Adding Customer Reviews Will Make You Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue

Adding Customer Reviews Will Make You Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue

Do you want to boost your eCommerce store revenue? If yes, integrate customer reviews on your site today! Here's a blog that discusses certain tips to make the most out of customer reviews for your eCommerce business.

Consumers nowadays rely on searching for a particular product by shopping online. That’s why online reviews are also essential because they help customers decide which products to purchase.

71% of e-shoppers mostly read the product reviews before making a decision to buy anything. Consumer reviews are something that most customers want to see before deciding on anything. That’s why reviews are already proven to be great sales drivers.

Reviews from consumers are already becoming a part, not just of the decision process, but also the purchasing process, as more and more buyers consult them.

1. Importance of customer reviews


Consumer reviews give customers the chance to rate your service and provide Product feedback. You can have many benefits of having customer reviews on your site, like the increase in orders and conversion rate as well as growth in traffic.

Here are some of the advantages of customer reviews:

  • 50 or more customer reviews per product can provide a 4.6% increase in conversion rates.
  • 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from an online shop that has consumer reviews.
  • Which means, you can generate up to 200% more sales. Products with positive feedbacks sell better than those without any reviews.
  • Reviews also provide 17% increase in click-through rate (CTR).
  • 88% of consumers trust the product that has customer reviews more than a personal recommendation.
  • 71% of users agreed that reading customer reviews could make them comfortable about purchasing the service or product.

Customer reviews have a real value indeed for most consumers since they depend on them when it comes to deciding if they will buy or not.

Benefits of customer reviews for SEO:

satisfaction guarantee

The primary purpose of customer reviews is to improve conversions and customer satisfaction as well as increase sales. But there are also other benefits for SEO, some of which are:

  • Customer reviews and unique content that is regularly updated, are an excellent way to attract more people. Many e-commerce sites are just using the same standard product description, while customer reviews can differentiate the product site in the search results. The customer reviews are important because more customers can make the page useful, and it can increase the chance of getting a high rank in SERPs.
  • For online customers, reviews are already an important part of their shopping process. More consumers are searching for the name of the product or service, plus the word ‘review.' So if you happen to have reviews on your site, then you have a better chance at increasing traffic to your business page.
  • If there is a review or satisfactory rating on a particular product, then this can help increase the click-through rate on the search engine results page.

The good and bad side of negative customer reviews

Positive and negative reviews can help improve the client’s trust before purchasing the product. That’s why all reviews are valuable.

Good side

  • Good reviews help improve conversion by 67%
  • 68% of customers trust the reviews if it is a mix of positive and negative feedback. If they can only see positive opinions on the site, they most likely to suspect that it is just fake reviews.
  • Reviews can help facilitate customer engagement. That's why it's best to respond to what your reviewers have to say.
  • Reviews from unsatisfied customers can provide awareness of the shortcomings or problems your product has. That means it’s time to focus and take a closer look at that part of your business.

Bad side

  • 86% of consumers will hesitate to purchase a product that has negative reviews.
  • Even one negative review can cost you thirty customers.
  • Negative customer reviews can adversely affect your business that may also cause a dip in your revenue.
  • The negative feedbacks can make the positive comments more believable, but there is a bigger risk of having poor reviews from the consumers.

2. How to respond to negative reviews

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1. Many e-commerce owners feel upset when they read a negative review. Remain calm. Don’t react yet if you are still in a bad mood. It will just put your customer in a resistive state. Instead, compose yourself first, and respond in a way that’s considerate and helpful.

2. Respond only to those feedbacks that are worth answering. Some negative customer reviews are not worth thinking. If someone who’s a frequent complainer, posted a review, you might just ignore them. You should just respond to those who have legitimate concerns. You should check the reviews from genuine customers and those concerns raised by high-profile consumers.

3. If you believe that a particular comment is false, or a competitor posted it, or it breaks a rule for businesses, you can contact the site and ask them to remove it.

4. You need to understand your customer’s point of view. Try to figure out why the customer has posted a negative review.

5. Learn more about the incident or the issue. You can communicate with the reviewer privately. Message them, or contact them personally to find out more details about the problem.

6. After communicating with the customer, it is a good idea to post a message publicly. Address the concern and explain what you’ve done to resolve it. It will be good for your reputation since many readers can see how you respond to feedbacks.

7. Having a negative review is not healthy for your e-commerce, but responding rudely, and aggressively, can destroy your reputation even more. When you respond to a bad review, be polite and professional at all times.

