10 Advantages Of Enlisting The Expertise Of A Freelance Copywriter

10 Advantages Of Enlisting The Expertise Of A Freelance Copywriter

Small businesses often overlook the importance of a copywriter. They’re either unaware of a copywriter's impressive skill-set, or underestimate their potential to boost a website's conversion rates.

With fast-growing competition, new online businesses face the challenge of standing against well-established competitors. That’s why to succeed in making a great first impression, and they need to feature a high quality content on their website that is free from any flaws so that new website visitors instantly trust the legitimacy and professionalism of the new business.

What is a web copywriter?

A web copywriter works on writing content for websites of different niches, adhering to the tone and style of a particular industry. Web copywriters write with the intent to sell a product or a service, which is why their writing has to be impersonal and more aligned with how a brand or a business wishes to advertise itself on different marketing channels.

Copywriters should therefore be adept at switching between different voices and styles because often the purpose of using different marketing mediums is to attract different audiences through each channel. Thus, copywriting demands a great command of the language, with extensive knowledge of the industry-specific jargon.

What services does a freelance copywriter provide?

So by now you have a general understanding of who a Web Copywriter is and what they do. But in case you’re wondering precisely what services freelance copywriters provide, listed below are some of the major ones:

  • Web Copywriting: As discussed above, web copywriting focuses on boosting conversion rates by convincing website visitors to take action. Web copywriting includes product descriptions, service pages, etc. 
  • Social Media Captions: Social Media's best practices of writing an amazing Copy are an art in itself, one that copywriters have mastered over the years. 
  • Ads Copy: Ads often need to be succinct yet power-packed and impactful. With the help of a professional copywriter, you can hire someone who easily switches between long-form and short-form content.
  • Editing: Copywriters also work on improving existing web copy or marketing drafts so that it can be polished for the best results.

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Ten benefits of leveraging the services of a copywriter

Copywriters have a specialized skill-set for writing effective and highly converting sales copy. This skill-set gives them an edge over all other types of writers in pitching a product. Most often, new businesses make the mistake of not realizing the multitude of benefits of hiring a copywriter. So they take up the responsibility of writing their web copy by themselves. After all, what’s the harm in trying? What could go wrong?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but everything can go wrong once you let a website go live with a bad web copy. So, without further ado, let’s look into the benefits of leveraging the services of a copywriter.

1. Copywriters can shift their tone according to your target audience

Websites related to different fields and industries have their own technical jargon. Copywriters have the expertise to shift their tone according to the target audience of different businesses, but doing so requires a lot of practice and work experience. Therefore, hiring a copywriter is necessary to ensure that your web copy is written using the proper language and the right terminology according to your industry. 

Above all, copywriting for different industries requires you to use the right tone and the right choice of words and to have immense knowledge of multiple industries operating in different parts of the world. Why is that, you ask? 

That’s because it becomes challenging to ensure a foolproof web copy without a well-researched approach to copywriting. For instance, when writing for a legal services firm, some of the conventions and industry best practices relevant to the law firms operating in the US are irrelevant in the case of those that are operating in Asia. 
Thus, leveraging the services of a copywriter allows you to avoid the multitude of problems that can arise from simply hiring a “good writer”.

2. Copywriters are highly specialized in writing SEO-optimized web copy

Using keywords in the most organic and natural manner is an art that’s sometimes not even easy to follow in content writing, let aside SEO copywriting. The great thing about hiring a copywriter is that they have the required expertise for SEO optimizing your web copy. 

Since they’re frequently working on web copies, they are more knowledgeable regarding the best practices that assist a website in making its way to the top of Google search results. In the case of most single-owner websites, such as that of a dentist, physiotherapist, architect, etc, the most common mistake made by the owners is to take up the task of writing their website copy all by themselves. Because who else can better describe the services that they provide? 

To avoid the cost of hiring a copywriter, these website owners risk jeopardizing the chances of their website making it to the top of Google search results. Because although the website owners may find it more appropriate to use technical words to make their website look “professional,” in using such words, they opt for a diction that is least likely to be searched by a layman.

For example, suppose a psychologist writes the copy for a webpage on lucid dreaming. In that case, they may not realize that they are likely to get lower traffic if they do not utilize more commonly used secondary keywords such as vivid dreams.

While both the terms refer to slightly different concepts, a layman would more likely describe a lucid dream as a vivid dream. Of course, the psychologist may stick to only using the more apt term for the phenomenon, but doing so would make it difficult for the website to get discovered by the relevant audience through search engines. 

3. Hiring a copywriter is cost-efficient 

The best thing about hiring a freelance copywriter or copywriting agency is that you only require their service once for writing web copy of all the essential web pages or websites. So, keeping that in mind, you don’t need to spend a lot of money paying an in-house writer for the copywriting task. Compared to an in-house writing team, paying once to the best copywriting service is a far better return on investment.

