6 Tips To Boost Brand Awareness Through Social Media Marketing

6 Tips To Boost Brand Awareness Through Social Media Marketing

Creating a buzz around your brand might take a bit of experimenting, but having a dedicated social media marketing strategy helps you to maintain a good customer relationship. Wondering does an effective brand awareness strategy look like, anyway? Learn here..

If you are genuinely interested in growing your business and remaining competitive, then you already know that brand awareness is crucial to that matter. It’s not rocket science, and it goes like this: the more that people are aware of your brand, the more of your product or service you are going to sell. 

As it helps broader audiences recall, understand, and become comfortable with your branding and products, brand awareness is massive for the better part of businesses worldwide. And as far as it goes to increasing brand awareness, social media is the undisputed king of online marketing.

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So, why is social media marketing such an irreplaceable part of online marketing? The answer to that is pretty short and straightforward - because your targeted audience is already there on an everyday basis. 

According to a report by Statista, the US has one of the most exceptional social network penetration rates globally, with over 70% of the population holding a social media account. Just owning a business Facebook fan page and a Twitter account will not get the job done anymore. 

Nowadays, you will need a deep understanding of how digital marketing channels work and a thorough social media strategy to launch a successful social media marketing campaign that will single out your brand in a sea full of brands.

You can do this in-house with your marketing team, or you can always consult some of the top social marketing agencies to help you come up with an in-depth plan on how to boost your brand awareness. 

Consequently, how do you get the attention of the millions of potential clients wandering around social media platforms? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of profound methods that will undoubtedly help you to increase your brand awareness through social media.

1. Choose The Right Social Media Platform(s) For Your Business 

Before we start explaining practical methods and strategies for increasing brand awareness through specific campaigns, it's essential to pick the right social media platforms for your enterprise. 

As there are numerous social media platforms, the big challenge is to identify the right platform(s) to achieve your business goals.

Spend some time to analyze each platform's strengths and weaknesses, consider the demographics of its active user base, and be picky in choosing the right ones that you can build your brand with. Together with your team of highly-skilled marketers, decide which ones could help you the most in building an active community of loyal customers. 

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The most famous social media platforms to start with include: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. As social media marketing platforms and trends evolve dramatically, there is always something new in the digital world. 

So, as we enter the second half of 2020, you can also consider using the up and rising platforms such as TikTok and Vero, if they suit your needs, of course. The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to locate your clients and potential clients and their preferable platform, so you can entirely focus on the places where they spend most of their time.

Once you've figured out on which platform(s) you are going to build your brand's image, it's time to focus on profound strategies that you're going to implement on your social media accounts. 

2. Strive To Deliver High-Quality Content And Engage With Your Audience

Always strive not to routinely share or repost the same content and message between platforms. It’s essential to produce content particularly for the type of social media that you are using. 

For instance, Instagram is all-in about the quality visuals and short clever captions accompanied by latest fashion emojis; Twitter is a platform for brief posts limited to a specific number of characters; while Facebook, in most cases, sees better engagement with lengthier posts with photos or videos. 

Regardless of which platform you use, visuals tend always to make a positive impact on nearly any type of post. Facebook posts accompanied by images have a 2.3x higher engagement rate than posts without images.

The most common types of content that marketers use are images, videos, blogs, and live video. Always take this into account when determining how to stand out from the competition and connect with your online audience. 

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3. Connect With Influencers (And Learn From Them) 

For the sake of raising brand awareness, connect with specific influencers with a similar audience to yours, and who complement your offerings well. Partnerships with influencers can vary in their structure, as they can include sharing content, giveaway offerings, or developing an affiliate fee structure. 

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Connect with influencers who make sense with your brand to see their work and learn from their postings. Follow their discussions and observe the engagement levels to determine what type of content works the best with their audience. 

4. Run Instagram And Facebook Ads 

By way of running brand-awareness social media ads, you can reach new audiences who perhaps are more interested in your competitor’s brand and even target specific audiences based on preferences and behaviors.

Instagram and Facebook are known as social media platforms on which you can commence brand-awareness campaigns that will boost your reach and recall. 

An experienced marketer will know how to target audiences by categories such as age, gender, interests, location, and even device. You can also create “lookalike” audiences of people who have things in common to your competitor’s existing audience, so you can get in touch with those who are most likely to convert brands. 

5. Post Stuff On Regular Basis 

An inconsistent social media posting schedule can eliminate your branding efforts. If your business is not active regularly on social media, your online audience will quickly forget about you and your brand. In the absence and lack of posts, your followers might even think that you’ve completely forgotten about them, and this is something you’d gladly avoid.  

If your marketing team can’t post regularly, you can always try using scheduling tools. Publish your posts at peak times when your followers are most active. 

6. Give Your Brand A Persona 

The personality of the brand is a vital part of every social media marketing strategy. Because of that, develop your brand voice. Have a clear vision of what your brand should sound like, and after determining your target audience, develop a brand persona that will echo with them. 

If you are working with multiple audiences, try to establish a more compromising brand voice that can speak to various types of potential clients. If you are trying to target different kinds of clientele, consider using different social media channels to achieve your goals.

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Final Thoughts 

Nobody said that building a brand trusted by millions is an easy task. It will take a lot of sleepless nights, it will take a great marketing team coming up with and executing a brilliant social media marketing plan with the help of SMM panel, but it will help your business thrive. 

By amplifying your brand via social media, you will boost your sales and grow your loyal customer base. We dare you to come up with a masterful social media marketing plan, execute it to perfection, and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  

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