8. Criticism from your customers can be constructive. Just view criticism as an opportunity to improve your business.

9. You can turn any negative reviews into an advantage. If you’re genuine about your response and you can resolve any problem promptly, it will only show that you care about your customers, and will find any way to correct any problems.

10. Learn from all negative reviews, improve your business if you need, and then move on. Just make each negative feedback as an opportunity to learn something new.

It’s so important to manage your reputation if you have an e-commerce business. Your customers are just frustrated, and they expect you to find solutions to their issues. But more importantly, they want to be heard and understood.

Don’t be afraid of having bad reviews, and don’t take it personally. You do need a response plan, and eventually, you will see fewer bad reviews and many more positive ones.

3. How to get customer reviews

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When it comes to having a goal to increase your conversion rates and revenue, you don’t have to underestimate the power of customer reviews. It’s not an easy task to attract customer reviews, but you can achieve it by following these methods:

  • Send an email to the consumers after they make a purchase. To ask for a review is a good idea. But make sure they already received the product and had the chance to use it.
  • You can offer some incentives for every review they will provide, like a discount on their next purchase, a gift certificate, or a freebie.
  • Make it easy to provide reviews as much as possible. Offering the customers the option of clicking a quick rating from one to five is one way. You can also make your report form simply by embedding the name of the client, email address, and the details of their purchase to save them time.
  • You can also include a list of questions on your review forms, such as “what else would you like to have in this product.” In that way, your customers will have some idea on what to focus on their reviews.
  • To make it easier to attract reviews, you can also provide specific yes-or-no questions, such as “would you recommend this product to anyone?”
  • Attract customer reviews by providing an excellent service. You can send out confirmation emails, thank you emails, or follow up emails. A very satisfied customer is more willing to contribute than an unsatisfied one.
  • Make sure to have a high-quality product. Give your clients a reason to comment positively. Work on your product until you are already sure that it is talk-worthy. If you exceed the customer’s expectations, they are more likely to contribute positive reviews.
  • Respond to your customer’s reviews. If there is a need to change anything, make any necessary processes, and drop an email to the reviewer indicating the changes you’ve made based on their review.
  • When a customer submits a review about a product, try to publish it as it is. Customers who write reviews don’t want to see their text overly moderated.
  • Lastly, make it easy to give feedbacks online. Make it more user-friendly and something that's casual as possible.

Simple ideas on how to present your reviews and ratings

It is important to find an easy way to organize your reviews and help other customers make sense of it. These are just some of the ideas:

  • Provide consumers the chance to rate the reviews on your site, like by just asking “was this review helpful?”
  • Not all customers will take their time reading reviews, so letting them have a glance of the average review scores will help them get an idea of the ratings.
  • If you already have reviews on your site, add a filter by using a rating option. Like adding an average review score, using charts to display summary information can help customers make sense of a vast number of users reviews. They will also have an idea of the overall ratings.
  • You can also be more precise with your review form, and let your customers provide some details about your product.

Simple ways to use customer reviews to boost your sales revenue

ecommerce customer reviews

Now that you have realized how vital the customer reviews are to any e-commerce, are you ready to use them in your marketing strategy? Here are some easy ways to do it:

  • You need to highlight your customer reviews on your site. According to Bazaarvoice, just one review from your client can increase your conversion rate to 10%, and in 100 reviews, it can increase your conversion rate by 37%. That’s why never hesitate to put your reviews on your homepage. (Bazaarvoice)
  • Merge all customer reviews into all your marketing communications, like a newsletter, or banner ads. You can also highlight your average score, including the total number of reviews to increase your click rate.
  • Have your other reviews and star ratings posted in Google by using SEO rich snippets, and this will be your definite advantage. These customer reviews will help you increase your visibility and put your competitors behind.
  • You can add a review tab on your Facebook page because as we all know, billions of people are using Facebook. Your customers will also expect your brand to have a Facebook page. Make the most of your page and provide your followers the opportunity to leave and share reviews.
  • Always manage your negative reviews. Thank your customers for providing feedback, even those that aren't positive. When you receive a negative comment, ensure that you are quick to reply and offer a solution.

Offering your customers the opportunity to review your products, and displaying your ratings and reviews on your site, just only shows how committed you are to put customer satisfaction at the heart of your e-commerce.

According to webrepublic.com, four to six reviews from your clients are already enough for your other consumers to be confident in your product or service.


The online shopping experience is increasingly based on sharing or through social recommendation, and making customer reviews an essential addition to e-commerce. Start accumulating reviews and ask for your consumers. Publish verified, genuine customer reviews from their shopping satisfaction. But make sure to provide good quality products or service to expect great reviews and see your conversion rate and revenue increase.

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