9 of the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups for 2018

9 of the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups for 2018

Explore these nine most useful strategies for making your benchmark in the digital marketing by becoming one of the most wanted SEO experts, start implementing it today.

For starters, in Australia, understanding all the tools and tact of SEO is essential. At this stage, the chances of mistakes are higher, which can affect your work. Of course, nobody wants to put their job a stake; therefore, we are here with fail-proof tactics.

Whether you are working for a small, medium, or large organization, having a wide knowledge of cutting-edge technology and digital marketing strategy will help you to get the most out of your work in every possible way.

To become one of the most successful SEO Experts, it’s essential to follow each digital marketing strategy for your startup in 2018 so that you never overlook any feature of digital marketing services.

Let’s get started!

1. Pay Per Click

All the odds will be in your favor when you use the PPC technique. But don’t blast the entire marketing budget PPC. BE careful where you are using it.

Try to employ it only if required. When used in the right way, pay-per-click can bring massive traffic to your website in a short period.


One has to be smart enough to write compelling content, so the viewer clicks on it and assembles at your site. So use it and escalate maximum customers to your site.

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2. Influencer Marketing & Outreach

Consistent growth in digital marketing is faster when the digital marketing strategy is done right. Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy focusing on a leader who influences people to purchase a particular product.

In simple words - a person becomes the face of your services. You don’t have to directly market your services or product; hire an expert, and everything will be sorted. Hiring a famous personality or a celebrity will work great if your budget is a bit higher.

3. Content Marketing

The entire marketplace has been taken over by content marketing. People are found to be getting more attracted to striking content and graphics than any other source. There is no rocket science behind content marketing; it’s just a simple process of creating and using persuasive online content to attract the utmost number of people.


It may include blogging, article writing, video & audio scripts, and presentations. Using attractive content, you can also use a social media platform to reach the right audience. So make use of content writing to hit the target in a digital marketing agency in Australia in a flash.

4. List Building & Email Marketing

Every big brand uses email listing as its basic tool to target the right audience. If you haven’t used it yet, you are missing out on the biggest success maker. It’s possibly one of the most responsive and effective tools one can have in the organization.

According to some surveys, at least 44% of recipients make a product purchase through email listing. For B2B organizations, adding words such as profit, money, or revenue in the subject lines exert a pull on your clients. So start creating the email listing of your services now!

5. Search Engine Optimization

Do you have the best products or services on your site? Does your website have an amazing UI? Does your site contain actionable and responsive content? The possibility of having all these special features is higher, but all these are vain if nobody can see them.

Having a low ranking in the search engine can make your website almost negligible to the search engine. You won’t be able to reach the audience. For that reason, it is vital to optimizing the website. You should know this one big rule to become an eminent SEO consultant. So, optimize the website to make a place in the top ten website results.

6. Guest Blogs

The most powerful traffic generation and linking technique is a guest blog. You can backlink your website or product through guest blogging easily.

Brand promotion, pattering into the traffic source of the blog to drive users back to your site, and building bonds with the audience through other communities or blogs are the right ways to utilize guest blogging. By the time you start guest blogging, you will notice changes. So forget everything and find the best place to guest post your services.

7. Contextual Targeting

You can explore other targeting options, such as contextual targeting. It is independent of user data. Instead, it focuses on the content with which people will engage and the sessions.

It also puts ads on the website that interact with your users. You don’t have to put much effort into promotions, as contextual marketing will handle everything.

8. Live Video Marketing

To survive in today’s advanced world, you must adapt to trending technologies. Live video streaming is the best tool to connect with your clients and convey the message in a better manner. Social media is ideal for video marketing, where almost every user is available, and videos are more attractive than anything else.

According to some surveys, it's been tested that almost 80% of the population pays attention to videos. Therefore, the chances of being noticed through video marketing are higher. All you have to do is pick the high-quality tools for making videos, use the right video editing tools and post it on the numerous available platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Get your cameras ready and start live video marketing to become a famous SEO consultant!

9. Social Media Marketing

As we already know, social media is full of opportunities, so why not utilize it in favor of a particular firm? You can attain your monthly targets quickly when using social media for marketing. Posting the right content on the right social media platform will lead you to the right audience.

There are plentiful podiums to make a unique identity in the marketplace. But don’t get spammed! You must reach the utmost audience by following every term and condition of the platform. So get up and plan everything from where you are going to start.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know the nine most useful strategies for making your benchmark in digital marketing by becoming one of the most wanted SEO experts start implementing them today.    

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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