Top 7 Powerful Facebook Audience Targeting Tactics

Top 7 Powerful Facebook Audience Targeting Tactics

Facebook advertising business has become a trendy topic nowadays. In this blog, we cover 7 effective types of ads that you can apply in your facebook advertising business.

Advertisers have access to over 1300 targeting options, 15 kinds of campaigns, and more than 1.59 million profiles on Facebook. And it's not surprising that Facebook's advertising platform is used by companies of all sizes: from small family businesses to the top largest companies.

The dream of a marketer can be considered to have come true, since they have access to a huge variety of advertising options, and this opportunity allows embarking on more complex and overwhelming tasks. Here we collected 7 effective types of ads that you can apply in your facebook advertising business.

1. Lead generation

Lead generation makes the process of collecting email addresses and creating mailing lists incredibly easy. With this type of business promotion, your potential customers can subscribe to the newsletter, which will require them a minimum of effort, as required, for example, for re-post or like of a particular post.


The convenience of this type of advertising is that Facebook will automatically fill in most of the fields that users usually have to write in manually, and this auto-complete will most likely result in the user signing up to your mailing list.

2. Dynamic advertising

Such target stimulation is one of the most recent and significant additions to the existing Facebook network. Major brands such as Booking.com, applying dynamic advertising, advertise their services successfully and observe the economic effect miraculously fast.

Dynamic advertising works the following way: you connect the product catalog of your online shop to facebook account and attach the image. When someone visits your site and then enters Facebook, they will see an ad that shows the same products they viewed on your site. As a result, ads that are visible for potential buyers are incredibly personalized and relevant to their interests.

3. Abandoned carts

More than 50% of buyers leave the store without buying anything. In other words, for every 10 people who added goods to the basket on the website, there are 7, who do not make a purchase.

But thanks to retargeting, you can run high-personalized ads, which will be targeted at these site visitors. Typically, these ads encourage the client, offering a 10% discount or free shipping, provided that the person returns and completes the purchase.

4. ‘Thank you’ videos

Many business owners have a bad habit of investing all their marketing efforts in targeted leads, that is, for current customers, and stop at this. This strategy is a huge mistake. In fact, it's much more beneficial to keep current customers than to attract new ones. That's why many companies started working on 'thank-you' videos. The purpose of such an announcement is to build brand loyalty and reach clients' satisfaction.


5. Run a contest

Holding contests for the best photo caption is one of the simplest and most effective ways of Facebook targeting strategy. Such competitions, as well as the distribution of prizes for them - a way to increase viral coverage, is relatively simple and efficient. Just select those prizes and souvenirs that are desirable for your target audience.


6. Answer the comments

To keep the community around you growing and preserving, you need to communicate with users regularly. People use the social network because they want them to be heard. That's why it's necessary to answer all the comments to promote your business.

Every profile in Facebook has a feature of presenting comments in the form of branches - so that you can respond to specific comments of particular users.

As soon as you reply, the notification comes to the person who left the comment. Regular responses to comments increase the frequency of retries to the page.

7. Define the best ads campaign with Facebook Insights

All of the above tactical techniques can be used both individually and in a complex. For insights on what works best, and what does not bring a lot of return, keep track of indicators and different sources of incoming traffic with Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights

Take a close look at what types of content you publish to bring you new fans who subscribe to your page. Depending on this, adjust your overall content strategy, the time it takes to post something, and the allocation channels for the links to the post itself.

After defining the most suitable strategy, you won’t be wondering how to target your audience on facebook.

Author Bio:

Walter Hurley is a blogger and freelance writer for essayvikings whose lifestyle credo is “Social media allows big companies to act small again.”

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