Best E-Commerce Marketing Tools to Get More Sales in Less Time

Best E-Commerce Marketing Tools to Get More Sales in Less Time

Are you looking for some e-commerce marketing tools that could really be helpful for your business? Feel free to check out these list e-commerce marketing tools that can have a tremendous impact on your sales.

How about boosting your sales with great e-commerce tools? As an entrepreneur, you know help is appreciated when managing your online store and selling, so why not use tools to automate and improve tasks? It makes perfect sense if you’re on a marketing budget, too!

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve been looking for some e-commerce marketing tools for a while and haven’t found a list that could be helpful for your business. Well, look no more because I’ve got six great tools to help your e-commerce business succeed regardless of size.

If this sounds good, feel free to check out the list of marketing automation tools that can tremendously impact your sales.

1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

People use their mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to shop more than ever, expecting fast and seamless mobile browsing experiences.

According to Think with Google, 40 percent of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load, and 79 percent who are dissatisfied with a site's performance say they’re less likely to purchase from it.


Clearly, making your e-commerce website mobile-friendly is essential to avoiding hurting your conversion rate. To find whether your e-commerce site is mobile-friendly, check out Google’s free tool that will give you an answer and tips and recommendations if you need to improve your site’s speed.

2. Prisync

Prices play an important role for many customers, so offering them the best ones is a good move to win more sales. Checking what your competitors are doing is a good idea to define the best price. Prisync could help you with that because it keeps track of your competitor's pricing so you can offer the best one.

Also, it provides dynamic reporting on prices, so you know when competitors change their prices.

3. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a chatbot platform that allows brands and companies to create chatbots for their website, Facebook Messenger, SMS text messaging, and other popular web chat applications.

MobileMonkey has in-built chatbot forms, lead magnets and marketing automation tools. 
Right now, it is the only platform that allows marketers to make Facebook ad bots, SMS bots, and native webchat bots in one place.

4. MailChimp

Email marketing has been moving at the speed of light in recent years. According to the 2017 State of Email Marketing report from Ascend2, 40 percent of marketers reported that emails were successful at achieving important objectives.


Email marketing is a serious assignment requiring some automation, especially if you have large volumes of traffic. A perfect assignment help for it is a tool called MailChimp. It’s an email marketing tool that you can use to automate email newsletters, customer engagement and re-engagement, and send thousands of messages per month.

It has templates, triggered emails, calls-to-action, collaboration options, responsive design, and other helpful features for you to streamline your marketing. And it’s free if you have less than 2,000 addresses in your mailing list.

5. EssayOnTime

More and more brands are focusing on writing content, but many don’t spend enough time double-checking the quality of their texts.

According to Marketing Land, studies found that content marketing lacked quality because of persistent grammar mistakes. For example, one discovered that 69 percent of brands failed to reach the target score.


To avoid making a bad impression on your customers, you can improve the quality of your written grammar using a tool. It offers both machine and human proofreading and editing of content, which is essential to get your content to stand out.

6. Zendesk

The importance of quality customer service for e-commerce businesses is difficult to overstate. If a business has poor service, the news about that will spread quality through company review websites, social media, and other sources.

According to Inc., 51 percent of consumers say a business should be available for them 24/7 and 42 percent prefer the live chat feature because they don’t want to wait to have their questions answered.

Therefore, using leading systems in customer service is important to meet these demands, and Zendesk is a good option to try.

The list of Zendesk’s features that customers require includes 24/7 online portals, live chat, social messaging, shared team inbox, analytics and reporting, integration with other e-commerce apps and more.

7. BuzzSumo

Fast-growing e-commerce businesses use content marketing to increase the traffic on their website and build their image as a thought leader in their niche.

Producing truly relevant and engaging content, however, is always a challenge because the interests and preferences of Internet audiences evolve very quickly. Besides, one has to analyze the latest trends in the industry/niche and popular content to get some ideas.

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BuzzSumo could be a huge helper for you if you need to discover the most popular topics using keywords that you’re using for your marketing. The tool generates a list of web content from the web that has the highest number of social media interactions and shares.

Sophisticated tools allow adjusting the time, so you can check what’s been popular for only 24 hours or an entire year.

8. Limecall  

Limecall is a callback software that provides personal one-on-one conversations with prospects that you can turn into qualified leads.
Its employees are available 24/7 to answer any questions from your site's visitors to maintain their attention and get the answers as soon as possible.
This tool also has a widget that offers free calls to the visitors within 30 seconds of the question, and if they wish, they can schedule the call for some other time that suits them.

The Starter Plan is free, and the prices range from $35/mo depending on the number of calls and the engaged call operators.

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