Are Forums Worth All That Effort?

Are Forums Worth All That Effort?

The old-style forums are still easy in accessing information because online forum have spent more than 2 decades working on establishing highly-specialized communities to connect users.

It would not be a stretch to say that social media has made a lot of brands famous throughout the world. It continues to be a big part of modern society, and hardly anyone will argue that it will be going away any time soon. Forums were once in a similar situation, and they have been replaced by the likes of Facebook.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of communities out there who are going strong because they have decided to stick with a forum instead of emigrating to another platform. But are there any benefits of starting a forum from scratch, especially if your goal is to drive more traffic to a website? The question is not that simple to answer.

1. Look at It From a Broader Perspective

The majority of the internet is built from a business point of view. Most websites are there to make money, no matter the method. If your goal is the same, it means that you will be fighting not just against yourself, but against the rest of the internet.

Given that forums are overlooked, for the most part, they could be the thing to give you an edge over the rest. A little injection of unique is always a positive thing, especially when it comes to internet marketing.

2. Users Generate the Content


Forum, just like the name suggests, is a place for everyone to gather and discuss. There should be no restrictions when registering an account because you never know when someone might pose a question or create a thread that gathers a lot of attention.

If somebody is willing to spend time writing on your website, it shows how far you have come. There are no people who would bother spending time on some random site. Finally, if things do end up taking a turn for good, you can expect to see a snowball effect, bringing in new users daily.

3. Engagement Rate

Live chats serve their purpose, but forums are a good substitute for them. An FAQ section is a good way to look at a forum that has been around for a long time. There will already be plenty of different questions, and those who are looking for answers should be able to find them after a quick search, instead of waiting to hear from customer support. Not to mention the fact that everyone can provide answers on a forum.

4. A Sense of Community


Building a community that can withstand all sorts of problems is difficult. Especially on the internet, when it is quite easy to find something new to try. Forums that have been around for years have managed to gather a massive audience into a single place, and the members usually have a single goal in their minds.

Community means loyalty, authenticity, and innovation. With others behind you, there will not be any time to slack off and avoid thinking about the future.

5. Taking the Next Step

Once the forum has been established and you see that there is a bigger profit to be made, you can begin thinking about methods to make more out of your creation. Changing into something exclusive and offering VIP memberships, profiting from ads, selling invites, and so on will mean more income for you.

However, do not forget that taking things too far could divide the community and end up being the end of your forum.

6. SEO


Search engine optimization benefits from forums as well. A message on a forum is content, and you never know when someone might post a text with a random set of keywords that rank automatically. Also, search engines love unique content. The more, the better. And everyone knows what organic traffic means.

All in all, it is still difficult to answer whether forums are worth the effort or not. At the very least, they certainly spice things up. If you happen to be running a website on WordPress platform and are looking for a WordPress forum theme, this theme here is without a doubt one of the best available themes at the moment.

The least you could do is give this a try. Who knows, maybe it will bring you plenty of greatness.

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