How Email Marketing Can Help in Growing the Healthcare Startups

How Email Marketing Can Help in Growing the Healthcare Startups

E-mail marketing can be absolutely dynamic for a Healthcare startup to acquire customers.

The journey to make an impact and establish a presence in a competitive marketplace is tricky. Taking up the challenges, startups across various industries plunge into every opportunity that comes on their way.

Recently, the number of healthcare startups has seen a drastic rise in numbers. With the increasing demand for quality healthcare solutions increase, startups are not getting disappointed when it comes to opportunities.

While leading companies focus on expansion and are at ease, healthcare startups struggle to get their innovative approach and robust solutions attention. Relying on investors for business funds, startups are no less when it comes to thinking big and making every effort count. To nurture their growth plans, healthcare startups may adopt different strategies, of which email marketing has proven to be the best. Here is how:

1. Emails Help Build Relationships and Win Loyalty

As a startup healthcare business, you must work hard to attract attention and reach customers. Moreover, from the initial efforts of communication, you must make sure that you build a strong relationship with your potential and existing customers.

Email marketing can really help to reach a wider audience and establish one-to-one contact for winning customer trust and loyalty and engaging them with your healthcare brand. Through sending engaging email newsletters and campaigns, you can get into the prospect’s personal space to build relationships that stay and translates into deals.

If customers begin to trust your medical practice, they will recommend it to others, adding to your brand awareness and customer base expansion. Every startup business aims for this, and only email marketing can help achieve the same.

2. Email Spreads Brand Message

Every time an email from your healthcare brand reaches the customer, they are alerted. Once they open and go through it, they come to know about your startup brand and what products and services you are offering.

This helps in the future as the awareness you create with your email campaign keeps your company brand name in the top of the customer’s mind. So, when they are about to make a purchase, they get to your healthcare company for help.

For a startup business in the healthcare domain, awareness is the key. If customers are unaware of your brand, you will struggle to survive among the established brands. So, investing in email marketing right from the start is the best strategy you can begin with for better branding.

3. Email Marketing is Easy to Begin

Initially, any marketing strategy or tool may seem difficult when you are just putting up your healthcare business. However, email marketing is something that requires no exceptional skill set or knowledge. Everyone knows how to write and send emails in today's internet age.

Also, there are various template designs available using which one can ornate their emails. Together with relevant and unique content, an engaging template design is what you need to start email marketing.

Later, when you start getting responses, you can invest in hiring professional people to create content and develop more advanced campaigns. The best thing about emails is that even startups can utilize it and get effective results without much spending and worry.

You need to have a medical email list of your targeted audience, and you are good to go with marketing. With far-reaching emails, you can grow your customer base and boost sales.

4. Email Saves Time and Resources with Targeted Campaigns

Unlike leading healthcare companies, startups may not have a huge investment and workforce at the start. Also, the risk and challenges are many that add to the worry. However, email is one marketing strategy that helps marketers reach only interested customers or readers. That’s beneficial for startups beginning to build a customer base from scratch.

Leveraging a purchased healthcare marketing list, marketers of startups can target only those who have shown interest in the brand. Sending emails to only interested audiences helps marketing professionals save time and money.

5. Emails Fetch Instant Results

Emails when reaching the right inbox can be 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than any other social media channel. From increasing lead counts to high ROI, email marketing shows instant results within a short period.

Any offline or online campaign is equivalent to the reach, and impact emails have on customers. It instigates a sense of urgency that compels the reader to take action, like visiting the website, clicking on the product link, subscribing to an email newsletter, etc.

Especially when you own a startup healthcare company, such quick and instant outcomes are self-motivating and encouraging. Also, when you start getting a return on your investment, you begin to put more effort into expanding the business further and developing new strategies.

6. Email Drives More Conversion and Website Traffic

One of the many benefits of email marketing for businesses of any size is that it enables a higher conversion rate. Compared to other marketing channels, emails drive more engagement, conversions and website traffic. Even a startup can increase visitors to your website through well-planned healthcare email marketing campaigns.

A unique, targeted, and personalized email with a clear CTA encourages readers to move closer to conversion. If you want to boost the number of website visitors, then you need to expand your brand's reach. And for that, what could be better than email marketing? It can give your startup the desired attention and exposure to draw everyone’s attention in the online marketplace.

7. Provides Global Outreach

Emails give you the power to connect with a global audience. As a result, the potential of getting more business for your healthcare business also increases when you use emails. You can target customers in any corner or geographic area and grow your startup business globally. It may sound too ambitious for a startup, but nothing is impossible if you have the right email strategy.

With the help of email marketing, you can establish your global presence by reaching out to every potential customer. No matter where your targeted audience resides, you can deliver your emails immediately if you have the correct contact details. Without spending a lot on international marketing efforts, you can easily carry out promotional campaigns using an email representing your brand’s message.

8. Emails are Cost-effective

The investment rate in email marketing is relatively low compared to direct mail, print media, and other channels. That is why startups and small businesses can explore emails to build a customer base, engage with the audience and promote products and services.

For any healthcare startup company, making huge capital investments during the early days is impossible. So, marketers look for marketing channels that are not out of the budget.  With emails, a startup business like yours can easily flourish without requiring huge capital.

However, nowadays, email marketers use automation tools to send, track and evaluate email performance. But much to my surprise, their specialist software is quite affordable.

9. Emails are Measurable

Startups need to measure the performance of every campaign right from the beginning. It helps them to track what they are doing right and what’s going wrong. Based on this evaluation, they can decide the future course of action. That is why most healthcare startups begin with email marketing, as it allows them to track success. They can measure email campaigns' open, reading, and click-through rates.

Moreover, measuring the productivity of email campaigns help in understanding the efficiency of your overall email strategy. It also lets you know how your customers respond to particular email content and design.

Based on your observations, you can identify the loopholes and work on them to ensure error-free efforts in your next campaigns. Also, you can measure the CTR and open rate of emails based on each device type. As customers today use different devices to view and respond to emails. According to this statistic report, 72% of email clicks take place on PCs while 18% on mobile and 9% on tablet. All these minute details can be tracked using the right performance-measuring tools.


Emails have been very effective in establishing the right kind of business communication. Even in the age of social media, businesses prefer emails to connect and promote their products and services to customers. Even today, companies of all sizes and specialties continue to run email campaigns as it not only expands reach but is also within budget. That is why emails are an ideal investment for startups with limited resources.

Healthcare startups can use emails best to engage with the customer, market their products and run various campaigns. A successful email marketing campaigns require engaging content, interactive design and the right list of email contacts. If all these three key essentials are in place, every healthcare startup can trigger its marketing efforts and outcomes to a greater extent.

My name is Lauren Williams, currently working as a senior marketing manager at MedicoReach. My hobbies include watching football, basketball and free time writer. I love traveling and food geek — this all about me in simple words.

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