15 Best Webinar Software of 2024 (Comparison)

15 Best Webinar Software of 2024 (Comparison)

Choosing the right webinar software to drive business growth and generate more leads for the organization is imperative. You also need supportive webinar software to ensure whether to launch new products or introduce your audience to your working style. Here I've reviewed and compared the 15 most viable and renowned webinar software for you.

Our ranks Our top pick Best for Free trial period Pricing
ZoomOnline meetings, webinars and workshopsUnlimited$14.99/month
LivestormOnline employee onboarding, online meetings and virtual eventsUnlimited$88/month
On24Product demos, webinars and customer training30 daysN/A
WebexWorkshops, online meetings and company communicationsUnlimited$14.5/month
WebinarninjaLive broadcasts, online coaching and teaching14 days$29/month

Webinars have been a proven marketing strategy for a long time. The pandemic resulted in several businesses across the globe conducting even more webinars, imparting staff training, and having video conferencing sessions over the Internet.

The sudden increase in these sessions provided flexibility to organizations. This promoted the use of an indispensable webinar software that offered visitors a high-quality experience. 

77% of businesses use webinars for customer support, lead generation efforts, product explainers, lead nurturing, and so much more.

Webinar tools and software comprise important elements and essential characteristics as webinar marketing has exploded in popularity over the past five years. It's no wonder choosing the right webinar software has become a fundamental decision for so many businesses.

How to choose the best webinar software/tools?

To decide which type of webinar software to use, it's essential to understand the following:

  1. Determine the Objective and Purpose
  2. Set a budget - without a budget, you risk spending more than you can afford or paying for features you don't need.
  3. Identify Required features - Think about which are most important to you and which ones you don't need.
  4. Identify the audience size.
  5. Analyze important features like chats, private messages, polls, asking questions via email, etc.
  6. The number of speakers and the potential suppliers.
  7. Make sure your webinar tools have the following features:
  • Free webinar software trial
  • Quality
  • Easy access
  • Session recording
  • Collaboration functionality
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Analytics
  • Support for technical problems
  • Safety
  • Third-party integrations

Choosing the best webinar software

Choosing the best webinar software isn't easy, as participants do not evaluate the tool provider; they assess only you. However, reviewing the highlighted features should reassure you that you've done everything to provide the best experience for your attendees.

15 best webinar software platforms you must try in 2024

Here is a comparison of the 15 Best webinar software that can help you in your business:

#1 Zoom

Known for its freemium package.

#2 Livestorm

On-demand & automated webinars.

#3 On24

Recommended for large companies.

#4 WebEx

Provides high level of customization.

#5 WebinarNinja

Best platform for high-end trainers.

#6 WebinarJam

Offers CTA pop-ups to audience.

#7 ClickMeeting

Well-integrated platform with easy UI.

#8 Workcast

Best platform for marketers.

#9 Zoho Meeting

Perfect for basic remote support.

#10 GoToWebinar

Garners more leads and grows your business.


1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most renowned webinar software worldwide across different time zones. This webinar software is intuitive, fully cloud-based, and has an easy-to-use interface that makes things easier for users.

Key features

  • HD video and audio, as well as a screen-sharing function.
  • Back up each meeting to the cloud.
  • Enables translated captions for meetings
  • Enables private and public chats, allowing your viewers to communicate seamlessly during the event.
  • Efficient host control and virtual whiteboards.
  • There are no one-time costs, and registration is free.


  • Simultaneous screen sharing for multiple participants.
  • Zoom works on all devices and offers free desktop and application sharing.
  • It allows you to split a meeting into smaller groups for greater flexibility.
  • Records the entire event, including questions asked by attendees via chat.
  • Zoom also has a massive market for app integrations, allowing businesses to leverage the webinar platform even more.


  • Navigating the interface is a bit confusing.
  • Zoom hardware doesn't work so well.
  • "Zoombombing," where uninvited attendees can disrupt a webinar.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom offers a freemium package. The free webinar software plan offers 40 minutes of the webinar and allows up to 100 participants. The basic paid plan offers all features plus 5GB of cloud recording, costing $14.99 monthly.

