The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing For Your eCommerce Business in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing For Your eCommerce Business in 2022

Running an eCommerce business without an email marketing strategy can be impossible. Learn a guide to building the meaningful email marketing for ecommerce

Email Marketing has become one of the most important tools for any online eCommerce business across the globe. It plays a very important role in creating email strategies for campaigns, advertisements, promotions, and various sales events & announcements for email marketing.  

These days, creating an email strategy for your online eCommerce business is tedious, so you can’t simply do it. To do so, you must have proper planning and resources to design a required email strategy for your eCommerce business effectively.

Here in this article, we will tell you how to create an effective email marketing strategy for your eCommerce website to drive traffic and boost conversions.

Let’s know the ultimate guides to effectively creating email marketing strategies for your eCommerce business.

1. Build an Online Subscription Form

A subscription form is the best suitable way to gather customer information by subscribing to your form to get the latest news & updates about product offers, discount codes, promotions, and other various sales events quickly from time to time.

You can create the most appealing and eye-catching form that is easy to find and fill in details for customers so you can invite them in the future by emailing them.

We suggest you keep your subscription form simple and easy to avoid extra fields and required marks in order to get customer information and more related data effectively.

A simple and easy form encourages customers to sign up for subscriptions by leaving their email addresses efficiently and helps you get back to them for future purchasing of products effectively.

We suggest you make your subscription form necessary but not compulsory so it may not irritate your customers while subscribing to the newsletter.

2. Automatically Send a Welcome Email

Being a store owner, you must take immediate action once you get new subscribers on your subscribing list. You can send a welcome email to your new subscriber by reproducing thanks for your subscriptions or thanks for taking the time to subscribe to our newsletters and encourage them about the latest products and updates to build a relationship

A welcome email is considered one of the most significant ways to attract new visitors or customers to make a purchase and effectively build a relationship between merchants and customers.

A welcome email can be sent in two different ways either you can send it manually, or you can send it automatically.

By doing it manually, you have to be up to date every time but doing it automatically means you’ll never miss out on the opportunity and stay updated your customers from time to time. It will automatically send pre-written welcome emails to your customers immediately when a new subscriber is added to your list.

This way, you can easily notify your customers about the latest news and updates and encourage them to make new purchases to boost conversion rates effectively.

3. Build a Mobile-Friendly Layout

Today more than 70% of people are likely to read emails on their mobile phones, and the number of people is increasing daily. People are becoming mobile-friendly because of its convenience and time-saving. People can use ready-to-use email templates or a builder that allows creating the creation of templates that would become responsive automatically after It saves your time and prevents you from going to shop for checking your email or other related information.

According to a survey, more than 65% of people are adopting mobile phones while reading their email campaigns on their mobile devices. So, it’s very important to make a mobile-friendly layout so your customers can easily read and understand your email campaign using their mobile devices.

If you have not optimized your email campaign to read on a small screen or mobile, then it is likely that your message can be ignored or deleted by customers. So, we suggest you design an eye-catching layout for your email campaign to get traffic and boost conversions.

For example, you can make a multi-column email layout and put many product images that work particularly well for catalog-style campaigns, especially for your eCommerce website. It gives you the most responsive email layout design and your product image and content for many mobile devices.

It provides the most stunning effects that allow you to set multiple columns into a single linear column layout and many more to give customers user-friendly experience on their mobile devices.

4. Implement Cart Abandoned Process

It’s experienced that more than 70% of items placed into an online shopping cart are not brought to the checkout completely, or they are abandoned from the cart during the checkout process. There can be thousands of reasons behind cart abandonment.

One of the major reasons is additional costs or hidden prices of the products. Once customers see additional charges for products, it makes them feel like they have been deceived and don’t like to complete the checkout process, abandon the cart, and decide not to purchase from such stores.

So, it is very important to show all prices in front of the product image, including delivery charges and all, so that customers may be clear about the pricing before they add the product to their shopping cart and go to the checkout process.

We suggest you not display any hidden price or additional cost to reduce the cart abandonment process and effectively increase conversion rates to your eCommerce business.

