6 Best Webinar Formats to Increase Engagement and Audience

6 Best Webinar Formats to Increase Engagement and Audience

This guide will help you understand the best webinar formats for content marketing and why you should leverage webinars as a part of your content marketing.

Webinars are a great way to reach more target customers and engage them with your brand. Webinars can help you drive engagement for target customers across the different stages the buyer goes through in the sales funnel.

Having the right webinar format with the webinar software can easily help your brand marketing as more target customers get to know your business and engage with it.

They can also convert into customers and act as brand ambassadors to draw more leads to your business.
In this article, you will learn the best ways to run your webinar campaigns to market your business products or services and engage more target customers.

webinar drive every stage of sales funnel


Best content marketing webinar formats

Brands can use different webinar formats to reach their target customers, educate them and engage them in their business. 

Before you choose the webinar format for your campaigns, you must know your customers well. Understand their pain points and how to provide the best solution to them. This will help you use the right webinar formats in your marketing campaigns, engage more leads and increase their conversions to your business.

1. Live video podcast

Visuals are very effective at passing messages to target readers. To make your webinars effective, you can use the live video podcast format for your webinars to engage target readers to your webinars. 

The audience can see firsthand what you are doing and the solutions you provide for them. Videos will help convey your webinar message and drive more engagement to the business, where target readers learn more about your business products or services.

You can connect deeper with the target audience by engaging them with the webinar with live video. 

You can also provide them with the option of asking or answering questions within the webinar session. 

This allows for building more trust and clearing any doubts or questions they may have related to your webinar content or your business products or services.

2. Online event or conference

This is another best format you can use for your webinars. As you market your business products or services, you need to engage more target customers and generate more leads

You can draw more target audiences to your business through your webinars with an online conference. They get to see what you offer and the value you can provide to solve their pains
As more people are now interested in virtual events for business. Statista report shows the number of virtual events hosted per year by brands.

virtual events hosted by b2b across world


The good thing with the conference is that you can coordinate and bring people from diverse regions and areas to attend your webinars and increase your business awareness. 

They don’t have to be from one place since the help of the internet can coordinate people across the meeting.

It’s important to ensure that the event is about your target customers' key pain points. You can do a survey or research to know more about your target customer's challenges and deliver the best solution to them through the conference. Here is an example of such a webinar on Youtube.

online event on youtube

Source: Youtube

3. Expert interviews

In this webinar format, you invite business experts that target customers' trust and beliefs and then engage them through an interview. 

You ask them questions that bother your target customers and relate to your leads' challenges. 

You can leverage the industry experts, influencers, and business owners' skills and knowledge to attract more target customers and engage them with your business topics. They learn more about their pains through the experts in the webinars. 

This increases engagement and drives more action to the leads that can lead to conversions. 

They see the value of your business products or services and how they can use them to solve their challenges.

Since your target audience signed up to learn something from your business, giving them value from people, their trust in the market, and within their market niche can drive more engagement and activity that will drive more conversions and sales.

To motivate the target audience, you can let them know who the marketing expert is and the topics they will handle. More target customers will sign up for the webinar if the expert hosted in the webinar is influential and trustworthy.

4. Live tutorials

With this format, you get an expert who will guide and teach the audience directly as they listen to his tutorials. 

You can choose a topic that target customers love and want to know more about. You can also make your webinars about your business products or services and how they can use the business to solve their pains.

To keep the target audience engaged through the webinar session, it is essential to cover a topic that interests the listeners.  For example, here is one of the webinars AWeber did with an expert Andy Crestodina.

live tutorials webinar


You can run a survey or ask the audience the topics they want to be covered. Then pick and prepare the topic that a higher number of listeners want. 

To engage the audience until the end of the webinar, ensure you cover the topics in depth. You can also use videos and other visuals that will help engage target customers in the webinar. 
Wyzowl's research shows that 86% of brands use videos in marketing campaigns.

video as marketing tool


It shows that the target audience loves and engages with videos more, and using them more in webinars can drive more engagement with the target audience.

5. Masterclasses

You can get some market experts to speak directly as you received the webinar content on a camera for this format. 

This webinar format is best for content that teaches and educates your target customers about a particular topic.

It is essential to ensure you get someone completely conversant with the topics they are discussing and can handle audience questions.

You can also include videos and slides for your webinars to increase the engagement of target customers to your webinars.

The webinar attendants will ask questions at the end of the presentation. Getting an expert will ensure they can handle and confidently answer all the questions viewers ask about the content presentation.

6. Education and training

This format aims to give your target audience new information related to their niche market. Information can be about different aspects like:

  • Best resources to use to solve their pain points
  • Factors to consider when searching for the best products to solve their pains
  • How to effectively use services or products to solve their pains

It is important to know your target customers well and understand their pains. Remember, you aim not only to convey the information but also to engage them with your brand and convert them into customers.