The Business plan, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, costs $19.99 monthly. The Enterprise plan, best suited for larger companies, costs $19.99 monthly.

Product updates

Zoom regularly offers new versions to release new features and fix bugs. We recommend upgrading to the latest version for the best video and audio experience.

Some of the latest updates include an innovative desktop client that looks more trending and contemporary and is incorporated in a single window. Also, the home tab on zoom has all information about your meetings.

As soon as you subscribe to zoom phone, you get access to the new phone tab - an innovative cloud solution for this software.

2. Livestorm

Livestorm is a great webinar tool for hosting live, on-demand, or automated webinars. Their on-demand and automated webinars are best suited for online courses, employee onboarding, and podcast video interviews.

One area that stands out is email logistics. It also takes your data security seriously and is 100% GDPR compliant.

Key features

  • Provides access to highly customizable webinar topics with a simple setup process.
  • Provides an interactive customer experience and is ideal for product demos and 1:1 meetings.
  • Offers a high level of automation with webinar sequences.
  • Offers comprehensive, multilingual customer support.
  • Provides detailed attendance analysis, unlimited recording storage, repeat analysis, source tracking, and attendance reporting.
  • Show CTAs in the webinar to get viewers to action.


  • The video quality during the webinar is excellent.
  • Ease of use is compared to using PowerPoint.
  • Intuitive landing pages
  • Great tool when handling interviews & testing candidates


  • Virtual background detection is not that impressive.
  • Incompatibility with Powerpoint presentations.
  • The system does not 'remember' the logo and cover image, which must be read for every webinar you run.


Livestorm offers three rate plans:

  • Livestorm Starter: The first plan is freemium and includes essential features such as unlimited on-demand webinars, meetings, etc.
  • Livestorm Pro: The "Webinar Premium" plan costs $88/month, Billed annually; $110/month, Billed monthly.
  • Business & Enterprise: The " Business & Enterprise" plans also exist. Here you will receive an individual offer according to your needs.

Product updates

Partner integration with Gusto (payroll solution) means that when a new employee joins your company at Gusto, Livestorm will automatically create a new account! In addition, Marketo is a native integration on Livestorm to help you with your marketing automation and lead management.

3. On24

ON24 is one of the highly recommended webinar options for large companies. In addition, the company recently became one of the oldest venture-backed IPOs of the year.

ON24 makes creating, scaling, and personalizing engaging webinars, virtual events, and media content experiences easy. The difference between this and other software is that it focuses on webinars and large-scale user conferences.

In addition, they offer the ability to create live webinars; the best thing is that you can tailor these experiences to your business.

Key features

  • Complete analysis of audience activity.
  • Easy to use to convert live recordings to on-demand content.
  • Presenters can present slideshows during the meeting within the web conferencing platform.
  • Interactivity tools, including polls and gamification.
  • USPs are Product Satisfaction, Host Tools, Tools for participants, Post-event tools, and Software integrations.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent live chat for support
  • Quickly create a professional-looking webinar.
  • Real-time statistical reports on hosted online conferences.


  • Multisession events can be confusing.
  • Expensive
  • Too locked into template-based events, particularly Elite. Not enough customization.
  • The backend and configuration process is a bit confusing and complicated.


ON24 does not list prices on its website. They ask you to request a quote first. Price changes seem to depend on your needs. According to some online reviews, they charge $1,600 to $10,000 per event.

Product updates

The August 2021 On24 release brings some exciting changes to the ON24 platform, like ON24 Breakouts in ON24 Virtual Conference, Hybrid Engagement, and live webinars in the ON24 Engagement Hub.

4. WebEx

A product of Cisco, WebEx meets the expectations of such a reputable parent company. It offers features such as a host room and HD video and audio services accessible from multiple devices. In addition, it allows its users a high level of customization, allowing the hosting environment to be tailored to business needs.

