Whether you’re internet marketer, business owner or content writer, finding a right and perfect trending content is quite complex task. Everyday thousands of content published on the internet. So it is very hard to search most influence content or blog manually. In this case, we would need a kind of software or platform that can help to find content. As we know BuzzSumo is one of kind but it is paid, you can’t run beyond 15 days without paying.

So if you’re running out ideas about how to brainstorm blog topics, where to find blog content etc. then you must check these 7 content search tools that are not only perfect alternative to buzzsumo but also free to access.

1. EpicBeat Epictions

EpicBeat is the best platform to find latest trends, contents and influencers that matters. You can search and discover channels best suited for your content based on format, sentiment, day of week and keywords. The most important feature is graphical representation of dataepicbeat epicition - an alternative to buzzsumoEpictions has a launch offer running till the 5th April, 2016 that lets you get a whole year of EpicBeat Plus for less than two months of Buzzsumo.

2. SocialAnimal

Social Animal is a state-of-the-art content research product. Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning techniques, Social Animal peers into what makes good content tick. It doesn’t stop there, though. Social Animal’s core use cases are:


Content Research – See article keywords, compare top performing articles, analyze article titles, and get article shares across networks

Content Insights – Optimal title length to use, optimal content length, optimal day to publish, and 6-month content performance history

Influencer Research– Find real influencers, twitter users and authors, see articles shared by influencer

Be Inspired (InspireMe)– See secondary keywords used in articles for any given keyword, see real-world topics that connect to any keyword, uncover unforeseen connections/topics, and get almost unlimited ideas for a given keyword

Daily Digest Email for your chosen keywords with – Top trending content, competitor mentions, and potential Influencers

3. Topsy (this has been discontinued)

Topsy is a social search and analytics company that maintain comprehensive index of tweets, links and article. Topsy offer Social Media Analytics that allow you to search by time & place, set alerts, and analyze sentiment for every tweet ever made. Through this we can search, analyze and draw insights from conversations and trends on the public social websites including Twitter and Google+. You just need to put your interest of topic or keywords and they will show everything at single place. It is free to use.
topsy - an alternative to buzzsumo

4. Alltop

Alltop is nothing but it keeps all the top headlines from popular topics around the web. Here your search criteria will be changed because they have already categorized your interest of domain. For e.g. if you want to search topic/blog related to “web design” then you can directly go to web-design.alltop.com and check listed headline. Alltop is quality sites and they verify each blog before listing so there would be less chance for bad content ideas.  It is again free to use.
alltop - an alternative to buzzsumo

5. Renoun.io  (discountinued)

Renoun.io offer best platform to search blog and brainstorm ideas. It is very easy to use, you just need to type your interest topic or keywords and they will provide with a rush of relevant articles from thousands of blogs handpicked by the cloud computing community. More important, it is free available.


Apart from showing blog, they have had given option to suggest a site/ blog to add in their database. Through this, they can improve the search results and make them more relevant to you.

6. Twitter  Search

Twitter is one of the best tools available. I personally recommend you to use twitter to find/brainstorm topic ideas, trending articles etc. Anyone can find popular people, hashtags and photos for any topic you can imagine. Twitter also have advanced Search feature that allow us to find the latest news and world events faster.
twitter - an alternative to buzzsumo

7. Blekko

“Blekko is a company that provides a web search engine with the stated goal of providing better search results than those offered by Google Search, with results gathered from a set of 3 billion trusted web pages and excluding such sites as content farms”

Blekko is the awesome platform to search/brainstorm trending article on any domain. E.g. if you want to search trending topic for “web design” then you can just need to fill web design in search and they fetch best available result. It is again free to use.
blekko - an alternative to buzzsumo

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. It shows images, infographics, typography, storytelling etc. You can search your keen topic in search option and they will show you all best trending blogs/content for you. If you like any of content than we can repin it so it would be saved in your Pinterest board. You can check later on whenever you require.
pinterest - an alternative to buzzsumo

Bonus Tool. Social Mention

Social Mention is a social media search engine that not only searches user-generated content blogs,  but also it search comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and many more.. To search blog content, you need to select blog option and then enter your keyword or search term. They will search best available article, latest article from the internet for you.
social mention - an alternative to buzzsumo


If you come across any new, please let me know via comment


  1. Hi, nice article. I just wanted to clarify that there is a free version of BuzzSumo which gives you unlimited searches and the top 20 results for the most shared content for topic searches. Exports, alerts, reports etc., are in the Pro plan but you can use BuzzSumo searches as much as you want for free. Also we would love any ideas and feedback on how we can improve. Best. Steve

    • Glad to see you Steve! Indeed, Buzzsumo is great tool for content search but we can’t see more than 9 result in free version. Can you provide us link of free version if anything there. If you can do, it would be definitely helpful for us.