5. Automatically Send Personalized Confirmation Emails

Sending automation personalized confirmation messages to customers is one of the most significant ways to get a successful online purchase and boost the online sales of any eCommerce store. You can make customers feel special by sending personalized emails or messages to them.

These email notifications can be used to send purchase confirmation, including delivery, returns, and other post-purchase issues. You can send these emails manually or automatically, but we suggest you do this task through an automated process so it can notify customers immediately regarding post-purchase.

As personalization email confirmation delivers personalized content to your potential customers, it is very important to have stunning and high-engaging content rather than other types of email campaigns.

You can also send SMS to your customers regarding the post-purchase confirmation in case you get their contact number as a part of your process. It is easier to update customers by sending SMS about the product dispatched and delivery updates effectively.

6. Design Targeted Upsell Campaigns

It is experienced that selling products to existing customers is easier and more cost-effective than new customers in the global market. There are several reasons behind this; one of the major reasons is that they don’t know exactly about brand personality in the market or simply they are afraid to purchase the product by thinking whether it would be good or not.

Whereas it is easy to sell products to your existing customers because they have purchased it before and experienced a positive result.

Upselling is considered the most important method to make a purchase by effectively suggesting the most relevant products to your satisfied customers and subscribers.

These confirmation emails can be used as an extra opportunity to request a sign-up form to receive various product promotions, offers, and various sales announcements to those customers who have not subscribed.

It is experienced that most people are likely to subscribe to promotion campaigns or emails about the brand product that they trust and have purchased before and are completely satisfied with the product. They happily subscribe to such email lookup campaigns to benefit from future purchasing.

Upselling is about targeting existing customers to make a purchase by suggesting the most relevant product to them according to their purchase history and browsing behavior on your eCommerce website. This way, you can easily promote your products to a wide range of customers and encourage them to make a purchase effectively.

So, we suggest you use the most appealing, unique, and dynamic content in your personalized email confirmation to get customers’ attention to them easily and more effectively. 

7. Encourage Customers to Promote Your Products on Social Media

It is estimated that more than 90% of businesses across the globe encourage customers to share web content with their friends or followers by using their referral code in order to get incentives to boost product sales effectively.

You can target your existing customers by offering incentives by sharing your product details and information directly to your friends, colleagues, and followers on social media with a simple click on the sharing button easily and effectively.

You can add sharing buttons to your email campaigns and allow customers to share these content or product details on social media easily and effectively. You can put the link of this content and share it with your subscribers on social media so they can instantly share content with their own friends, groups, and followers.

8. Send Email to Your Existing Customers to Ask for a Review

You can email your existing customers to ask for a product review. This will greatly have a positive impression and will encourage new customers to purchase a similar product by seeing positing reviews and rating of the product quickly and efficiently.

It is necessary to have reviews and ratings of the products for any online eCommerce store because they are the main services sold by only seeing product images and ratings.

So, you must encourage your customers to write product reviews to affect your online business efficiently and positively. You can send emails to your targeted audience and satisfied customers to write the product review.

This is a great way to increase product ratings and reviews and encourage new customers for more shopping by simply viewing product reviews to boost sales of your online business.

9. Know What Types of Audience You Have

It is very important to appeal to your audience in order to know what types of audience you have. It is good to know whether your audience is younger, older or somewhere in between so you can use the right emojis and words that are best suitable and make sense to them.

Appeal to your audience is another significant factor that helps you to do effective email marketing in order to get more customers for shopping to your e-commerce website.

It is experienced that you can easily drive customers by using words that perfectly resonate with them and encourage them to make a purchase.

Another thing is that you should use the eye-catching subject line while sending emails to customers in order to drive more attention to them and inclined them to open Gmail and check it. This way, you can easily encourage them to make a purchase by knowing your audience types perfectly.


Thus, you can significantly drive more customers to increase traffic and boost conversion to your eCommerce website by following your online business's best email marketing strategies. We suggest you follow these email marketing strategies for your eCommerce website, and I assure you that you will get a positive result like never before.

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