Key features

  • Cloud-based platform.
  • You can receive up to 40,000 attendees. (In Webex events & Webcasting)
  • Remove background noise during Webex meetings or webinars
  • Question and answer sessions, polls, and integrated polls to facilitate audience engagement.
  • Offers a mobile app and solid customer service.
  • Excellent HD video and audio quality.


  • Screen sharing, live chat, Q&A, etc.
  • Has one of the best mobile apps and is one of the best webinar tools for team collaboration.
  • Offers extensive support for large accounts.
  • Cost-effective
  • WebEx devices include meeting room hardware tools to improve the quality and collaboration of your video meetings (at a premium, of course).


  • Preferable for team collaboration and not for mainstream webinars.
  • Confusion regarding multiple ways of connection


  • The basic plan costs $14.5/month for up to 200 participants billed monthly.
  • The basic plan costs $12/month ($144/year) for up to 200 participants billed annually. The price increases as you move to a higher plan.

Product updates

Update 42.8 includes important announcements for Cisco WebEx Meetings Suite that:

  • Improves the reach of webinar templates.
  • The streaming and recording layout changes during the meeting and follows the stage layout.
  • Introduces interactive sessions in meetings and extended webinars to support local video devices.
  • Post-webinar and poll after the meeting and supports GCC and GCC High environments.

5. WebinarNinja

This is one of the best webinar platforms for high-end trainers if you want to train your clients individually or in groups. With easy-to-use tools, you can quickly deliver a quality coaching experience to your clients.

WebinarNinja is a powerful all-in-one solution that helps you create a webinar in less than a minute. With WebinarNinja, you can create four different types of webinars:

  • Live Broadcasts with a live host for audience interaction.
  • Automated: Recorded webinars that run at specified times or on demand.
  • Series: A group of multiple webinars.
  • Hybrid: A combination of live and recorded video.

Key features

  • Lightning-fast live chat with instant screen sharing.
  • Conduct multiple surveys before, during, and after the webinar.
  • Email automation and drip campaigns.
  • All webinars are automatically recorded and stored for replay purposes.
  • Landing pages for high-converting custom registration.
  • Integrations with over 1,000 apps.


  • Setting up a webinar is easy.
  • Customer support is very efficient.
  • Connecting to marketing platforms and payment apps is a breeze.
  • It makes it easy to configure a suitable webinar for your needs.


  • Limited integration with other tools that can be used in business.
  • The video quality is poor and appears grainy.


WebinarNinja comes with a 14-day free webinar software trial to test its functionality. It also offers four paid plans:

  • The basic plan costs $29/month and is suitable for users who only need 50 webinar viewers.
  • Next, their most popular Pro plan costs $99/month and adds another 100 participants.
  • They also have a Plus plan at $199/month, also for 100 participants, but with more advanced features.webinarninja

Product updates

  • New Media Library helps you stay up to date on your media files.
  • Additional presenters have been added to all floors.

6. WebinarJam

WebinarJam ranks 6th on this list. If you have little or no technical knowledge of creating a webinar, then WebinarJam - an easy-to-use platform- is the way to go.

You can stream directly to a YouTube page and have a secure, password-protected meeting with your target audience online. It also offers clear advantages, like offering pop-ups to your audience during the webinar session so they can purchase your product or service directly from the webinar.webinar jam homepage

Key features

  • Automatic recording, along with excellent customer support.
  • Built-in answering machine.
  • Delivers smooth and polished slideshow presentations.
  • Can easily manage multiple companions.
  • Compatibility with different browsers and operating systems.
  • Extremely user-friendly, with user-friendly dashboards and interfaces.
  • Quick installation process; It takes about 60 seconds to get up and walk.


  • The attractive design and user interface make it a great product.
  • There are many features you can use to increase customer retention during webinars.
  • Excellent playback system for videos and presentations.


  • Customer support does not answer user questions sometimes.
  • Setting up was a frustrating and time-consuming process.
  • Compatibility issues with different devices make it unusable for some attendees.
  • There are no breakout rooms to divide your participants into small groups.


