How Can Local Businesses Benefit From AdWords?

How Can Local Businesses Benefit From AdWords?

Do you want to grow your local business but do not know where to start? Here’s a look at how local businesses can benefit from AdWords.

Local businesses always face a challenge in optimizing the Adwords campaigns. Managing Adwords for a local company is a whole different ball game than doing the same for generating leads on a website. This is due to the fact that the tips or strategies that need to be implemented for the local businesses and agencies are quite different.

Finding specific information regarding optimizing the local Adwords campaigns is considered a tedious job. However, there are a few ways in which the performance of AdWords can be improved for the local advertisers.

Let's have a look at these ways that are mentioned as below.

1. Implement Location Targeting To Advertise In Local Area

The location targeting of an AdWord campaign must be set to advertise only in those areas in which the services of the business are catered. One common mistake that most of the companies commit is to cover more area than what they provide services in. There is no point in advertising in these areas as it would result in added costs.


2. Allowing Keyword Level Call and Conversion Tracking

By allowing the keyword level call and conversion tracking, all the call data can be received directly into the Google Adwords. This will prove to be very valuable especially for a person who is working with AdWords on a daily basis. The purpose of keyword level call tracking is to keep a track of all the calls that are produced by an individual keyword and ad. This information will prove to be vital for optimizing the AdWords campaigns.


3. Make Use of Location and Call Extensions

A search network campaign that makes use of the Location and Call Extensions will enable a business to have a balanced approach. No form of web traffic will be excluded in this case. The purpose of an ad extension is to increase the functionality and size of a typical ad.

Adding extensions to your ad will make it rank higher on the SERP. This will give an opportunity for the searchers to have an interaction with the ad. In doing so, an individual will be able to gather more information about the business. The Location and Call Extensions will help a business to create offline conversions for a local business.


4. Lay Stress on Search Network Campaigns

Search Network campaigns lead to conversions for the local businesses. Some of the people are searching for the products and services of a business locally. The best way would be to get in front of these people which will enable you to get a lead from all those who are browsing a news website or blog.

5. Utilize The Local Keywords With Cities and Relevant Locations

Local businesses have a great opportunity to target the relevant buyers. When a buyer is looking for a cheap service in a particular location, then he would write the name of the location along with the service that is to be availed. This can be like, “Cheap plumber in New York”. So, if your business provides the service then you will have to stay in front of the buyers. AdWords campaigns that consist of keywords with local modifiers prove to be really effective.

6. Mobile optimized Ads

The volume of search queries that Google receives from the smartphones is much more than that of a desktop. Therefore, it is important that the website of your business and the ads should be mobile optimized. You need to form a strategy that would enable you to take the advantage of this.

The usage of smart phones is only going to increase in the coming years. Ignoring these will have a bad impact on your business and you may even lose some of the customers to your competitors. Quickly shifting over to the mobile friendly versions is the need of the hour.


7. Import The Off-line Conversions

Google AdWords has a feature that enables to upload the value of each and every conversion that takes place offline. As the businesses get leads through their website or calls that get generated by online marketing. But there is a limitation as the sale is not available on the phone. This was recognized by Google which led to the introduction of uploading the conversion data to the AdWords. This will allow a person to know how a single keyword gets converted.


I hope that the above mentioned tips or ways will prove to be quite beneficial for the local businesses and agencies. AdWords still has its own relevance, especially for the local companies. If you have tried any of the above tips, then please share your views about the ways in which these proved to be beneficial for your local business.

If you have any other tips or strategies regarding AdWords that will be advantageous for the advertising job then do let me know along with your views on the post in the comments section below.

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