Top 11 Ways and Strategies to Add More to App Revenue

Top 11 Ways and Strategies to Add More to App Revenue

Increasing mobile app revenue is easy, provided you know the art techniques. There are several ways that mobile app marketers opt to increase app revenue.

Mobile app revenue is set to hit $189 billion by 2020, which shows the massive growth in the mobile app development industry. Although the domain is all set to grow, the apt ideas to make it happen are alien to many enterprises. However, these techniques are not that difficult to practice. It just needs the required knowledge and the precise ways of performing the jobs for a better return on the investment made while developing the application.

Boosting your app's revenue should remain your top priority once the development is done. In case you are unaware of the practice of performing the specific task. Here is an extended guide to learning everything about the strategies that could help you earn more and more app revenue.

1. Give Utmost Attention to User Feedback

Reviews from users mirror their experience with the app. These important considerations should not be overlooked at any cost. Users are critical to an app’s success, so their views and reviews should be given top priority. In case your app is already launched, invest some time to know the reactions of the users. Carefully listen to their suggestions to implement the same.

In case the app is not launched, roll out an initial MVP to gather users’ feedback. It will give some insightful details about the pros and cons of the app. These suggestions can help to add more user-friendly features to the final application.

2. Do Consider Offline and Online Marketing

Marketing is one of the most effective ways of promotion. Smart marketing can help get more and more users for the product. While the online method of marketing is well known to everyone because of the boost in social media promotion ways, offline marketing can also help. Offline methods could help to promote the product exceptionally well in several ways. You can advertise your product or the mobile app in magazines or in newspapers. This will attract the attention of offline customers also. 

3. Allow Free App Usage to Users for A Limited Time Period

Rolling out the app as a paid version may hinder the users' interest in the app. Therefore, it is the best solution to allow your users to use some features of the app for free for a limited time period and later charge it (of course, with their consent) if they proceed. It builds the user’s interest in the application, and in case they like the app, they won’t hesitate to get the services even at an additional cost.

Do mention all the terms and conditions in the app description. Let the users know everything about the application, right from the features to the benefits, in order to help them decide whether they would install the app or not.

4. Encourage Mobile App Downloads

You are all done with your mobile app development, and now it is time to get users to download your application. To promote your app more and more, advertise for the same on different platforms. And when someone visits your website, tell them about the exclusive app features. While advertising exclusive app features, consider using a dynamic QR code to streamline the download process. This convenient tool can significantly enhance user engagement and simplify access to your application.

It is important to entice the users initially into the application. It is more of a marketing strategy to gain the right momentum among the users. Write about interesting offers that your app has for the users. That’s a way to get entice the users.

5. Using word of mouth strategy

We are residing in an era where most of our decisions are based on the opinion of others, even if it is about downloading an application. In case people mark an app as cool and worth installing, the users won’t regret downloading the same even without giving it a second thought. In such a scenario, a word-of-mouth strategy can do wonders for advertisers.

The aim of, this kind of app revenue generation is to spread the benefits of the app by telling people more and more about it. Recommendation from others is still the best way to get users’ attention in the application, for this model to get successful launch campaigns let users talk about the app and tell others about the same.

6. Considerer influential marketing and other alternative marketing channels

With the increasing number of mobile app marketing strategies mushrooming every day, there is a set of alternative channels that advertisers must consider to get more and more traffic. It’s all about increasing the app’s visibility, and thus, trying as many alternative methods as possible is the best thing.

Try engaging the users through emails or direct messages on social media networks. Moreover, deep linking techniques can also be applied to advertise the app on other websites. Also, keep an eye on new marketing trends that are appearing. Applications can be made popular by influencer marketing. The strategy is about convincing a well-known influencer to discuss your application.

7. Send Effective Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to get customer attention, but they must be sent effectively so that they don’t get frustrated. It is important to use these notifications properly else the strategy itself can backfire. Never send push notifications too often, as users may unsubscribe from the same if they find these notifications too annoying.

Use push notifications to send valuable information to users, such as informing them about any prevailing discount or sending them exclusive vouchers for being valuable clients to the company. 

8. Opt for in-app advertisement

This is one of the best advertisements that mobile app development companies have been using lately. This model offers a way for app developers so they can feature ads on their apps. The ads play amidst the apps and redirect the users toward the advertiser’s platform. The ultimate goal of this advertising method is to collect a sizable amount of user data.

Collected information is then analyzed for authenticity and relevance to send them back to app publishers and make money from the same. The most specific benefit for the users is that they get free-to-use apps. It is a great idea as more than 50% of users click on such ads at some point in time, at least once.

9. Paid app revenue model

The paid app revenue model works by gaining a small amount of revenue when users download the application. As the app is not free to download, users must pay some amount to get the app. Revenue is made upfront with every download; thus, the app instantly generates revenue.

Include app elements that make your app worth downloading. Your app should have a prominent takeaway to make it worth the user’s investment. To make this strategy work exceptionally well, hiring a team with the right marketing experience matters.

10. Try a freemium model

As the name suggests, the freemium model is a combination of features that come for free and at a premium amount. With the freemium model, mobile app development companies offer initial app features for free and then charge for freemium features. Users can only access the feature once they have unlocked the same. And therefore, they need to pay to unlock the features.

The model works great for apps that are exceptional in look and feel and offer a superb experience to the users. This model aims to engage users to the point where they willingly pay to unlock the freemium features.  

11. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is one of the latest revenue-making models for advertisers today. In this model, the users are rewarded after they cross the required threshold in the application. Revenue for the advertiser is generated by keeping a share of the reward offered to the users. This is a great way to keep advertisements in the application and keep users happy with the same.

Users get awarded for their actions, and thus it creates a huge opportunity for the advertisers to include such an in their app revenue model. This creates a win-win situation for both parties, and thus, the model is receiving huge applause from the users. 

The Bottom Line

If you want your mobile app development company to become a brand, it requires the users' attention. The product you are offering must seem a problem-solving asset for the users. Only then will they pay attention to your application.

In monetizing or gaining more revenue from the application, you must consider all the above-mentioned pointers. Give more emphasis to the customer loyalty programs so they can frequently shop with your application. Do listen to their queries and suggestions, as it will help you to be more prominent while providing the services.

Bhupendra Choudhary is Business Head of FieldCircle - a leading field service management software company. He has extensive experience in providing apt business solutions for field service and field sales domain through field sales management software. A product thinker, he collaborates with industry leaders to understand business challenges and facilitate technology solutions for same.

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