How COVID-19 is affecting the App Market

How COVID-19 is affecting the App Market

Pandemic-induced social isolation has modified the relationship consumers have with technology. Consumers are suddenly more counting on apps for communication, shopping, staying healthy, and entertainment. So, every app market should focus on providing the best solution that matches the exact customer requirements during this pandemic.

Organizations across all verticals and geographies are reeling under the effect of the worldwide pandemic. Subsequently, the COVID-19 emergency and its effect on apps have been exceptional. During such occasions, we have to meet up, share experiences, comprehend torment focuses, and find remedies. 

The accelerated spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is sending stun waves over the globe as we all make an effort to digest the new reality. Businesses are scrambling to comprehend what they are confronting, and what moves they have to make to prop up during an economic crisis. Yet people in the digital world seem to wonder How COVID-19 is affecting the App Market? 

As individuals remain at home, they turn to their cell phones to perform various activities, which presents an open door for some verticals. Yet, in the longer-term, a financial downturn will diminish consumer spending and lower user lifetime value.

These are challenging times, loaded up with vulnerability. We would like to enable app advertisers and the market with information refreshed each week to assist them with settling on more brilliant choices. The information test included 4.4 billion organic installs, 2.5 billion non-organic installs, and 1.2 Trillion sessions (app opens) during the previous two months. 

1. The Current Scenario of the App Market

The details, that have begun to pour from different research and analyst firms; India (and universally as well)- news and social visiting stages, music, and diversion - spilling TV and Video games, and TV are seeing higher use and along these lines, potentially, will get all the more advertisement to invest in the current time, to grab the eye of the USER. 

In the recent BARC data-the viewership of news directors in India developed by 57%, and the promotion of news developed by 21% to around 10 million seconds of free commercial time (FCT). Publicizing on children's type went 27% up while Hindi Movies genre and Hindi GEC saw a bounce of 8% each, in FCT.

The effect on new-age Internet business organizations viz. retail; design, food, garments, travel, and the tourism industry, is huge and there is an obvious hit in advertisement spend. If one talks explicitly about mobile marketing and publicizing, from the Indian and South Asian market viewpoint, we do see more than 45-50 % advertisers holding or delaying the crusades, as of now. 

Our appraisal of the market proposes that this marketing budget plan, which is at present required to be postponed because of the vulnerability, and all attempting to comprehend and assess the circumstances, will be spent, with appropriate re-investigate into the methodology in H2 of this current year, with the changed condition, post the COVID-19, recede.

There is likewise, 15-20% of a segment, who are coming, with the ideology; that the present time is the best to get the attention on their brands, with less rivalry or mess in the market. There are conversations, with not many on the strategic changes, for example, revisiting the messaging/content for the mobile campaign strategy.

2. Expected Impact of COVID-19 on App Market


Its best for publicists and advertisers, that to a degree of a state prompt related battles, to have a positive brand campaign, in the current crisis, is the most ideal route forward to profit with ROIs later, when the world and the COVID-19 impact, begin receding. 

With a downturn on its way, globally; in general, a decrease in business expenditure, will without a doubt affect the marketing budget plans and that incorporates mobile marketing and advertising budgets too. Furthermore, the effect on the Indian markets will likewise be there, at least in the current quarter.

The sooner the recuperation starts and economies are back to continuing commonality, that is by end of Q2, ideally, we'll see the organizations, particularly the new age internet businesses, that have a significant hit, relook at the promotion and ads going through spending plans alongside the procedure.

Positive thinking and the way that each challenge acquires opportunity, the COVID-19, and its difficulties, has made the convincing need of more up to date available resources of the network and consequently a relook at digital - mobile marketing and publicizing approach-one of which is IOT based applications to connect with masses (particularly, in the event of pandemics or common disasters), in today's or should state post-COVID-19.

We may see rising mindfulness and focus on IoT arrangements being weaved in by the advertisers and digital heads, going ahead in the marketing orders. 

The following section will cover information on how apps are helping in alleviating the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

3. Apps alleviating the impact of COVID-19 pandemic


Clark, the Germany-based Insurance organization, saw an underlying plunge for about 14 days as customers concentrated on food, shelter, and essentials for different uses. The surprising user conduct has balanced out since. The insurance supplier is concentrating on instructing the client about being insured during the emergency. 

Being situated in Germany, where representatives are working part-time and the legislature finances the difference in compensation, it is essential to disclose to the clients how strategies change as they are no longer full-time employees.

Clark is doing decisively by giving signs with regards to how the present circumstance influences protection spread by making content that assists clients with seeing better and have a sense of safety during these dubious occasions.

Glovo, the Barcelona based on request courier services, is working with charity organizations like UNICEF, delivering a few items for free to senior residents, helping the clinical business by giving pharma essentials.

During this emergency, the brand has moved its concentration and procedure from food and eateries to grocery and essentials, with cafés closing shop (thereby declining requests) and individuals not venturing out of homes because of social distancing. 

The next section will cover facts and figures stating research about the apps that witnessed a significant change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Impact of COVID-19 on different Apps


Fitness Apps

While a few enterprises like travel and hospitality, portability, and real estate are enduring the worst of the pandemic, others like fitness and wellness are getting a charge out of an astonishing COVID-19 effect on their app.

The Berlin-based wellness application, 8Fit, has witnessed requests they never expected with daily and weekly client numbers sky-rocket. As indicated by the Head of Performance Marketing at 8Fit, the brand has been without offering free exercise lessons. 

The brand is connecting with clients through their 700,000+ followers Instagram account by setting up daily, 5 PM guided exercise classes. 8Fit has likewise seen a positive change in the client movement curve, with clients going to the app consistently and on different occasions, because of the inaccessibility of offline gyms.

With different applications offering free services during this circumstance, 8Fit is currently more engaged than ever on giving quality content to the end-user, guaranteeing they adhere to the platform. 

Meditation and Wellness App

The mindful meditation app, 7Mind, has recorded a huge uptick in client activity, downloads, and all different KPIs they track. They have received an all-encompassing way to deal with client procurement and CRM. They had immediately turned out to understand the crisis and provide quality content to help clients loosen up, diminish the pressure, and manage uneasiness. 

This content is offered for free and is open to anybody when they download the application. The brand has transformed from a premium to a freemium model and presented meditation programs for children to help stressed-out parents.

Gaming Apps

Compettia (Atrivity) the gamification platform offering tailored solutions for organizations has announced great securing numbers while holding a ton of the existing clients.

The majority of the new clients originated from inbound endeavors as an ever-increasing number of brands understand that the gamification application for learning isn't only a reward yet an authentic need. The brand is covering pain points for various buyer personas through their content other than spreading awareness and highlighting how different organizations are managing the crisis.

Education Apps

Babbel, the membership-based language learning application offering 14 unique languages, has additionally watched a monstrous lift to their numbers with a rise in DAU and installs.

The brand is offering ad hoc personalizations without being excessively emotional and rather concentrating on what Babbel can give as of now by being a constructive interruption in individuals' lives. An individual message from the Babbel CEO got amazingly positive feedback from its client base. 


With the uprise of the COVID-19 pandemic, where a majority of businesses suffer, the digital app market seems to have an edge, due to the enabled action taken by governments of many nations, to maintain social distancing. Although several sectors of the global economy continue to suffer, the digital market is one that has shown significant growth since the uprise of the pandemic. 

Various apps and websites have seen a momentous rise in their user base and made permanent clients from it. If you are willing to take that edge and use it to your advantage you can Hire App Developers in India, to make a difference in this crisis. 

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