How Content Marketing Helps Build Brand Identity?

How Content Marketing Helps Build Brand Identity?

Are you curious about learning the importance of content marketing and how you can leverage its power to scale your brand identity to a new level? Check out all the different ways in which you use content marketing to build your brand identity.

When it comes to influencing the buying decision of a customer, trust plays a crucial role. Now, where this ‘trust’ comes from? In most cases, businesses having a credible brand identity are the most trusted ones among the customers. According to a study, 90% of people make up their mind about a brand after doing a search about it.  

So, how can a business develop its brand identity to build trust with consumers and enhance its sales? A simple answer to this would be with the help of ‘Content Marketing.’ Through content marketing, you can create a signature style for your company and build your brand personality. 

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach which includes creating and sharing valuable content with prospects to convert them into customers, and customers into loyal customers (or repeat customers). Thus, content marketing is applicable at all stages of the buying process - from brand awareness and consideration to conversion and retention. 


Let’s take a look at the power of content marketing and how you can leverage it to establish a unique brand identity: 

1. Build Trust With Customers 

In today’s competitive market, it is extremely important to winning the confidence of customers if you want your business to strive in the long run. Gaining the trust of your target audience allows you to establish a positive brand reputation. Here, the role of content marketing comes in. 
Creating and sharing valuable and consistent content with your prospects helps you grab their attention and ultimately gain their faith. When prospects read your content, they start to develop a viewpoint of your brand name.

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If they are easily able to relate to the content, they will be able to relate to your brand too. And the more value you provide with your content, the easier it will be to build trust with your target audience. 
Once your audience starts believing in your brand, they’re much more likely to buy your products and services; and hence you will be able to close more sales, earn new business, and retain existing business. 

2. Achieve Enhanced Visibility With Improved SEO 

It’s self-evident that people turn to search engines to gain information! To win your prospects, it is important to have a strong online presence so that your products/services appear when someone searches.  

In recent years, Google has modified its algorithms and increasingly rewarded high quality and updated content and punished low quality and outdated content. Hence, publishing fresh content and updating existing content will help your business maintain a strong presence on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 
Also, to improve SEO, you need to create optimized content. The more content you have online with relevant keywords, the more content will be shown to users in their search results. It also gives additional reasons for visitors to stay on your site. A higher on-site time certainly boosts your search engine optimization. 
By creating engaging and informative content around relevant keywords, you can kill two birds with one stone, i.e., achieve enhanced visibility and improve brand loyalty. 

3. Get Higher Conversions

Getting traffic without lead generation and sales is absolutely pointless. But, did you know that you can achieve higher conversions and generate leads by employing content marketing? Through content marketing, you can provide relevant information to your prospective customers that they require to make a purchasing decision. 
According to a report, the website conversion rate is 6 times higher for the businesses which have adopted content marketing than those who haven’t. Hence, it is highly important for businesses of every size to implement content marketing for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and achieving higher conversions. 
Content marketing is also a very affordable method as compared to traditional marketing tactics. Hence, many businesses experience an improved ROI over time with their content marketing strategies. 


4. Showcase Your Matter Expertise

It is quite obvious that consumers prefer to do business with the companies who are experts in their field. If the prospects know that you are a leader in your sector, then they’ll definitely be more inclined towards you.  

Through content marketing, you can demonstrate your expertise in the industry by sharing valuable content with the audience. Every time that you create and share a new article, infographic, white paper, eBook or any other piece of content, you’re showcasing your prospective customers how much you know about the industry.  

When they decide to make a purchase, they will choose the brand that provided them with valuable information. 

5. Build Customer Loyalty

Finding and attracting new customers is always the agenda of any business. However, for most businesses, retaining the current customers and turning them into loyal ones is far more profitable. In fact, repeat customers are the bread and butter of many small and large scale businesses and almost half of their revenue comes from them. 
Hence, you need ways to strengthen your relationships with your current customers. Here again, content marketing comes to the rescue. Offering relevant content doesn’t end after a prospect becomes a customer. Creating and sharing engaging content is just as effective at retaining current customers. 
Content like informative guides, how-to videos, and other types of explanatory information can benefit your customers to get more out of your products or services. And, the more value they get, the more likely they will return. 


Let’s have a quick look at some of the successful content marketing examples:  

  • Sephora  
    This beauty brand makes a spectacular usage of user-generated content. Its Beauty Insider Community is filled with helpful and interactive user content.  

  • Nike  
    Being more than half a decade old brand, this leading sports company is always sharing inspiring and emotional stories that the audience can easily relate to.  

  • MailChimp  
    This marketing automation platform enriches its brand voice with a little personality by using cultural references and colloquial phrases that are easily relatable to its customers.  

  • American Express  
    The Open Forum of this financial services corporation offers helpful insights and other useful content on money management, team building, and more to help small businesses grow and thrive.  

  • SAP  
    This enterprise software company gives a great example of expert whitepapers which efficiently explain the importance of digital transformation that can be easily understood by the customers. 

Now, how can you implement content marketing to build your brand identity? Let’s have a look: 

Know Your Brand

To understand what should be your content marketing strategy, you need to have a clear idea of what your brand really is and define its identity. Know its vision, voice, goals, values, and ultimately the story.  
Take the time to dig deep into these areas to learn the real idea behind your brand’s personality. This is because without having the exact concept of your brand persona, your business becomes just another business in the market. 

Identify Your Audience

Next, it’s very important to know and understand your target audience to create an innovative marketing strategy. For that, you need to create targeted buyer personas to entice your audience. 
You must also timely update the buyer personas to get the most out of them and widen your reach. For creating the most effective buyer personas, you need to keep in mind several factors like- what your audience is interested in the most, in what way do they prefer communicating with you, what are their likes and dislikes, and what are their pain points. 

Study Your Competitors

Last, but not least, you must find and learn what your competitors are actually doing? Take a look at the ones who have scaled up their businesses with their content marketing efforts. Find out how these brands interact with their customers. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and think how would you respond to it? Is it effective? 
By staying abreast of the leading content marketing trends in your industry and combining your own imagination, you can create the best content marketing strategy for your brand. 

Equipped with a thorough knowledge of your brand’s personality, the interests of your audience, and the limitless possibilities of content marketing, you can develop an effective content marketing strategy to personify your brand. 


Your brand identity is the most essential part of your business. Though there are several components behind running a business, but the brand is the personified aspect that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more. 

With all the benefits described above, it’s quite clear how content marketing helps build brand loyalty for businesses. It not only helps enhance your visibility but also helps you connect with your customers, build stronger relationships with them, and eventually boost sales. 

Swati Jain is an experienced Technical Writer and Content Designer at Ranosys Technologies, a software development company headquartered in Singapore. Being passionate about technological innovations and digital marketing, she is always researching and writing about the latest trends. When not at work, you can find her watching sitcoms.

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