Boost Your Website Traffic with These 5 Simple SEO Tactics

Boost Your Website Traffic with These 5 Simple SEO Tactics

Do you want to boost your website traffic? If yes, check out this blog wherein we have enumerated 5 simple SEO tactics that will help you achieve this endeavor with minimal fuss. Take a look at this blog and decide on your own whether it's fruitful or not for your online business.

The whole idea of having a website is to have somewhere people find out about your company, its products or services and even information about the general industry. Thus when you write a blog post, update web content or launch a product or service, you expect to see more traffic and engagement being driven to your site. This requires you to work and set out the following simple SEO strategies.

1. Mobile optimization

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is the one area most websites lose traffic at. Several studies have shown that 80% of the consumers online use their phones to shop and 15% of the global traffic comes from mobile searches. Aside from these huge potential traffic, Google already has within its algorithm an update which rewards sites which have been optimized for mobile users while punishing those that are not. These factors have a great bearing on the amount of traffic coming to your side.

With more technological advances, the reach and capabilities offered by mobile devices will only increase. The mobile platforms offer a more personalized experience to your user. It goes more than just having the same content and structure of your site availed to the mobile platform. All these two have to be tweaked in a simple easy to navigate layout for the mobile user.

It is also increasingly becoming important to consider having an app your users can easily access. A mobile friendly site builds your credibility among uses reducing the bounce rate and allows them to make comeback in future. Other advantages you get include better loading time, better back linking from other sites, improved accessibility and lower maintenance.

2. Sharing frequency

website-trafficSharing your posts is the easiest and most effective way to get the content out to your readers. Many people however, have found a problem to balance between sharing regularly and spamming your users. The best way is to create a schedule and timelines especially using tools like Hoot suite to share on major platforms. As days go you can mix some of the previous blog posts with new ones to reach new audience and still serve as a reminder. You can also get creative in your sharing opting for platforms like forums on Reddit, Stumble Upon, Ding and other content sharing platforms. Here you are offering your posts as additional information to relevant topics or questions.

On such sites like Reddit and other popular discussion forums and reviews, you get an easy opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and with quality informative posts; people will follow back to your sites. You also get opportunities to have quality backlinks to your sites where people will find more information.

Even on the common social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, a creative approach will counter the challenge of finding balance. Address the posts as answers to the FAQs people have about your site. You can also make use of the opportunities video sharing sites present. With videos demonstrations and DIY subjects tend to work well while a showcase of your products will still work well even on Facebook than just listing the products.

3. Influencers to write for you

influncersThis is an ingenious and cost effective way if you can identify and reach an agreement with a couple of influencers to write content for you. The influencers have to be within your niche and can deliver content. They help you with their big social media following where the content will be shared. You can also have backlink agreements and start off a symbiotic relationship that will boost your traffic numbers.

Influencers also offer a more authentic storytelling if they are writing about your product. Compared to other traditional marketing efforts they offer a more effective way to reach new audiences. This is especially true when reaching millennial and centennials. They offer credibility acting as a vote of confidence to your site and product. Further there is an increase of brand visibility. Influencers have been found to have the best ROI compared to other forms of marketing especially when aiming to increase the frequency with which your posts and content are shared.

4. Repurpose your content

guest postGreat posts can always be packaged in different ways to keep it present and also bring you more traffic as you research something else. You will simply set the content in another format from an e-book, a newsletter, a podcast or a video and other forms.

What this offers you is a chance to get your content in a variety of platforms and even make the current forms more media rich. This offers a new fresh appeal allowing you to re-share the content you already have. With content repurposing you address the fact that many people consume information differently. You also increase content retention and perspective allowing you to address the content in various angles. This achieves greater impact allowing you to be effective in your content production and promotion.

To make this step easier and more effective, create content with the intention of repurposing. Adapt the content to various mediums and always build upon the original content offering more value.

5. Get customer reviews on the site and other platforms

customer reviews of other platforms

Search engines are increasingly giving due consideration to conversations about brands, what they offer and what people say about them. As such asking your customers and clients to leave reviews on your site and other forums is a great way to increase traffic. The more reviews the more unique content out there mentioning you and aside from higher ranking you also get more awareness.

In terms of quality, the traffic coming from online reviews is richer in quality and easily helps in improving your site conversions. They provide search engines with fresh and relevant content. Reviews provide the proof that your site is reliable and valuable to users hence resulting in higher ranking. The other big advantage of consumer reviews is how the shape the SEO attributes of the site naturally. This includes factors like keywords, internal links and backlinks. This also includes the usually complicated long tail keywords.

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