 

You want to get as much return per dollar as possible if you are running paid ads. Running a campaign without knowing what you are doing can waste your money quickly, so you want to do whatever it is possible to get the best return on your investment. 

Boosting an animated explainer video can drastically enhance your return on investment if you target the right audience. Use explainer videos to communicate specific details to your audience so that they will be eager to take action after watching the video. 

9. Presentation

The use of presentation is common in the world of business, and we use it for many purposes, like when introducing a product, explaining the progress of the organization, and so on. 

Image Source: Fivequid

By making use of an explainer video, you can easily convey your message to your audience. The best part is that you will make the video do most of the talking, while you will sit on the back and see the result of your presentation. 

The Takeaway:

The key to great success with your explainer videos rely on various factors; some factors are crucial, while some are not that important. Among all the elements, the way you use the video plays a vital role in determining what kind of return you will be getting from your video marketing campaign

Just by completing this article, you put yourself way ahead of others, as most of the people do not bother about this topic. 

Create enough videos that will allow you to utilize those tools in many different ways for getting the return that you desire from the campaign. Are you satisfied with the ideas that I’ve provided to you? If yes, do share your thoughts along with some more insights that you have in your mind. 

Usman Raza is the co-founder of Christian Marketing Experts and marketing strategist working with various brands online, and the content marketing manager of a Los Angeles based Digital Marketing Agency and He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth.

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