11 Next-Generation Chat-Bots for Smart SEOs and Internet Marketers

11 Next-Generation Chat-Bots for Smart SEOs and Internet Marketers

Using chatbots to market is a no-brainer in this era of texting and chatting. Companies need to move ahead of traditional practices and transform their marketing channels accordingly. Chatbots are an ideal match for targeted, AI-based marketing.

The modern technological advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are changing the way of the conversation by introducing chatbot software that are automated to perform chat or conversation with people for any purpose. Nowadays the use of chatbots is increasing among businesses of all sizes to interact with their potential and existing customers. 

Initially, chatbot marketing may seem a bit complicated task for any SEO or Internet marketing professional, but with hundreds of chatbot platforms and tools for creating and distributing chatbot on websites and massaging applications have never been easier. 

In this article, we will give you the top 11 chatbot tools that you can use to build your own chatbot and skyrocket your marketing. 

1. Acquire 

Acquire is considered to be one of the best AI enabled chatbots in the industry that helps internet marketers accelerate sales conversions rapidly with its smart artificial intelligence technologies. It’s a one-stop destination for seasoned marketers to streamline user communications using its AI-knowledge based chatbot technologies

Acquire simplifies the entire sales and acquisition process by converting visitors into real-time buyers. It influences the visitors heavily by identifying their queries and finding out the right solutions and human representatives. 


  • Acquire Chabot answers almost 80% of the user queries immediately with utmost precision. 
  • It learns from the existing FAQs and previous user-chats to interpret the common queries more precisely and give the right solutions instantly. 
  • It can track qualified customers and channel them to the right sales agent on time. 
  • Its self-learning process enables it to identify a prospective lead and nurture it till the end. 
  • You can develop Acquire bot’s efficiency by feeding it with the knowledge it requires to deal with the customers’ advanced queries easily and precisely. 
  • Acquire lets you separate the sales and support bots to allow them to process individually while communicating with each other in the backend. 


  • 14-days free trial version that doesn’t require your credit card details 
  • Monthly plans: Team – 50$ per agent per month, Enterprise – contact Acquire sales team 
  • Yearly plans: Team – 40$ per agent per month, Enterprise – contact Acquire sales team

2. Chatfuel 

Chatfuel is one of the most preferred bot-building software that lets you create chatbots on Facebook and Telegram without any prior experience in programming. Chatfuel has over 7 million users globally and is currently used by renowned companies like TechCrunch, Uber, Forbes, British Airways, and Volkswagen, etc. 

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With Chatfuel's editing tools you can configure the chatbot to recognize certain words and phrases, and provide predefined automated answers to common and most frequently asked questions of your customers. 


  • You can automatically add content cards and share them with your followers. 
  • It provides AI technology for scripting interactive conversations. 
  • Automated scheduling and notifications. 
  • Third-party plug-in integration. 
  • Chatfuel integrates with various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 


  • Free version available 
  • Pro - 15$ per month 
  • Premium - 300$ per month 

3. API.AI 

Api.ai is a unique chatbot platform that lets you build a brand focused, natural language interactions. It provides simple conversational UX platform that helps you create a natural conversational experience for your visitors while they interact on your website. 

Api.ai uses domain knowledge and natural language understanding to analyze visitors’ intent and lets you instantly respond to them in the most appropriate way. You can interact with your customers from any location as Api.ai can be integrated with smartphones, cars, speakers and other smart devices. 


  • Build voice and text-based conversation chatbots. 
  • Api.ai uses machine learning to improve the user experience. 
  • It supports 14 global languages including Spanish, Japanese, and French, etc. 
  • Api.ai can be integrated with Slack, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. 
  • Cross-platform support (Android, HTML, Node.js, iOS, Python, etc.) 


Contact sales 

4. Smooch 

Smooch is another chatbot creation platform that acts as a chatbot connector between your business apps (Zendesk, Slack, HelpScout, HipChat, etc.) and your everyday messenger apps (Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc.). It links them by sending all your messenger chat notifications to your business apps that streamline your conversations in one application. 

Chatbot connectors let you create chatbots and connect them to the messaging applications to start conversations with your customers. This process helps you automate common workflows like conducting checkout processes, collecting form data, scheduling and giving feedback, etc. 


  • Communication management. 
  • Web and mobile integration. 
  • Multi-channel communication. 
  • SMS integration and instant messaging. 
  • Answer all the queries coming from the customers right from the business app. 


  • Starter - 145$ per month 
  • Premium - 995$ per month 

5. Botsify 

Botsify is another popular chatbot building platform that allows you to create Artificial Intelligence chatbots for your website or Facebook messenger using drag and drop templates without any coding knowledge. 

This tool has a Facebook Messenger API that lets you configure personalized responses, messages, integrate with WordPress and also collect data from the data analytics tool. Big brands like Apple and Shazam use Botsify to design their chatbots. This offers one of the best chatbot plugins for WordPress.