Understanding your target customers well will give you an advantage as you will present education materials that they are directly searching for and want in their process to solve pains.
It is essential to offer training and materials that match your business's offer. Webinars are part of brand marketing, and offering materials related to your business draws the audience closer to your business to engage them more.

How can webinars boost content marketing?

Webinars allow digital marketers and business owners to engage and connect with target customers as they generate leads for their businesses

Brands can use webinars to boost their content marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and reach more target customers. Here are some ways brands use webinars to boost their content marketing efforts.

Generate leads on autopilot

Most target customers learn about a business and its offers as they engage and solve their challenges. 

With the help of the webinars, target customers can learn more about different offers a brand has and engage with it. 

They can even become leads, walk through the sales funnels, get nurturing, and later convert into customers. 

Successful webinars can help brands generate more leads and nurture them through the buyer stages to get their trust and convert them into customers since getting leads is the biggest challenge for brands.

webinar help generate more lead

Source: Hubspot

For instance, webinars that aim to teach target customers about what a business offers help draw more prospects to the business. 

When the prospects engage the business and see the value offered, they become leads and start to learn more on how to use the business to solve their problems, and they even end up converting to customers for the business.

Establish brand awareness and credibility

Webinars help grow your brand by showing the target customer your business's credibility. The target audience can learn more about your business products or services and how valuable they are in solving their pains through the webinars. 

Giving target customers content that directly helps them know more about your business value helps increase your business awareness and reach more target customers who learn more about your business.

Your target customers search for the right content and information to help them solve their pains or the right business products or services. 

When they come across great webinar content, they engage more with it. They even learn about the business to know about its products or services.

When they find the business is great, they can even refer other people to the business. This can increase the business's credibility and increase conversions to the business.

Immersive and interactive

Webinars can be the best option to immerse and interact with your target customers as you market your brand to them. 

Giving them the best information they need through the webinars can arouse their curiosity about your business and increase their engagement, leading to more conversions.

Webinars help increase the interaction and engagement of the target audience to a brand as they can see the value a business can deliver to them in solving their challenges.

It is essential to offer the webinar attendees opportunity to ask questions they may have related to your webinar content or your business products or services. 

That builds more confidence in your business and can increase their trust in you and your business. 

It can also motivate them to learn more about your brand and, in the process, convert them into customers to use your products or services.

Establish authority and trust

Even though target customers have pain points that need to be solved, they don’t just jump to conclusions about a business product or service and start using it immediately. 

They first engage with the business to know it deeply, its products or services, and the value it will bring them. This engagement helps the target customers build trust with the business.

On the other side, a business can use the power of webinars to establish their authority and build trust with the target audience as they market their business. 

When a brand offers webinars on topics that touch the customer pains and delivers the right information, target customers start trusting the brand. 

The webinars help bring the audience to the business where they get to learn about the business and the solutions it will offer them if they decide to use the business to solve their pains.

Increase sales

Webinars can help you generate more sales from your business products or services. You can host a webinar where you engage target leads and let them know more about your business products or services. 

You can also make them see how to use your business to solve their challenges. When target leads see how valuable your business is in helping them solve their pains, they will decide to use them. That can lead to more conversions and increased sales from your business.

You can get more target customers to see your market expertise and see firsthand how you can solve their challenges through the webinars. They may decide to try out your business and convert, thus increasing your business sales. 

When you create great webinar content and promote and host it at the right time, more target leads will attend your webinars, and with the right nurturing, you can increase your lead conversions and drive more sales for your business.

Education and training use

You offer webinars to the target audiences to educate them more about your business and how they can help solve their pains. 

Your audience can learn more things they didn’t understand about their pains through the webinars. 

They can get training and education on using business products to solve challenges and improve their business and life values. Adding videos can make the webinars more attractive and engaging. Wyzowl's research shows that 74% of videos created are explainer videos.

video purpose

Source: Wyzowl

Understanding your target customers well is essential to providing the right training through webinars. 

Providing the right education to the target customer can boost engagement with your brand, leading to more conversions. That’s why it is essential to have the right understanding of your target customers and their pains. 

This will help give them the kind of information and content they need to solve their challenges and, in the process, build more trust with your business.


You can use different webinar formats to drive more target customers to your business and engage them as you walk them through the sales funnel. These formats work differently and drive results for your webinars in different ways.

As you keep marketing your business, you can try the above different formats for your webinar, reach more target customers and engage them with your business. 

Also, ensure that the webinar content is engaging and valuable to the target audience. Irrespective of the format, your webinar will not be great if the content and topic are not awesome.

It is also essential to heavily promote your webinars to ensure more people sign up for them and increase the chance to drive more engagements and conversions.

With 10+ years of eCommerce & marketing experience, Bhujal is passionate about helping businesses get more revenue and profit through customized strategies. Bhujal lives in Toronto, ON, and writes about online business ideas and scaling your eCom business.

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