  • Starter plan: $39/month (billed annually). Up to 100 attendees
  • Basic plan: $79/month (billed annually). Up to 500 attendees
  • Professional plan: $229/month (billed annually). Up to 2000 attendees
  • Enterprise Plan: $379/month (billed annually). Up to 5000 attendees

Product updates

The software is regularly updated, and the users are emailed about recent changes. Their website also hosts all the latest updates to the existing software.

7. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is one of the most popular webinar platforms on this list, with an impressive and easy-to-use interface. ClickMeeting makes it easier for you to contact your customers for training, product sales and marketing, and other aspects.

Overall, it's an intuitive and well-integrated platform that offers automated webinar features and custom invitations.

Key features

  • Offers chat and Q&A session options, engaging sessions, and polls for feedback.
  • It can be connected to Facebook and YouTube to increase engagement.
  • You can record all audio and video from live sessions, which can be stored in clouds and easily downloaded.
  • Custom waiting rooms and reminders are available.


  • Gradual adjustment and offers on-demand and automated webinars.
  • A complete switch to WebRTC+HTML5 (instead of Flash.)
  • Audio Video and the ability to duplicate events.
  • Rebrand feature for waiting room, webinar room, email notifications, etc.
  • Translation of chat messages.


  • You cannot schedule recurring meetings
  • New updates are notified through the app instead of email
  • No breakout sessions.


ClickMeeting pricing starts at $25 per month (billed annually) for 25 attendees or $35 (billed annually) per month for up to 50 viewers. There is also a custom pricing option that best suits enterprise customers. ClickMeeting also offers a 30-day free webinar software trial to test its features.

Product updates

ClickMeeting recently introduced many new features and improvements to improve your webinar experience.

They have a Handy Guide to the Latest updates available, covering the major updates and expert tips on using them in your webinars and meetings.

You can go through this guide and learn about all the recent upgrades and updates to the webinar tool.

8. Workcast

As a self-described webinar platform made for marketers. WorkCast is easy to use and has many useful features. Whether you're hosting live or on-demand webinars, creating evergreen content, or combining all three, WorkCast has you covered with integrations with all popular CRMs so you can automatically track and follow your contacts.workcast dashboard webinar tool

Key features

Key features of Work cast include video broadcasting and customizable branding.

  • The webinar tool offers powerful reporting, analytics, templates, and multisession events support.
  • You can easily add videos to your webinar through seamless event layout templates for a dynamic experience.
  • Powerful engagement features for attendees and moderators.
  • Integrations with big brands and event data into your CRM.
  • Provides a hub to showcase your past, present, and future webinars.


  • It includes a set of email templates that you can use to promote your webinar and include them in your post-follow-up email funnel.
  • You can integrate it into your CRM. You can collect your attendee data and include it in future marketing campaigns.
  • Uses built-in webinars, eliminating the need for customers to download the software.
  • Presenter "pods" may use hints to explain that they can be moved.


  • Questions/surveys can be improved.


A free webinar software 14-day trial of WorkCast is available, after which two standard pricing plans are offered based on the number of participants. Customized Enterprise plans for a wider audience are available upon request.

Product updates

They provide regular functionality, usability, and performance updates to improve the platform. Recently in July, they launched two product updates:

July 22, 2022

  • Updated search cards on the Event List page
  • Channels have now been renamed as Webinar Libraries with the menu option removed. The webinar libraries are displayed on the main page of the event list.

July 8, 2022

  • Event List page: Record numbers listed in events in a specific date range now show the total number of records instead of the number recorded in the selected date range.

9. Zoho Meeting

Zoho meeting is ideal for a variety of webinar and video conferencing formats. It is well-equipped with industry-standard security that helps you manage your webinar data with peace of mind and, at the same time, host a webinar the way you want. Zoho is easy for small and large businesses and perfect for basic remote support, app-based demos, and webinars.