4. They have a unique perspective

Copywriters are not only good at problem-solving and adapting content for various different purposes but are also well-versed in giving a fresh perspective to commonplace things. This allows them to massively elevate your existing marketing approach by presenting your brand and products with a fresh perspective.

Often, brands are stuck in a rut when they repeatedly use the same approach to sell themselves. This stems from a lack of confidence in approaching your brand with a new outlook. Resultantly, brands play safe but become repetitive and stagnant in growth. But when copywriters present the same brands with a fresh look, it gives a brand immense potential to get back on the road to success. 

5. Knowledge of customer needs

Copywriters are adept at conducting market research to understand the needs of a target audience. By understanding the changing trends in consumer behavior, they can effectively write a marketing copy that addresses their needs, compelling the audience to take action. 

In today’s day and age, when AI writing tools can generate web copy, what really differentiates machine-generated copy from organic copywriting is that the former lacks the latter’s emotional intelligence. The problem with machine-generated copy is that it’s bland and neutral in tone, which often fails to appeal to the sensibilities of an audience.

On the contrary, copywriters have the empathy as well as the emotional intelligence required to connect with the said audiences, which is why they can market a brand/product effectively. 

6. Copywriters have the ability to switch between different content formats

Often copywriters write a copy for a specific marketing channel and then need to reuse it on another. Doing so requires necessary adjustments in the existing copy to align with the writing style of a specific content format. For instance, a marketing copy used on a website would differ if the same message is shared on social media. Copywriters are well-aware of these different content formats, which is why it’s easier for them to adapt to these changes. 

7. Copywriters are persuasive but not pushy

Often when website owners write their web copy all by themselves, they either mistake upselling their products or services or sound too pushy. However, when speaking of copywriters are persuasive, but they realize that being too blunt in their marketing approach can backfire as it's a sign of non-professionalism. 

Of course, being direct is also crucial, but it has its right time. Before you make a call to action to an entirely new visitor, you must gain their full confidence. Also, when a business believes they are the best at what they do, they need to state their unique selling points without simply saying they’re the best in business. Every business owner can say that, but not everyone can substantiate it.

8. Copywriters maintain a perfect balance of words

The inability to maintain the perfect balance of words can result in walls of text that fail to coherently and cohesively describe the services or products a website provides. For instance, an enthusiastic chiropractor’s desperate attempt at convincing visitors to take action by explaining the USPs of their service might backfire if their enthusiasm leads them to ramble on about their USPs.

Of course, hiring a copywriter can counter this as they realize when the length of a web copy is exceeding against a desirable word count. Maintaining word economy is thus essential in copywriting. Each and every word should add value to the reader and provide substantive information to the reader. 

9. Copywriters help you avoid a self-centered approach to marketing

Brands often make the mistake of writing web copy with a self-centered approach. Funnily, it’s like giving a best man speech, but only to have it centered on yourself rather than the groom. 

Over the years, marketers have figured out that this self-centric approach results in a less effective web copy that fails to attract as many leads as possible if they follow a customer-centric approach. 

Thus, changing the tone and style to make the brand more about providing a solution to the customers rather than about doing a profitable business led to a drastic boost in the number of leads brought in by businesses. 

This does not mean businesses must avoid pronouns such as I, Our, We, etc. Instead, without even using these words, if your call to action does not focus on providing maximum benefit to your customer and tries to lure them in with a short-term gain, that is an example of a self-centered approach to copywriting. 

For instance, having a CTA that says  “Receive All Our Newsletters Straight to Your Inbox” is much less appealing than if it were to say “Personalized Updates On the Products of Your Choice.” The only thing that makes the latter option far more convincing is that it sincerely wishes to provide value to the customer only for the products and services of their interest.

On the other hand, the first option seems to have the only desire of luring in visitors to a spammy newsletter that disregards what exactly the subscriber is interested in. 

10. Copywriters are both marketing strategies and creatives 

Copywriting professionals are like the swiss army knife of a marketing team; they are writers, creatives, and marketing strategists. For a copywriter having all these qualities is essential as their job demands these skills. 

From writing catchy, attention-stealing headlines to creating a sense of urgency that strategically leads readers to take action on their first visit, copywriters strategically curate the entire website copy to guide a visitor through relevant information with the help of strategically placed CTAs. 

By keeping a visitor engaged and minimizing the bounce rate, copywriters can increase the number of leads generated each month. 

To sum it up:

Copywriters are highly skilled professionals who have extensive knowledge regarding different industries. This knowledge gives them an edge over any other type of writer when it comes to writing web copy.

With their ability to shift their tone according to a specific target audience, freelance copywriters can easily grasp the voice of a brand they’re working on.

Hailey Savona is a content consultant at leading content writing agency eContentSol. She has a vast experience of providing web copywriting services and content strategies. Beside this, she enjoys an occasional steak dinner.

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