What are the Trends to Lead Your Online Business to Improve Direct Sales

What are the Trends to Lead Your Online Business to Improve Direct Sales

If you are generating more leads even if having an average product, you are still on a winning side, because the more leads will result into an increase in sales and ultimately it will bring more revenue.

Online marketing techniques have a more significant impact on direct sales. Every year the new methods are introduced to improve sales through online marketing. Despite many new ways, old marketing strategies still work. In fact, ancient techniques are modified to adopt new ones.

In an online business, we can’t ignore the presence of social media and word of mouth which directly helps in boosting your sales. The talk about the company brings great success in online marketing.

Let’s unpack some of the strategies which can be useful in increasing direct sales:

1. Directly Engage with Leads:

Direct customer engagement should take one of the top priorities to run an online business successfully. In the last decade, people are looking for indirect promotion of their online store such as FAQs, search engine ranking, reference linking and so on.

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These methods help in generating the leads to some extent, but today, as per the latest trends, we like to go by direct engagement using live chats, forums, help center where a representative is always there to answer the product related queries. More engaged customers convert in better word-of-mouth and more leads.

2. Promotional Marketing:

There are several ways to promote your online business. Among all, giveaways and associated gifts offers are one of the most successful methods to launch new products and increase the popularity of the product.

For example, if you are selling a new product online, you can choose an established product such as USB flash drives to give a combo offer to the first 50 or 100 visitors. It will be a way to attract the way to customers to visit your website so that they come to know more about your business or product.

3. Outbound - Inbound Marketing:

According to experts, outbound marketing is more profitable from the sales point of view than inbound marketing. But, you can't ignore and forget about inbound marketing. Adopt both the approaches in a balanced manner in generating leads and eventually your business.

Some of the methods involve are: building communities to sell your product, personalized emails, engaging through online content and so on. Each of these techniques provides detailed information about the product in a promotional way. By adopting these techniques, you will be successful in establishing a healthy relationship with your customers and build more leads.

4. Adopt Latest Technology:

The new technologies are great sales boosters, and people get easily attracted to using them. For example, smartphones are trending. Subsequently, most people like to make maximum use of these technologies. It will be a wiser step to keep looking for the new technology through which you can get more leads for your business.

5. Brand Yourself:

When you are doing online business with a single product, the marketing becomes quite easy, but if you have different products, then you can’t choose to market one product and leave others. For example, if a tech company is selling electronic products such as USB Flash Drives, Power Banks, Adapters, batteries and so on.

The company needs not to look for different strategies for USB Flash Drives and Power banks. It will be better to introduce oneself as a brand selling various products. This way it will be easy to approach the right set of customers. You can find the answers to the following questions by creating a brand:

  • Who are your target buyers?
  • What types of social hype do you want to create on social media about your product?
  • What are your promotional tactics?
  • How to create the uniqueness about your product?
  • How to create a brand that speaks for itself?

6. Attraction Marketing:

In social selling, we always look for audiences who can get associated with us. People who are having the same mindset as ours or we look for the brands who are above us and have inspired us to do the business. For example, if we are selling online Flash Drives, then we will look for an established brand.

In a way, we attract people who are like us. Use the attraction technique in your branding and increasing your online sales. Take a look at some of the ways to do attraction marketing to increase direct sales:

  • Ensure social media profiles are optimized and completed thoroughly, and that they are Making every possible effort to approach your customers
  • Take social media help in attracting the customers toward your product
  • Be unique, yet professional.
  • Inform people about your business in an authentic way
  • You must look for direct channels to speak about yourself.  
  • Establish a relatio
  • nship of trust with your social media followers

7. Sales Funnels and Lead Generation:

Having a large social media following or a long email list is a starting point. Converting those people into customers is a challenge which every business has to face. Set up a funnel for lead generation so that your followers have ways to purchase from you in natural ways.

Always point them in a direction you want them to go with clear calls to action. For example, if you are selling USB Flash Drives, then talk about methods of storage most quickly rather than emphasizing on buying pen drives. You must search for ideas to use interactive content and to engage the visitors in things like quizzes and contests to fill the gap.

8. Local Networking:

Let’s use the power of in-person meeting to increase your business. When you meet people at social events, greet them by presenting gifts that relate to your business so that they can remember you for a long time. Slowly build a strong relationship with people so that they buy your product without comparing with anyone else.

One effective way to gift is to give a product which is useful in daily life. For example, if you are dealing with a software product, then the person needs to store the data regularly. Gift him with a USB Flash drive so that he remembers your brand whenever he uses it. Make it funny and attractive, so that the visitor gets interested in getting to know your software product intimately.

9. Reviews and Testimonials:

Many people go for online reviews and like to check the testimonials before purchasing a product online. Hearing good things about a product on social media assures some of the people that the product is worth buying. In this case, reviews and testimonials become a useful tool just like self-promotion of your brand.

So, if you are launching a new product, ensure that you regularly post the reviews and testimonials of the people to attract a direct sale. You can do this by highlighting the main features of your product and posting it on the other forums.


Since you have come across various methods to boost your online sales and have come to know the latest trends. It is better to work more deeply on your product details and draw a road map to create a strategy which is effective and helps in generating direct sales.

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