Is Automation the Future of PPC?

Is Automation the Future of PPC?

Advancements in artificial intelligence have brought new possibilities to the world of PPC marketing.

And it’s not surprising.

Businesses are always looking for ways to outsource as many repetitive tasks as possible. Google is introducing new ways to automate parts of its advertising tools to make that job easier.

But how is automation changing the world of PPC?

To answer that question, we first must understand PPC automation.

What Is PPC Automation?

As of today, PPC automation mostly means having more control at your disposal. But that can be very powerful if you use it right.

Advances in the field of artificial intelligence now allow the running PPC campaigns that are largely automated. You can now trust AI to make intelligent decisions based on the parameters you set and even make an adjustment that considers numerous data metrics.


This means that AI is bringing an age of ultra-targeted and efficient ads that weren’t possible just a few years back – the amount of data AI can process and analyze far exceeds the capabilities of using manpower alone.

But how exactly can automation help improve your campaigns?

Here are a few areas that are bound to be impacted the most:

1. Pausing Low-Performing Ads

You can even trust the AI to stop low-performing ads and prioritize those giving you the most returns.

This way, you can rely on automated tools to make intelligent decisions that directly improve your ad performance, without you having to constantly monitor everything.

For instance, you can automatically segment your products based on performance goals, which would allow the AI to adjust your bids according to the performance of different products and work towards the best possible ROI.

In the end, this means that your best-performing products and ads will be bid on more aggressively, while the poorly performing ads and products will have a reduced budget, all without you needing to monitor the process manually.

2. Bidding

It has never been easier to automate your bidding strategy than it is today.

And the best part is, bidding automation can take into account metrics that were previously unattainable for PPC marketers such as third-party data to make even more accurate predictions about what your target audience will respond to.


This allows the AI in AdWords to calculate the best bidding strategy for different goals, so you can choose if you want to prioritize clicks, conversions or impressions and allow the system to make intelligent bidding actions on your campaigns.

It’s a huge deal because tracking so much data and making on-the-spot adjustments when bidding for ads wouldn't be humanly possible. But for the ever-improving AI, it’s a piece of cake.

And with time, the bidding accuracy is only bound to improve because as the AI learns about your audience’s behavior, it can make even more accurate adjustments to your bidding strategy to maximize efficiency.

3. Dynamic Search Ads

Another great automation tool that can help you dramatically increase your CTR is Dynamic Search Ads, which can be far more powerful than you might think.

In simplest terms, Dynamic Search Ads are ads that Google creates for you according to search queries relevant to your industry.


So, for instance, if someone were searching for a luxury hotel in Los Angeles, Google would automatically generate a relevant headline for that search query and then direct the ad to your most relevant website page for that keyword.

This tool allows you to fill in the gaps in your keyword strategy and reach audiences you might have otherwise missed.

The AI makes on-the-spot decisions based on user behavior, your website and many other factors in creating a message with the highest chance of responding for that particular user.

4. Automation Brings New Age of Efficiency

While many PPC marketing services providers fear that automation will make their services redundant, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In reality, these advanced marketing automation features can make PPC campaigns more efficient than ever – those who will master these tools will have the ability to micromanage their campaigns so that every little detail is working towards making each lead cheaper.

And this is where a professional PPC agency can leave its mark. Using their experience and expertise in managing numerous campaigns, PPC services providers can better target segments of their client’s audiences than ever.

So, in reality, PPC automation is more about control than anything else. Not long ago, no matter how refined a campaign was, there was still a lot left to chance because there simply wasn’t an option to make such in-depth adjustments.

Today, it’s all about how deep you are willing to go. Companies that fully use the new PPC automation capabilities will have a chance to deliver the most relevant message possible to every prospect at the right time.


PPC automation promises savvy businesses new opportunities to make their ad campaigns more targeted and efficient.

Those that can use tools such as bidding automation and Dynamic Search ads will inevitably gain a huge advantage over the competition, as the opportunities to refine the marketing messages are now better than ever.

Josh Williams is an experienced SEM Manager at One Egg. He combines in-depth expertise in PPC and content marketing helping businesses of all sizes.

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