15 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Facebook Marketing

15 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing has become quite popular. However, still there are certain things that you do not want to hear about Facebook marketing. Here's a blog that talks about such things about Facebook marketing.

It’s so many things to so many people.  To the Online Marketer, it is the place to be in order to build your audience.

However, there are certain things you don’t want to hear about your Facebook Marketing strategy.  The following is a light-hearted look at what you don’t want to hear and recommended ways of making sure that you don’t

1. 5 Unwelcomed Activities:

In this section, we will explore 5 activities that you don’t want to hear as part of your marketing strategy on Facebook.

Account Closed

This is the last thing you want to hear.  It typically happens because you have not abided by the guidelines set by Facebook.  If your marketing comes across as spam, then your success will be temporary at best on their social media platform.  Your better bet is to play by the rules and doesn't be silly.  You're building a business, simply act like it and you should be okay.

Your Banned

One of the most powerful parts of Facebook is the niche targeted groups that they offer.  Joining these groups is highly recommended but be sure to read and comply with the guidelines within each group.  Otherwise, you will find yourself banned which is no way to build outreach for your marketing efforts.


HOT TIP:  Instead of sending marketing messages to groups, give them articles related to the niche which you have written for your blog.  The group will appreciate your sharing informative content far more than a strict marketing message.

I Love You

Who hasn’t seen these types of messages come their way on Facebook?  Someone saw your profile and fell in love, the rest is a star-studded relationship.  Or at least a scam that robs you of your time and money if you fall for it.

Since you're using Facebook for marketing your best bet is to report such occurrences as spam.  Their actions will cause them to be banned from using FB further thus removing you from further communications.


Generally, you receive no notice of such an activity taking place.  It happens because the viewer found staying connected with you undesired.  This is certainly not how to succeed in your marketing efforts on Facebook.

Decrease and avoid such happenings by offering true value that your niche truly will find of value.  Share, care and be there, but do not blatantly market to the masses.  They will see what you are doing and stop following.

Disapproved Ad

When using the Facebook PPC method of marketing be sure to follow all their requirements especially when it comes to images you want to promote.

Don’t have writing on more than 25% of the image.

Do make sure that the image size is within approved guidelines.

2. 5 Unwelcomed Actions:

Now that we have seen important Facebook activities to avoid let’s look at 5 actions you don’t want your audience to take.


You don’t really see this but rather it comes because of the 4 next points not being engaged by your audience.  Not enough can be said about being informatively interesting within your niche.  Miss this and people will see your content as boring and unwelcome.  Don’t sell, tell.  If you care about your audience, they will see and care about you.

No Likes

Is your content receiving no likes from your audience?  Several things could be going wrong.

You could be sending the wrong message to the wrong audience.  Make sure that you target your message for the right audience in order to find likes increasing.


You could be attempting to find people in a ghost town part of Facebook.  For example, not all groups on Facebook are active.  Look at the last time someone promoted to the group.  If it has been months, then there is a good chance that you are attempting to reach out to a ghost town.  Marketing efforts typically don’t succeed well that way.

You could be more promotional than informative.  No one likes a pushy sales approach but if your marketing informs and educates it can go viral.

No Shares

Likes are great but shares are even better.  Someone has seen your content worth sharing with the people tied to their sphere of influence.  This is the way to really get in front of more people fast.

But how?

  • Meme’s
  • Infographics
  • Videos

While your textual content that is niche targeted will have great value and be liked, people love to share multi-media type items with their followers.

No Comments

Do you even have an audience if no one is talking?

With Facebook, these communications often come in the form of comments left on items that you share on their platform.  You may also receive private messages or be tagged.


The point here is proper marketing means your available to interact with those who attempt to engage with you.  Do they ask a question?  Don’t leave them hanging for an answer.  Even if they make a comment that doesn’t need interactivity it is best to at least acknowledge such with a statement of thanks.

No Private Messages

While comments are an important ingredient of your success on Facebook, so are private messages.  If you are doing everything right, then you should find people sending you a question related to what you are doing.

Perhaps they need help or direction and they are reaching out to you based on the value they see within your content.

Perhaps they have an idea that they would like to run by you.

Whatever the case, when you receive private messages they can be a great sign that your actions are reaching the heartbeat of your audience.  Be ready to respond to them in a timely manner.

3. 5 Unwelcomed Strategies:

In this final section, we will look at 5 errant marketing strategies and how to avoid them.

Facebook Failed

You prepared an amazing marketing plan from start to finish, launched the same and heard nothing from anyone in return.  Thus, you conclude that Facebook marketing strategies don’t work.  Simply put, Facebook failed.

The problem with this approach is that it can take time before people begin to engage with you because of your Facebook marketing efforts.  There is a lot of noise on the web.  What makes you any different.

In traditional marketing, it can take 3 to 7 touches before someone acts.  It’s no different on Facebook.

Therefore, you need to build your marketing strategy around long-term results rather than setting required expectations.  Not doing so doesn’t mean that Facebook failed but rather you have failed to use Facebook correctly.

We have spoken about the importance of sharing quality content on Facebook.  All of it is true.  That content can lead people other places outside of Facebook.

Like your website or blog, for example.

However, if you post a link that doesn’t work correctly this marketing strategy simply won’t work.  Even worse, your audience will have a bad taste in their mouth as it relates to interacting with you.

Haven’t you found yourself clicking a link on the Web that returns a 404 page not found error message or worse?  The reason you clicked that link is that you were seriously interested in the content on the other side.  Now you won’t ever know what it would have been.  How do you feel?

Make sure your audience doesn’t feel that way about your marketing efforts and serve only links that work correctly.

Untargeted Audience

Ever try to convince an Eskimo living in Alaska about the importance of ice?  You’re probably not targeting the right audience in that type of situation.

Fortunately, you can target your prime audience with Facebook.  One of the best ways to do this is by joining groups that really will find you and your marketing efforts to be essential to their world.

Try selling ice to a Texan during a heatwave.  Your results will likely be far better.

Inconsistent Schedule

My time allows me to post one post today and another three months from now.  If that is the case it may be better that you do not use Facebook at all.

If you want your audience to show up, then you need to show up consistently in the eyes of your audience.

Do you consider someone an authority in your niche because they wrote one article that you liked?  What about 100?

The more your audience see’s high quality coming from you, the more they will reward you with their attention because they can see firsthand your true value to their lives.

To Promotional

You are marketing because you want to cause some type of interaction to take place.  Perhaps you have a product or service that your selling.


Facebook is the place for you to be.

Just don’t let your audience see this as your primary objective.  Would you rather buy from a friend or a salesperson?  Make your Facebook audience friends and they will be glad to engage with your desires as needs arise and they find you to be the best authority on the matter.

Concluding Thoughts on What You Don’t What to Hear About Facebook Marketing

Follow the ideas above correctly and you will find great value marketing on Facebook.


Think of how you would like to be treated by people attempting to market to you.  Take that approach when marketing to your audience.

Before closing, I’d like to hear from you.

What do you recommend when it comes to marketing on Facebook?

What don’t you recommend?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  I’m listening.

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