Don’t Ignore the Tremendous Power of Chatbots [Chatbots in Marketing Strategy]

Don’t Ignore the Tremendous Power of Chatbots [Chatbots in Marketing Strategy]

In this article, I will reveal why chatbots are so important for marketing, and how can chatbots help in taking your marketing strategy to a next level.

Artificial intelligence is slowly starting to touch every single aspect of personal and professional life. Among various fields, marketing is one of the fields that is significantly impacted by Artificial intelligence(AI). Both small and huge corporations have started to use AI for enhancing their marketing activities.

The statistics show that the global market revenue currently generated by AI is well over $354 billion, and this number is expected to rise to whopping $3061 billion in 2024. This shows that inclusion of AI must not be ignored by marketers.

Many sides of digital marketing, such as content marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and others have been transformed with the help of AI. A Chatbot is a part of AI, and it has been playing a vital part in the overall marketing strategy of a company. You may have encountered with chatbots on several websites.

There were problems with dumb chatbots in the past, but it has improved quite a bit since then. Huge corporations, such as the Facebook, Apple Inc, and Google are now using chatbots for various purposes.

In this article, we will reveal why chatbots are so important for marketing, and how can chatbots help in taking your marketing strategy to a next level.

Revolutionizing the marketing strategy with chatbots:

Most of the people think that chatbot is a simple AI program that responds to the people who send a message to it. However, it’s way more than that. Chatbots in today’s world are very sophisticated. Do you think that the technology giants spent a huge amount of money just to make a program that responds to your queries in a programmed manner?

marketing strategy with chatbots

After reading this part of the article, you will realize how awesome chatbots can be and how chatbots can transform your business in various ways. Furthermore, I believe that you won’t be able to resist yourself from installing chatbots after knowing about its transformational power.

Here are some of the ways how installing chatbots can help in significantly enhancing your marketing strategy.

1. Customer service

This should be no surprise for most of you out there who are reading this article. Obviously, chatbots can assist in customer service, but have you understood how much impact it can make on customer service?


For instance, let’s take an example of a person who wants to know about a simple thing that would only take around 5-10 seconds for a customer service agent to answer. Won’t he feel frustrated if the phone line is busy or there is a long waiting list? There could be numerous people that could experience a similar case, which can greatly hamper the company’s business.

The younger generation of people is even more impatient regarding this matter. They are used to getting instant service, such as instant banking, instant shopping, and so on. This makes them switch to a new alternative if the customer service fails to satisfy them.

This is where chatbots can assist the company in making their customers happy. A customer just has to message to the chatbot, and it can answer that specific customer in an instant. Not only that, the interaction with customers can be made more proactive with the help chatbots.

The chatbots can help the customers to solve their little problems without the help of human beings. They can greet customers and inquire with customers if they are in need of something while the customers are waiting, which help in developing bonds with customers.

2. Consumer analysis

Most of you might be already aware of the points I had made above, but I believe only a very few among you might know about chatbots helping in consumer analysis. It could be strange to hear, but it’s possible with chatbots.

Chatbots can be used for analyzing consumer data, optimizing sales, and redesigning marketing strategy. The Forbes magazine has published an article that explains how chatbots can be programmed for tracking purchasing patterns and monitoring data.

This means that the companies do not need to hire as many analysts as they used to hire in the past. Furthermore, the analytical reports generated by a chatbot are likely to be far more accurate than the analytical report that is generated by a human being.

The analytical report generated by chatbots can also help influencers to conduct an influencer marketing campaign more effectively.

3. Maintaining presence in a messenger

A normal human being cannot work all the time. He/she needs time to take rest, relax, and to do other activities. However, it’s not a case with machines. They can continually provide service without interruption, 24/7.

Messenger Apps and Chatbots

The mobile messaging apps can help the businesses to maintain an online presence all the time to serve the customers. There was a case study done on messaging apps. According to Adweek’s Tomanchek, the usage of messaging apps has increased, and the installation and retention rate of the messaging apps have also increased in comparison to the past.

4. One-stop shopping potential

The shopping can be made much easier for your customers with the help of chatbots. A marketer can offer a keyboard or voice-activated chatbot system that allows the customers to shop instantly. The customers can ask a specific question, and they can get an instant reply to their queries with plenty of product recommendations with the help of chatbots.

One-stop shopping

Furthermore, the chatbot can provide additional product recommendations to the customers if they are not satisfied with the product recommendations that were previously provided by the chatbots.

By offering this service, you can significantly increase the chance of making a sale because the customers are more likely to purchase the product if they are provided with plenty of top-quality product recommendations.

5. Chatbots never stop improving

There is a pace at which a human being improves, and the pace depends on various factors, such as passion, willingness to learn, knowledge acquired, experience, and so on. Unlike human beings, chatbots have the power to improve very quickly, as it is powered by an artificial intelligence.

As artificial intelligence technology is exposed to new experiences, it will learn new things and improves itself. With an improved version of chatbots, it’s possible for us to get better analytical reports, interactions, and data via installed chatbots.

The report generated by the Grand View Research has predicted that the global market of chatbots could increase to $1.23 billion by 2025. It’s happening because the chatbot is consistently improving and technology giants consistently emphasize on improving chatbots.

6. Site feedback

It’s a hectic task for a human being to reach out to their subscribers and gather feedback. With the help of chatbots, this task can be easily carried out via simple questions, which immensely help in improving the website.

 Site feedback

Taking note of their feedbacks and following their suggestions may help in improving the low converting pages and enhancing site performance.

Imagine a situation in which a landing page gets very high number of visitors, but there is no conversion at all. Getting some valuable feedbacks can help the site owner to improve the lead page and increase the chance of conversion.

7. Personalized Ads

The creation of personalized ads is one of the most successful chatbot strategies. The process of creating personalized ads is not so difficult. The customer interacts with the chatbot, and chatbot gathers some crucial information from that specific customer.

Personalized Ads

After collecting the name and other crucial information from that customer, chatbot utilizes that information to generate personalized ads, which leads to a better sales conversion.

Here is an important point that must be in your head before totally relying on chatbots. Chatbots are a great asset to a company, especially for marketers. However, there are instances where the chatbots respond dumbly, which appears quite unreal. This can piss customers off.

And, these chatbots will not only lead to fewer sales, but it can also damage the overall reputation of the company.


Artificial intelligence is already impacting the world in many ways, despite the fact that AI is still in its starting phase. The marketers can get an edge over competitors with the help of AI in today’s world, and it’s very much likely that the knowledge of AI would be a basic requirement for marketers to perform their day to day activities.

The study shows that AI has already replaced 16% of American jobs. It’s not that AI will completely eradicate human jobs, but it can be said that AI can completely transform the nature of jobs that would be performed in the future. It’s better for modern humans to learn and get used to various things related to AI.

Now that you are aware of how chatbots can impact your marketing strategy, it’s recommended that you should waste no time in adding chatbots to your marketing strategies. However, it’s also recommended that you conduct some research on chatbots before installing chatbots.

Consult with professionals and develop a concrete marketing strategy that includes various aspects of AI.  Just install smart chatbots in your system and experience the transformation for yourself.

Stevan Mcgrath is a digital marketing professional who possess expertise in brand design and development. Stevan is passionate about utilizing his diverse skill sets for new and innovative online marketing strategies. He has worked as a freelancer and a contributor to Provenseo. Despite having a wide influential reach, he seeks client satisfaction as his topmost priority. He also writes blog posts on recent digital marketing trends. To know his work and more details you can follow him on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.

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