Follow These 7 Rules And Practices To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Follow These 7 Rules And Practices To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing channels, particularly if it’s done rightly.

Thanks to the high volume of emails filling inboxes throughout the world of the internet, it isn’t quite that easy to interest people in subscribing to your mailing list. There’s a fine line you have to be careful not to cross if you hope to be received as not being pushy.

Yet, you still need subscribers in order to be successful in your email marketing goals. That is the major hurdle you must navigate – enticing people to sign up so that you can continue to send them emails.

Here are a few tips on how to get around that obstacle and succeed with your email marketing campaign.

1. Don’t Forget To Make Is Shareable

You already know the power of direct marketing. That’s why you have been building a mailing list and using it as the building blocks of your email marketing campaign. But you probably also know that the targeting you are doing with the mailing list may miss some potential customers.

One easy way to capture more is to give those you are already in contact with the option to share your email with their friends. You can do this with a simple ‘forward to a friend’ link or by adding links in the email that will give subscribers a way to share your website on social media.

2. Offer Something Like A Free Bonus

Okay, in the world of marketing this is considered baiting but it is a good form of that activity if you do it in a certain way. So, in order to reach more people – by encouraging them to sign up for your emails – include a ‘thank you for subscribing’ gift.

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It doesn’t have to be extravagant but it has to be something of value related to your campaign. Examples include an eBook, an email course, access to a podcast, a tutorial video or something along those lines that excite people about becoming a subscriber. Plus, whatever you offer will explain more about your product.

3. Explain That There Are Some Benefits

The content in your sign up form is crucial. It has to have the right kind of information that gets the point across as to why someone would opt-in to your email campaign. This is where you can dazzle them by explaining not why they should join but the benefits they will receive from joining.

Tell them they will receive regular content containing valuable information, access to specials discounted prices and as a subscriber, they will receive offers that are only available through the subscription process. Your goal is to make opting in sound like a great deal.

4. Reach More Potential Subscribers On Your Website

Probably one of the easiest ways to reach potential subscribers to your email campaign is with your website. Think about this for a moment. If a user has poked around the pages of your website, they have already expressed an interest in your product or service.

With this pique in interest, you can invariably capture subscribers just by having a sign-up or opt-in form on your website. Be sure to explain that it is just for that reason and add some of the benefits – as explained above – in the section above the form to help convince the user to fill it out.

5. Don’t Forget The Potential Of Social Media

We’ve mentioned that being able to share your content or website by subscribers via social media helps increase your exposure. However, you can also do some of this yourself. By including sign-up options on all social media platforms you simply widen the net that can capture far more potential customers who become subscribers with a little bit of extra work. Remember that with social media you will be required to engage with customers by posting often and responding to questions but it will pay you back in many dividends.

6. Make Your Emails Do The Work For You

Not only is it important to make it easy on your users to subscribe to your email campaign, but the entire process has to be as simple on you. If the construction of email templates and regular content sounds like a lot of work, it is – to a point.

However, there are many online tools available that can cut the time spent on this task considerably. One such example is the use of an HTML email editor. By using such a program, you’ll be able to make edits on the fly and increase your productivity which will, in turn, become sales from your subscription list.

7. Turn Your Signature Into A Sales Tool

Don’t forget that your email signature can be doing a lot more for you than just containing your name, business name and basic contact information. This is, in reality, your last kick at the sale when someone reads to the bottom of your content. You can enhance it – and your conversions – by turning your email signature into an actionable piece of content.

By adding links, a call to action or reminder of some kind you are providing a gentle nudge to the reader. There’s no hard sell required and your subscriber feels no pressure whatsoever. That spells success.

Take It A Step At A Time

There really is a science behind a successful email marketing campaign. With all the proper elements in place, you just have to carefully work your way from start to finish. After you get a few of these campaigns under your belt, you’ll have templates you can use and alter with subsequent campaigns.

All you need is to capture some subscribers and you will be on your way. The tips outlined above are designed to give you the ammunition you need to reach that goal. Successful email marketing campaigns all work on the same principle – attracting interest from new subscribers. Once you get people opting in, the rest is fairly basic and straightforward.

Sawaram Suthar (Sam) is a Founding Director at Middleware. He has extensive experience in marketing, team building and operations. He is often seen working on various GTM practices and implementing the best ones to generate more demand. He has also founded a digital marketing blog - TheNextScoop.

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