Key features

  • Ability to access and launch features directly from the browser without downloading.
  • High-quality audio, video, and screen-sharing recording options.
  • Sync meetings with popular calendar apps, so attendees don't miss don't hold webinars.
  • Customizable registration forms allow you to create the perfect form for your business.
  • One can overcome poor internet & join sessions by dialing through the phone.


  • We like that it runs directly in your browser without you having to download anything – this way, participants can join the session with a single click.
  • Exceptional video conferencing features such as screen sharing, moderator control, and live chat.
  • Scalable for meetings with up to 250 participants and simultaneous display of up to 50 live video streams.
  • Audio, video, polls, and recordings enhance presentations, promotions, and webinars
  • The "Raise" your hand" function attracts the presentation and emojis to express reactions during a meeting.
  • Scalable webinars with YouTube live streaming for up to 3,000 participants.


  • Reports could be more detailed.
  • Functions are simple and basic.


Zoho Meeting pricing is affordable, which starts at $19 per month for up to 25 participants and goes up to 1,000 participants for only $200 per month!

zoho webinar tool pricing

Whether you pay $16 per month or $200 per month, you get access to 100% premium features. Zoho offers a 14-day free webinar software credit card trial and a completely free webinar software plan with limited features and attendees.

Product updates

You can now create a department in your Zoho Meeting account. You can also open and share PDFs directly during a webinar without sharing the whole screen. You can engage your attendees by showing only the right document on the screen.

10. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar helps you organize your webinar, and you can concentrate on garnering more leads and growing your business. You have to choose the date you want to host your webinar, which will cover the rest.

GoToWebinar gives you several features to enhance your webinar experience, like flexible scheduling, access to several built-in webinar templates, etc., that provide the ultimate professional environment.go to webinar home page

Key features

  • Pre-recorded events
  • Solid analysis
  • HD video quality
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Integrations with GoToMeeting
  • Seamless integration with high-end tools
  • Source tracking to know which channel led to the most webinar registrations.


  • Up to 5,000 members in the room on the Enterprise plan
  • Video sharing function
  • Reliable video and audio quality
  • Breakout rooms to divide your audience
  • It offers useful statistics that assist in data analysis.


  • It's excessive – the cheapest basic version costs up to $900/per year.
  • With the basic version, you can only accommodate 100 webinar participants.
  • The software is outdated.
  • Customer service is not very helpful.
  • Attendees and presenters have to download confusing software to use the platform.
  • The recorded file is stored on the presenter and must be manually uploaded to the cloud.


Here are the pricing packages offered by GoToWebinar.

  • $49 per month (billed annually) for 250 participants
  • $99 per month (billed annually) for 500 participants
  • $199 per month (billed annually) for 1,000 participants

Product updates

Product updates of GoToWebinar will help you host engaging webinars easier than ever and are meant for marketing, training, or internal communications. These updates include:

  • New webinar hub for private sharing or public discovery.
  • Knowing your audience with improved Q&A reporting.
  • Boosting videos
  • Simplifying your workflows with improved APIs.
  • Customized registration disclaimer to support your GDPR compliance.

11. BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a video conferencing tool with four different products to organize events for large global audiences, such as live streams, interactive events, and town halls.

This can accommodate up to 50,000 participants and offers unique content experiences such as Q&As, immersive videos, and live polls. BlueJeans Events provides an interactive, live and open forum where ideas can be exchanged, and a wide audience can share information.

bluejeans homepage

Key features

  • Host global events with 50,000 attendees and 150 presenters.
  • Event cloud recording.
  • Easy moderator controls to manage the event.
  • Analysis reports after the event.
  • A/V equipment recommendations and specifications.
  • Premium 24/7 support.
  • Presenters, moderators, or admins can see a confidential list of attendees that is not visible to all attendees.

How bluejeans work


  • The moderator dashboard is the best in class.
  • 100% browser-based with no app download.
  • Backstage 'green room' for speakers and moderators, 'waiting room' lobby for participants.
  • Setting up and scheduling events takes less than a minute.
  • Automated subtitles


  • The price is higher but includes a wider selection of built-in functions.
  • A challenge sometimes faced is slow performance, particularly when hosting larger meetings with multiple attendees and multiple screen shares.


