Hacks And Tricks to Derive More Leads And Conversions

Hacks And Tricks to Derive More Leads And Conversions

Are you looking for fresh lead generation ideas? Then the following best lead generation strategies will help you capture more leads and conversions.

Are you looking for fresh lead generation ideas? If yes, then there are various approaches for you to grow your email list. In this article, we will share the most effective lead generation techniques that can help you in deriving more leads and conversions immediately.

However, before we delve into the ways to increase leads and conversions, we will tell you about the basics that will help you achieve boosted leads and conversions. Once you understand the foundations, you will be able to generate boosted leads in a short span of time.

What exactly is Lead Generation?

In essence, lead generation is a process to collect contact information of the potential customers. Moreover, acquire their permission to be contacted with offers.

Lead Generation

As email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell products, smart marketers tend to focus on gathering email addresses rather than other information. Considering the rising demand for smartphones, you can learn about how to improve mobile app conversion rate.

In case, you aim to gather fans on social networks, but unable to grow the email list, then the following best lead generation strategies will help you capture more leads:

1. Promotional Video

Learning through reading is not a cup of tea for everyone. Many people are good at learning through visual and audible media. Through creating promotional videos, you can educate the visitors about your products and services.

Apart from this, you can utilize Call-to-Action within the video to gather email address of the viewers. Videos allow you to leverage the power of video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook that can provide your video with extra reach through the newsfeed.

Promotional Video

However, you should remember to keep the video short. The promotional videos should be under a minute and a half. You can consider creating in-depth videos to the bread of different features about your product or service.

You should discover your strengths and weaknesses. In case, you are not good at creating videos or speaking publically, then you can hire someone for this purpose. You should make sure to leave a lasting first impression.

2. Content Updates

Among the best lead generation tips is the content update. An updated content offers an extra value to the readers.

For instance, if you write an article about how to make chocolate, then you can include the downloadable resources like a checklist or the top mistakes to avoid when making chocolate. You can include the updated content at the bottom in an article.

3. Regular Blogging

You might have heard about the constant blogging as one of the best approaches for inbound marketing. Having said, you can create a broad range of media such as special series for blog, how to videos, and educational rounds ups for the customers.

Through constantly including value, you can earn users’ trust and convert them into prospects hassle-freely. The top advantage of a blog is that it allows you to convert visitors into returning customers after subscribing to the newsletter.

4. Include Social Sharing Button to the News Letter

Do you want to leverage the subscribers’ network? If yes, then you can provide them with the sharing feature. It will encourage the subscribers to follow you; however, if they share your message then you can attract new subscribers.

You do not need to include an add button, just a simple CTA can do the job. On top, the CTA should say engaging content such as “Will you help us spread word about data privacy? If yes, then click here”.

On the other hand, you can use the alternative approach saying, “Click to spread awareness about people’s right to privacy”. You can split many things such as shape of the button, word, and color. There is always room for development.

As always, split-test everything from button shape, to wording, to color. There is always room for improvement!

5. Conferences Network

Did you ever attend a corporate conference? If not, then you can come across the big cities nearby you, and you will find the relevant conferences nearby.

Attending conferences can assist you to network with industry influencers who can promote your product effectively and increase your audience’s base.

Attending conferences can help you build a network with influencers who may promote your product as well as increase the customers’ base. Above all, you can speak at a conference and add value to it. Speaking in the conferences can help you gain exposure effectively,

6. Guest Blogging

In case you know where your audience goes, then the best way to reach them is gaining exposure on that site. You can do it through offering guest blogging.

You should remember that your prime goal is to add value to the site that you are contributing on. If you get backlink and exposure through writing a guest post, then you are doing great.

7. Greet Guest Bloggers on Your Site

Among the best ways to greet influencers is to ask them to write a guest post on your site. You can pay them either with money or through exposure. In this way, you are providing them with a backlink, a writing platform, and possible monetary benefits.

As a trade, you will receive quality articles. In addition, influencers will probably share that article, leading to more visitors on your site. This can serve as a great method to build a strong relationship.

8. Include Exit-Intent Popups

Did You Know about more than 70 percent of the abandoned visitors never return? It means that more than 90 percent of the marketing budget is wasted.

So, how do you improve it? You can include an exit-intent popup that can store email. You can utilize this popup to increase the leads.

9. Build Mobile Specific CTAs & Campaigns

More web traffic is derived from mobile devices. However, due limitations of screen size, the appealing desktop design might look different on your smartphone. Thus, you need to make sure that your CTAs are optimized for mobile devices along with the forms that load.

In addition, make sure that the mobile forms are short as possible. Smartphones are not conducive for complex typing and requiring too much information from customers through a mobile phone can prevent a conversion.

Final Words:

We have revealed the top hacks and tips to generate more leads and conversions. They will help you derive more traffic, convert more visitors, and reap more revenues.

If you know about more useful tips, then feel free to mention them and add value to this guide.

Gerry Wilson is trend researcher by passion and developer by profession, He transform complex ideas into innovative approaches for app development. Currently he is associated with Retrocube.com one of the top leading mobile app development company.

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