How to Make Money Online Today with SEO?

How to Make Money Online Today with SEO?

Making money with SEO today is nowhere near the identical practice it was in 2010. Sketchy, manipulative practices and simple, straightforward tweaks no longer do the job — to be successful in 2020, you need to be smart, strategic, and in harmony with what searchers want.

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most efficient aspects of digital marketing. The reason behind this is due to the fact that it gives you more exposure, provides you with a reputation boost (sources with higher results are always considered more credible) and much, much more.

The problem with determining the cost-efficiency of your SEO, however, lies in the fact that it might be fairly difficult to translate your SEO activity into your income. In other words, you make an investment in SEO but may still be completely oblivious of what this does for your sales. Here are some methods to help make your SEO project much more profitable. 

1. Great cost-per-conversion 

The main way to determine whether a marketing method is actually making or losing money is to figure out the average cost-per-conversion. What this means is that you take all your marketing investments (into your SEO, for instance) and then divide this number by the number of new audience members.

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This way, you’ll get the exact amount of money that you have to spend in order to create one new audience member for your brand. This way, by improving the cost-per-conversion, you’ll always know that you’re heading in the right direction. 

2. Greater number of conversions 

One of the best ways in which SEO generates profit is by attracting more audience to your website. You see, traffic, on its own, is not profitable. However, if your conversion rate is 2 percent, this is something that completely depends on the total audience that you have.

It’s not the same thing to have a 2 percent conversion rate of 50 people (which is 1 conversion) and to have a 2 percent conversion rate with the audience of 50.000 website visitors (which is 1,000 conversions). In other words, even if the conversion rate doesn’t grow, the number of conversions (which directly affects your profit) does grow. 

3. In-depth knowledge of the market 

One more advantage of SEO lies in the fact that, due to its nature, it’s never a one-size-fits-all method that is used. Every industry, niche, and even campaign has its own keywords and for one to stay competitive it’s better for these keywords to be unique.

Moreover, every local market is different, which is why the majority of businesses, nowadays, prefer to collaborate with local talent. For instance, a Brisbane-based enterprise is far more likely to outsource to a trusted SEO Brisbane agency than look for assistance further away, and for a very good reason. 

4. Boost in credibility 

When it comes to the number of people who are willing to commit to making a purchase from your brand, you need to understand that it all comes down to trust. You must build credibility with your customers. After all, these people need to give you the money in hopes that you’ll deliver on your offer and even go as far as to share personal information (like their credit card number) with your brand.

This is why you need to increase your perceived trustworthiness and one of the simplest ways to do so is to get to the top of the Google search results. About 33 percent of all people click on the first result, not just because it’s the easy thing to do but also because they see it as the most credible source. 

Other benefits 

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that SEO does generate a reliable return, which is what makes it into one of the most popular digital marketing methods out there. You see, one of the biggest misconceptions about SEO lies in the fact that it’s something strictly oriented towards helping industry titans get an advantage over each other. In reality, SEO is just as useful for small businesses looking to become more competitive in their own neighborhoods. 

In conclusion:

As you can see, an investment in SEO always brings returns, however, whether or not these returns are cost-effective or even worth your while, mostly depends on how efficient you are in using them. Sure, outsourcing can take the bulk of technical decision-making off your hands but finding the right partner to outsource too is not so simple either. All in all, investing in SEO is never a decision that one should make lightly. 

Author: Mia Ackerson

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