How To Effectively Promote Your Webinar For More leads

How To Effectively Promote Your Webinar For More leads

Plan an excellent webinar to get your word out there and get people to show up to see all the great things you have to say. Learn some of the ways to promote your webinar.

When you have a big-ticket service or a digital product like Software as a Service (SaaS), webinar software is one of the best tools you can have in your content marketing toolkit. Some say webinars are dead, but that is far from the truth. 

Especially now that people are forced to stay inside, a webinar is a fantastic way to reach people and get them into your sales funnel. 

If people still think they’re dead, it’s usually because they don’t know how to market it. In this article, I will go over several ways that you can promote an engaging webinar to build your list. 

1. It starts with an optimized landing page 

You will have to drive people to your landing page at some point, and we’ll get to that in a minute. The first thing to do is to ensure that you have a landing page primed for conversions. The more targeted people you can send to your webinar, the more money you will make. 

The obvious point you’ll need to make is to clearly show the date and time of the webinar, plus how to sign up. 

But, it goes beyond that. Besides the “what,” “where,” and “when” of the webinar, you also need to provide the “why.” This means that it has to be very clear what the person signing up will get during the webinar. 

Who will be speaking is important, and what their credentials are. Also of great importance is how this webinar is going to help them. Your product or service solves a problem they are having, and you are letting them know that they will find out how to solve it by the time the webinar is done. This must be on the landing page but as briefly as possible. 

2. Use video marketing

Video is incredibly engaging; people will stop what they are doing when they are hooked on a great one. They should be short, so you don’t lose their attention but packed with information. 

You should make it a teaser video so they feel they need to learn more after watching it. This is how you will increase the sign-ups on your landing page by sending them over warm. 

Start a Youtube channel and promote your videos with a clear call to action to sign up for the webinar early on. Edit some of those videos to work as ads on Facebook or Instagram and send those viewers over to the landing page, too. 

Paying for ads can be tricky, and lots of money can be wasted if you’re not careful. When done right, however, paying for ads on Google or on social media can be money well spent as they send lots of leads to the webinar. 

Generally, these ads are targeted to the right person who needs to see them at the right time. And those who know how to run these ads have it down to a science. They can wring out a lot of return from a minimal investment. 

If you don’t have much experience running ads, then it will take a lot of testing to zero in on exactly which type of ad is going to work best. Remember that all the social media platforms have a wealth of data about their users. And you can use this data to your advantage to find the winning strategy to drive targeted traffic to your webinar. 

4. Have a lead magnet 

Everybody loves free stuff, so you have to give them a reason to sign up in the form of a free digital download. What it is should depend on what you are promoting. 

Whatever it is, though, it needs to provide value. Your webinar is something that people should feel that they learned something from and gotten some benefit and the lead magnet adds to that. 

If you are running ads, then this is the most logical offer. You can base your ad campaign around a giveaway of this lead magnet to entice people to give to come to the landing page.

At the same time, you don’t want people to just sign up for the freebie and then not attend the webinar. You can combat this by doing one of two things. Make it clear that the code for the freebie comes at the end of the webinar, so they have to stay around for it, or you bundle other giveaways to those that stick around. 

If they get the freebie and see its value for themselves, this will build trust that the webinar will also be helpful, and they will want to participate. 

5. Influencer marketing 

Regardless of your webinar topic, somebody in that niche is surely an influencer with a large and devoted following. Seek them out, and you will surely find one. 

When you do, reach out to them and ask them if they would like to collaborate in exchange for something. You can offer them a percentage of the signup fees or even a one-time payment. Then, they can help you promote the webinar to their fans. 

Their followers trust them, so they will likely sign up on the influencer's recommendation. These people you want to be a part of your webinar with because they can end up converting and buying your product or service if they see its value. 


There are so many ways to get the right people to your offer that it should be obvious now that webinars are not dead. With the right approach, they can be extremely effective. It can be hugely profitable to acquire the participants for such a low cost, and you may want to run them frequently.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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