      Thank you again for heading up on article.

  2. Hi, thanks. Sorry the free version provides the top ten results for topic searches, not 20 but you can do unlimited searches for content and influencers. There is also a 14 day free trial which gives you full access to all results, no credit card required. Thanks again for the post.

    • Hi Steve, thank you again for heading up!
      I didn’t see any option regarding unlimited searches for content and influencers. We would be happy if you can tell us how to search unlimited content and influencers without paid.

  3. Sawaram – thank for the mention!

    The idea.iamondemand.com tool is still young but as you mentioned we found that people have some idea of where there communities are and which blogs they want to track.. so adding new speicific site is an option. We starting from social to find an artcile but we start frmo the publisher > article > to find ideas based on the trending topics in each of the sites we track. That helps us and our customers to find great ideas for new articles.

    Basically people who wants ot learn more canb go into this article and see how our ideation works –

    and as you mentioned it is Free and we have no plans to change that 😉

    Another tool I’d recommend is a chrome extenstion that helps people who use google docs for writing their blogs to export them easily to wordpres including all formats and pictures.
    THANKS for the mention!

  4. I’m still learning from you, as I’m improving myself. I certainly enjoy reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the tips coming. I liked it!

  5. Hey Sawaram,
    All the tools are very useful. You should also check rightrelevance.com, where we are mining ~200M twitter users & extracting ~3M experts to build an Influencer graph, partitioning it into ~40K deep interest areas & scoring/ranking the experts. Its a useful platform for Information search & discovery. You can discover Influencer, content & conversation in deep interest areas! Feedback Appreciated.

  6. Thanks Sawaram. Found an alternative to buzzsumo as free version was giving only limited searches.

    If you could write about link building and tools. It would be nice.

  7. A nice selection tools/services you have listed here.

    Another tool you might find interesting is Womplify which is an automation platform for marketing.

  8. Hi Sawaram, You have listed some cool tools here. Out of above mentioned I like Topsy. However, my favorite that is an alternative to Buzzsumo recently is Impactana. It’s quite a new tool but still the alpha version provides some impressive features

  9. Sawaram – as you know we uplifted ideation to become renoun.io

    simpler and the most intuitive UI, better data engine and great presentation.

    As we promised it is FREE and open to all.

  10. Sawaram – nice list.. I am another sad topsy user. Ideation is very useful.. allthough they called renoun.io – I like their presentation.

  11. How do you access the free version of BuzzSumo? I can see people are saying there is a free version, although it’s restricting, but when I go to BuzzSumo website I can’t actually find any free version, only free trial. I’d love some help. Thank you.

  12. Thanks Sawaram! I found Epicbeat and Social mention really helpful. BuzzSumo’s free version has been really restricted though. By the way rightrelevance.com made a lot of sense too.
    If these free tools are here, i don’t see why bloggers should worry a whole lot about the restrictions with BuzzSumo.

  13. Thanks Sawaram. I found EpicBeats and social mentions really helpful. rightrelevance.com makes a lot of sense too. If these free tools are available, then i can assure you bloggers won’t have a lot to worry about BuzzSumo.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  14. As Topsy no longer exists i would recommend great tool for internet monitoring and analyzes called BRAND24. It works great with every social media channel, also Twitter and basically gives instant access to all mentions from all over the Internet.
    Worth to try 🙂

  15. This is such a great resource that you are providing and sharing for free, but Renoun seems dead… Currently looking at other alternatives.

  16. Thanks! I don’t need to use these tools enough to make it worth buying BuzzSumo, but I definitely use them enough that I needed some solid alternatives.

  17. Hey, Every one knows that twitter, Pinterest are alternative just use Reddit, delicious. there you can get more for your SEO practice!

  18. Hey Sawaram,

    Consider adding Social Animal to the list — https://socialanimal.io

    Social Animal is a state-of-the-art content research product. Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning techniques, Social Animal peers into what makes good content tick. It doesn’t stop there, though. Social Animal’s core use cases are:

    Content Research
    – See article keywords
    – Compare top performing articles
    – Analyze article titles
    – Get article shares across networks

    Content Insights
    – Optimal title length to use
    – Optimal content length
    – Optimal day to publish
    – 6-month content performance history

    Influencer Research
    – Find real influencers
    – Twitter users and authors
    – See articles shared by influencer

    Be Inspired (InspireMe)
    – See secondary keywords used in articles for any given keyword
    – See real-world topics that connect to any keyword
    – Uncover unforeseen connections/topics
    – Get almost unlimited ideas for a given keyword

    Daily Digest Email for your chosen keywords with
    – Top trending content
    – Competitor mentions
    – Potential Influencers

  19. Thank you for Providing the list, but if there is free tool similar to buzzsumo then please also suggest in the comment


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