6 Welcome Email Examples to Boost your Click-through Rates

6 Welcome Email Examples to Boost your Click-through Rates

Make sure your welcome email should be informative, clear and actionable and your audience gets the right message with your welcome emails. Learn some useful welcome email best practices to guide your own welcome email strategy

Welcome emails are 86% more effective than standard emails as they have an average open rate of around 50%.

This makes a welcome email a golden opportunity for you to introduce yourself, your products, and your brand, and to create a lasting impression on your new subscribers.

So let’s have a look at some of the best welcome emails from around the web, along with the best welcome email lessons you can implement for yourself.

1. Made in Cookware

Made in Cookware is a kitchen supply company that provides high-quality equipment for kitchens.

Subject: Welcome to Made In! 🔪🍳

Cookware’s welcome email is comprehensive and different from most product companies. Instead of introducing their line of products, Made in Cookware takes time to welcome you, state their commitments, and highlight the benefits you can expect from them.

The portion below the fold gets more company-specific but even here, instead of promoting products directly, Made In tells you about the company history (which establishes prestige and familiarity), talks about the best chef using their products (social proof), and then finally talks about how with all the quality they offer you can still expect reasonable prices due to their supply chain processes. 

This 3-pronged approach to wooing the customer is excellent. It covers many psychological factors (familiarity, social proof, high-value-low-price) that signal the reliability of the brand - eCommerce marketing done right.

Another attention-worthy feature of the email is the two different CTAs after each segment. Although both buttons take you to the same webpage, it’s the choice of words that make the difference. 

The first section talks about cooking in general and how Made In can add value to your process, and so the first CTA says ‘Let’s Cook.’ The second section is more specific, so they directly ask a reader to ‘Shop Now’. Choosing the right words can make all the difference in click-through rates.

2. Fracture

Fracture prints your digital photos for you on glass and creates hand-crafted prints. When you register, you get a wonderful welcome email from them.

Subject: Welcome to the Fracture family!

This welcome email does a lot while managing to stay simple. A friendly ‘hello there’ greeting is followed up by a headline welcoming and greeting you.

They don’t waste any words, and right below the graphic, you’re offered a 10% discount straight away as a gift for signing up, followed by the coupon code and then the CTA that takes you directly to the website. 

Fracture makes this minimal copy welcome email work on the strength of its visuals. They don’t have to say much; their choice of color and the graphic gives a clear message about the brand: they’re a welcoming, cozy brand who delights you with the fine things in life.

They also go a step further and let you know straight from the welcome email that if you don’t like your Fracture print, you can get it replaced for free. This signals authenticity on the part of the brand and the consumer becomes more likely to visit their store and buy something from them. 90% of consumers say that authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support.

3. Mercury Mosaics

This is an example of another copy-minimal welcome email from Mercury Mosaics: A brand that creates artisan hand-crafted tiles for homes. 

Subject: 😵The look of envy 😵

‘You can’t fake these looks’, the headline of the email greets you with all its confidence. Mercury Mosaics is signaling its competency in its craft, which gives the reader assurance in their decision to sign-up. 

And like Fracture, their copy is minimal but powerful. They differentiate themselves from other tile makers by stating they are experts in original and artistic work. The main image of the email, along with the border pattern, complement each other and also feeds into the main product Mercury Mosaics creates.

The only thing that misses the mark is the CTA. Every other word in the email hits the nail and doesn’t waste any space, but this confidence falls away in the CTA. ‘Browse the entire look book’ is a rather bland call-to-action, and doesn’t capitalize on the competency the brand displays in the rest of the email.

4. Apto Skincare

Apto is a cosmetics brand and they are on a mission to produce luxurious, cost-conscious products. They believe everyone should have access to clean beauty at an affordable price.

Subject: Welcome to APTO! We're happy that you're here.

When you sign-up with Apto, they reiterate their promise of delivering you accessible skincare, even going far enough to state the price range explicitly in the headline.

Along with offering a free shipping coupon as a reward for signing up, they delve into their values, while also emphasizing their brand personality by using cute quirky imagery to back up their points.

The email headings are well structured and help the reader to easily navigate the emails and all the images have alt-tags that help screen readers describe the image.

Apto also asks their subscribers to follow their Instagram page as they conduct a lot of their marketing and promotion on that channel, thus killing two birds with one sign-up.

5. Headspace

Headspace is a mindfulness meditation app that provides wide-ranging mediation exercises for all sorts of situations. Although not an eCommerce brand, their welcome email is impressive and still worth taking a look.

Subject: Welcome to Headspace Plus

Headspace positions itself as a highly empathizing brand. They want to be your non-judgemental friend you can confide in. So when you sign-up for their premium account, the email encourages you by congratulating you on your commitment to health. 

They still don’t sugar coat anything by letting you know improvement only comes from practice but that they’ll support you all the way. 

The graphic employed in the email also signals friendliness and colorfulness to back up Headspace’s brand image.

So although not an eCommerce brand, what you can take from Headspace’s welcome email is how they understand the customers’ journey, and you can replicate that by empathizing deeply with your subscribers in your welcome emails.

6. Bite

Bite is a dental hygiene brand that’s changed the concept of toothpaste. They sell small capsules that you bite into and dissolve in your mouth to act as toothpaste. They promise environmentally friendly products with only safe toothpaste ingredients.

Subject: Welcome! You’re one in a billion ⭐

As an environmentally-conscious brand, Bite takes the opportunity of a welcome email to first introduce the problem they are tackling (toothpaste tubes in landfills and oceans) and how they are tackling the issue (with plant-based ingredients and plastic-free packing).

If you are a company that’s bringing something new to your industry, this is a good way to introduce yourself through a welcome email. It informs your subscribers who you are and it sets the tone for future interactions with you.

The second segment of the email outlines the benefits of Bite’s products so consumers can feel more confident in buying from them. They’ve also placed a CTA right after listing the benefits: a good practice as subscribers feel more inclined to take action if they feel a brand is bringing them value.

The email signs off with a small note from the CEO which instills a sense of community for whoever subscribes. If you can make your subscribers feel like a part of something, they’ll be more inclined to engage with your brand.

The takeaway

We hope you found these emails and can take on board some insights to apply to your own welcome emails too. To recap, here are some takeaways from these emails:

  • Talk about your company and your mission as a differentiator
  • Encourage engagement using enticing copy, attractive imagery and relevant CTAs
  • Add discount coupons and free shipping offers to attract people to your website

Welcome emails are a great way to start a relationship with your lead and boost traffic for your website. Use them well.

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