BlueJeans Events starts at $41.67 per month/billed annually and offers up to 100 attendees

For 200 attendees, $50 per month/billed annually

For 500 attendees, $57.50 per month/billed annually

pricing of webinar tool bluejeans

Product updates

June 2022 update product release notes were mainly on desktop application, record subtitles, and virtual background.

Further, the software enhances its product line by introducing support for lobby notification, VTC presentation rights for screen sharing, Call quality score, and advanced analytics support.

12. Crowdcast

There is one feature that Crowdcast has that other webinar platforms don't have: the ability to broaden across multiple webinar platforms simultaneously.

There is built-in support for streaming to any service that supports RTMP, Facebook Live, and YouTube. This is ideal if you have followers on all of those webinar platforms - you can meet everyone where they are instead of trying to take them to another service.

crowdcast dashboard

Key features

  • Crowdcast functionality includes API, Access Control / Authorizations, Warnings / Notifications, and Audience analysis.
  • Public involvement, a customizable brand, and templates help businesses.
  • Involvement of the public and a customizable brand, along with templates, help businesses.
  • Its best features are electronic hand raise, event management, event planning, live chat, live streaming production, mobile access, multiple hosts, multiple cameras, and multiple streaming.


  • Webcast on-demand, along with Polls / Voting, is its USP.
  • It also has video conferencing, Video management, and Video Generation Tools.
  • Very intuitive with efficient community support.
  • It is an easy-to-use platform; if more sophistication is required, it can also take customizations to the next level.


  • Live streaming a video stream becomes difficult.
  • Difficult check-in procedure.
  • Many have faced difficulty onboarding users.


Crowdcast is offered in four pricing plans listed below:

  • A 14-day free webinar software trial
  • Lite Plan: $49 / month (billed monthly) or $34 / month (billed annually) - 100 attendees
  • Pro Plan: $89 / month (billed monthly) or $62 / month (billed annually) - 250 attendees
  • Business Plan: $195 / month (billed monthly) or $136 / month (billed annually) - 1000 attendeesPricing of Webinar tool Crowdcast

13. BigMarker

The first platform to offer an end-to-end webinar marketing solution is BigMarker. It is the most customizable platform for webinars and virtual and hybrid events.

Key Features

  • It allows unlimited presenters and up to 50,000 attendees.
  • Its built-in automation offers to manage small & manual tasks like managing the waiting room and starting & end the webinar
  • It efficiently carries out email marketing & email automation hence eradicating all the hassle


  • Over 15 different landing page types
  • Engagement features include lead forms, polls, offers, and Q&A
  • Integrates with CRM and marketing software


  • Lacks pricing transparency
  • Video may stall on a slow connection


BigMarker does not list prices on its website. They ask you to request a quote first. Price changes seem to depend on your needs. According to some online reviews, pricing is as follows:

14. Demio

If you're interested in Generating & Qualifying Leads/Customers, Activating Users & Boosting Trial Conversions, or Educating Customers & Minimizing Churn, Demio is your ideal platform.

Key Features

  • All-in-one tool offering both live and on-demand webinars
  • Can update the registration page with your branding
  • Build a custom thank-you page; create polls, handouts, or calls-to-actions
  • Set automated email notifications 24 hours, one hour, and 15-minutes before the webinar starts


  • 14-day free trial available
  • Integrates with many common marketing tools
  • Comprising interactive capabilities such as live chat, document sharing, and CTA pop-ups, the features of engagement are included.


  • As the number of attendees increases, the price escalates rapidly.


  • Starter plan with one host and 50 attendees: $59/month | $499/year
  • Growth plan with five hosts & 150 attendees: $109/month | $899/year
  • Growth plan with five hosts & 500 attendees: $259/month | $2,199/year
  • Growth plan with five hosts & 1,000 attendees: $399/month | $3,399/year
  • Premium plan: custom pricing

15. Adobe Connect

Key Features

  • The user-friendly interface and various collaboration tools make it easy for users to join meetings and actively participate in the conversation.
  • Adobe Connect can be accessed via mobile devices.
  • Multiple collaboration tools.
  • It has efficient host control and virtual whiteboards.


