What Is Brand Mention And How Is It Important To Inbound Marketing Or SEO?

What Is Brand Mention And How Is It Important To Inbound Marketing Or SEO?

Have you ever about the term “Brand Mention?” Here’s an infographic that talks about its importance to inbound marketing or SEO.

Brand mention is the latest buzz in the digital marketing, which is not only important to SEO but is redefining the ways in which Google measures the brand authority.

But the question is what brand mention is?

Well, brand mention is an instance when a brand or an enterprise is mentioned in online in the form of social media posts, website blogs, articles, or another piece of content. These brand mentions are usually published in the context of reviews, complaints, feedbacks of happy customers, and posts which educate your audience.

It constitutes a large segment of the social media monitoring and Searches Engine Optimization. Do you really know what your customers are thinking and saying about your brand in real time? When it comes to your brand, you will definitely want to know the things about which other people are talking, no matter if it’s good or bad.

Brand Mention and Its Importance in Inbound Marketing

The internet has tremendously altered the course of communication and this has greatly affected the marketing strategies of a brand. There are numerous reasons as to why Google is giving more and more important to brand mention. Let’s have a look at some of the factors which make Brand mention really important for inbound marketing.

1. It Creates Brand Awareness and Visibility 

An effective mention elevates the recognition that your business gets. If your brand is highly consistent and is easily recognizable, more and more people will feel confident in availing for solutions and services.

People give more preference to familiarity and if you have a reputation as a quality service provider, it will result in an increase in the business, as they will be selecting the products and services provided by you over the other sellers.

If you are running a business that is serving out real audience there are huge chances that someone is talking about your brand somewhere in the world and all such discussions representing numerous opportunities?

2. It Gives Your Brand a Personality 

Moving onto the next importance of brand mention, let’s understand it gives your brand a new personality.

Monitoring brand mention enables you to get a deep insight into the way your audience interacts with your products and services. This will, in turn, enable you to mold your marketing campaigns and highlight the verticals in which you lag behind and the kind of improvement that can be done to rectify it.

Since the brand mentions such as customer reviews are unbiased, they can guide you in improving your marketing strategies, customer service, product development and much more. The consistent delivery of customer reviews enables you to continuously monitor the improvement that your brand is showing in terms of development and marketing.

3. It Fortifies Your Brand’s Reputation 

One of the most important benefits of brand mention is that it bolsters the online reputation of your brand. While reputation management plays a vital role in both online and offline mediums, you can easily track your brand mentioning online. Coming across a positive mention will enable you to engage in a conversation with your fans and will ensure that you build a strong relationship with your customers.

All the positive interactions that you have with your customers will successfully create a huge customer base that will be loyal to you. Being a brand you should take full advantage of all the opportunities that you get for building healthy relations with your customers.

On the other hand, when it comes to the negative statements regarding your business, always remember that the customers will be more vocal when dissatisfied. This tends to be true when to online business as well. If someone somewhere is talking negative about your brand, then you should know about it.

If you think that brand mentions eliminate the requirement of link building, then you are heading into the wrong path. On the contrary, link building will never come to an end as it is one of the vital components of marketing.

Moreover, monitoring the brand mentions will enable you to create more link building opportunities for your brand. If you are talking about link prospects which look most promising, they are nothing but your brand references or business references.

You need to know the fact that people who are discussing your brand or its product and services have more chances of linking to your brand. If you come across a brand mention of your brand, you just need to reach out to the owner of the website and ask them to link your website to theirs. In case a website mentions anything about your brand, then they should not have any issue in linking with your brand.

This serves as an opportunity for your brand as the customers of that website who were unfamiliar with your business will get to know about your brand and will connect with you. You can even be creative while link-building as there exists a number of opportunities for the brand mentions.

5. Various Tools to Measure Brand Mention

There are a plethora of tools, which efficiently search these online mentions without any hassles. Some of the most popular ones are enlisted below:


It is one of the recent tools to make it in this list by replacing Google Alerts. It enables you to visualize your online presence and allows you to keep tabs on a large number of users in real time. The tool is available in 42 languages and thus can be easily used by a large section of the people all of the world.

Google Alerts 

Google Alerts is the most traditional tools for measuring the online presence of a brand. However, what defeats its purpose is the fact that it only sends notification if your news posts, blogs, or articles make it to the top 10 searches list. In the other case, it will not send you any notification and you will not receive any email from Google.

Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker is yet another addition that provides you with brand mentions from time to time. In addition to this, it also cites the sources where these mentions have been made. The tool enables you to get an insight on the overall performance of your brand mention, sentiment analysis, demographic data as well as the level of engagement.


Keyhole is not just another social media monitoring tool. Apart from tracking brand mentions, it offers some amazing features like monitoring hashtags & keywords, uncovering sentiments around your posts and brand in general, analyzing the performance of your competitors, and setting benchmarks to evaluate your current standing. The tool is quite intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners.  


This effective tool enables you to find important discussions and even join them in the real time. You can also market your brand, services, and solutions all across the globe for reaching to a new audience and give rise to word-of-mouth marketing.

Final Word

Being the ultimate service provider, Google will always strive to serve its users with the best resources and information that they seek and want to use. Whilst many brands try to manipulate the algorithm and try to work around the system that defines the ranking, brand mention defeats the purpose of this felony.

With the natural process of brand mention, that is a result of the efforts of the people and brand which trusts your business, its importance has been finally acknowledged and has been placed on the ranking pedestal.

Sawaram Suthar (Sam) is a Founding Director at Middleware. He has extensive experience in marketing, team building and operations. He often seeing working on various GTM practices and implement best one to generate more demand. He is also founded a digital marketing blog - TheNextScoop.

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