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop interface. 
  • Several template designs for your chatbot. 
  • Botsify integrates with various platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Alexa, Google Sheets, Slack, JSON API, RSS Feed, ZenDesk. 
  • This tool has smart AI to recognize new words and queries. 
  • It allows human interaction at any time and continues the conversation with your audience and customers. 


  • Self Serviced plan - 50$ per month 
  • Fully managed plan - 300$ per month 

6. Flow XO 

Flow XO is a chatbot platform that allows you to build chatbots on Facebook and your website. It is a complete platform to create, manage and publish your chatbot without any coding skills. This tool provides lots of pre-built templates that you can customize easily with its drag and drop editor option. 


  • Build chatbot using visual flow editor and embed it on the website. 
  • Create automated and personalized messages. 
  • You can send attachments in bot messages. 
  • It helps you set up a multilingual chatbot. 
  • You can create a custom link to your bot. 
  • You can chat with users directly from the chatbot platform. 
  • It integrates with messaging platforms like Messenger, Telegram, Slack and Twilio. 


  • Free plan available 
  • Standard plan - 19$ per month 
  • Add on - 25$ + per month 

7. ManyChat 

ManyChat is another well-known chatbot tool that lets you create Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales, and support. With ManyChat’s visual drag and drop builder option, you can easily set up your FB messenger chatbot without any knowledge of programming. 


  • Automated messaging system 
  • FB comments tool 
  • Facebook Ads JSON tool 
  • Integrated live chat 
  • Automated sequence and message broadcasts 


  • Free plan available 
  • Pro plan - Contact sales 

8. MobileMonkey 

MobileMonkey is a powerful chatbot builder that lets you build chatbots on FB messenger, segment your audience, grow your contact list, and build messenger funnels and more. The chatbots created using MobileMonkey can be designed to answer FAQs, make appointments, track purchases, etc. It uses A.I. to provide better user experience, build interactions and relationships. 


  • Frequent chat bot analysis and reports 
  • Push notifications to build engagement 
  • Messaging automation 
  • Take over with live chat 
  • Get alerts on quality leads 


  • Free plan available 
  • Pro plan - 19$ per month 
  • Premier Consulting plan - 149$ per month 


MEOKAY is one of the best tools to create a conversational messenger bot. It helps both skilled developers and marketers to build conversational scenarios and advanced dialogues for a smooth interaction with the website visitors and potential buyers. 


  • Works seamlessly with Facebook messenger and comments. 
  • It can directly take orders from messenger and comments. 
  • It recognizes a variety of words and phrases. 
  • You can send push notification of your offers or deals. 
  • It integrates with Stripe, PayPal, bKash, and all major payment system. 


  • 14-day free trial 
  • Premium plans - Contact sales 

10. Whisbi 

Whisbi is a simple yet powerful lead acquisition chatbot that lets you acquire leads using its rich conversational Q&A processes. It helps you capture promising leads on your website and route them to the right team without wasting any resources. 

Whisbi helps your site visitors learn more about your products and services using its conversational methods that answer user queries seamlessly. Additionally, its tracking system lets you measure the complete performance of the chatbot and helps you understand the key user metrics. 


  • Using Whisbi, you can capture leads without using forms. 
  • It learns from your routing rules and acts accordingly. 
  • It answers regular user queries without any failure. 
  • Whisbi helps you conform to the international General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
  • It answers and educates site visitors who are not yet ready to buy from you, or looking for supports. 
  • It lets you analyze the key performance parameters to measure the user engagements and chatbot’s efficiency. 
  • Whisbi API allows developers to customize the bot in accordance to their exact needs. 


Contact Whisbi sales team. 

11. TARS 

TARS is another useful chatbot creation tool that enables individuals and businesses to create chatbots for the website and Facebook Messenger with no coding knowledge at all. The chatbots created using TARS software can be used for ordering or booking system, feedback collection, conducting surveys, training, customer support automation, and more. 


  • Create your chatbot using its workflow builder or pre-build template. 
  • Each chatbot conversation goes live on the internet with a specific URL that you can use in your Ad campaigns. 
  • Check conversion data on your dashboard and download it in excel file format or send it to any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application. 


  • 14-day free trial 
  • Monthly plans: Professional - 149$ per month, Enterprise / Agency - Contact sales 
  • Annual plans: Professional - 1499$ per year, Enterprise / Agency - Contact sales 

Wrapping Up:

Chatbots are going to revolutionize the future of businesses of all kinds by its rich features. Customer satisfaction will be the key factor to grow any business and chatbots are going to be one of the biggest benefits to those who adopt them. So these are the 11 chatbot building platforms you can leverage to build your own chatbots to interact with your prospects and customers seamlessly. 

Soumya Roy is the Founder & CEO of PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy. He is a seasoned digital marketer with over 11 years of experience. Soumya also heads the digital marketing training at PromozSEO.

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