  • The pods in Connect are distinctly segregated on the screen, enabling webinar participants to view each component easily.
  • Better end-to-end experiences for smoother video and audio.
  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • Custom layouts can be created ahead of time and seamlessly be changed from one to another during a session.
  • The breakout rooms have endless use cases
  • It drives your brand visibility at virtual events just as well as at physical events


  • Adobe's licensing scheme is complicated to work with and not friendly.
  • High product cost may hinder small and medium-sized businesses.



In order to compile a list of the top webinar software options for 2024, we considered various criteria, such as features, cost, customer service, ease of use, and online feedback. We also considered the specific requirements of different types of businesses, such as those with global teams or audiences, those seeking to monitor the source of their attendees, and those utilizing webinars for marketing purposes. As a result, we have identified the best webinar software choices available in 2024.


 Although most webinar software providers offer essential features in their basic package, some may require an upgrade or offer them as optional add-ons. We deemed certain features, such as screen-sharing capabilities, attendee limitations, live and on-demand webinar options, third-party software integrations, and compatibility with PowerPoint files, indispensable when evaluating webinar software options.


To evaluate the pricing of webinar software, we initially examined the base cost of each provider's services and compared them to the maximum price of all available plans. We favored options that were either more affordable or offered more functional capabilities at higher pricing levels. Additionally, we considered the availability of free trials or free software versions.

Third-party reviews

To gain insight into each provider's reputation, we analyzed feedback from actual users of various webinar software options. This feedback was sourced from third-party review sites such as Capterra and G2. This helps with the decision-making for the readers and is easy to gauge the user sentiments for the product.


Partner integrations are a very convenient and basic feature across all platforms. Some common integrations are Google Calendar, Slack, Hubspot and many other Google & Microsoft Workspace apps. We have mentioned whether all these platforms support any of these integrations and which kinds.

What is a webinar?

Webinars are online video seminars to market products, educate customers, and even train employees. Webinars can be held live or pre-recorded and automated.

Why use webinars?

Webinar marketing helps to promote brands online today. People love to hear from a founder or product expert as they illustrate their product or service, give a demonstration, and answer questions. Depending on what you're selling, that could be a lot of revenue for your business. You can use webinars for:

  • Presentation of new products and services
  • Sell B2B products
  • Attract blog audience
  • Create employee onboarding
  • Maintain existing customers
  • Acquisition of leads

What is webinar software?

Webinar software is a tool that can help organizations host presentations, events, seminars, meetings, etc, to a large audience. The downloadable software is helpful for live events that need to be streamed.

Almost every webinar software has an exclusive dashboard that helps users manage new webinars, edit registration pages, and create automated emails. The dashboard also contains information about webinars, such as the number of attendees per webinar.

There are two main types of webinar software - Browser-based and Downloadable software.

How does webinar software help businesses?

The main advantages of webinar software are:

  • Simplified webinar management.
  • Webinar software is inexpensive.
  • Ensures high audio and video quality and helps to expand your audience.
  • Provides collaboration features that increase participant engagement.
  • Webinar software improves lead generation. According to statistics, 73% of marketers and leaders suggest that webinars have the power to generate high-quality leads. 
  • Enable analytics and many other additional features.
  • Webinar platforms allow guest speakers and help build domain expertise.


The right webinar software can be an indispensable tool for your business. It can handle marketing product launches, engage with your community, and help you achieve your goals. Here, we've ranked the 15 best webinar software and their characteristics so you can choose the best one.

As many as 95% of organizations believe webinars can help them achieve their business goals. Although webinars don't guarantee high conversion, giving a great experience to your audience and using the best software is a bonus for your business.

Note : We’re reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission; for details, please check the terms and disclaimer.