How and Why Businesses Use Facebook Stories to Their Advantage

How and Why Businesses Use Facebook Stories to Their Advantage

Facebook Stories are all about a visual content in video or slideshow format. Adding the right elements to your story, from location-specific tags to unique images, boosts customer engagement.

Nothing beats social media marketing to elevate your business to new heights. After all, it would seem like everyone is using it these days. Facebook is among the top platforms, and it is no surprise that so many companies are putting their resources here.

The bigger your presence on Facebook, the better off you will be. However, the recently introduced Stories feature appears to have caught the eye of a lot of individuals. Is it really that valuable if you are interested in the business side of things? Well, it would appear so.

1. The perfect position

You should have noticed that Facebook stories appear at the app's top. It is the first thing that everyone sees when they log in. It grabs the attention before a user starts to scroll down. 

2. Popularity

Facebook is not the only social media website with increased story popularity. Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, you name it. Stories have become the perfect method of expressing yourself to your friends and followers.

3. Establishing Connection

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A business will be in good shape as long as it has customers. To ensure that, you need to connect with your audience. 

An average person on the internet is pretty cynical, especially about corporations. However, if you can show off the unseen side of your company, the average person becomes more gullible.

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Reveal what is happening behind the scenes, ask a staff member to say hello, and so on. The more this side of your business gets revealed, the better your reputation becomes.

4. How to Use Stories to Your Advantage

Video and storytelling are two crucial modes of communication, and Facebook stories have them both. A formula for creating a single bite-sized content is clear. But how can it work for you?

5. Short-lived Creatures

Facebook stories are compelling because they last for just 24 hours. It means that an audience can miss out on many things if they do not pay attention to your stories. And what better way to ensure their loyalty than by providing exclusive content?

Share exclusive information, organize competitions and giveaways, and show them never-seen-before footage of your company’s stories. 

6. Unique


Image source: Unsplash.com

If you have an Instagram page, do not post the same story on both platforms. Every separate page should have different takes.

Instagram posts are more frequent, unlike Facebook. Your audience has certain expectations, and you should not be shattering them. 

Finally, some people will be following you on both Instagram and Facebook. Stories that repeat themselves is a one-way ticket to losing followers.

7. Emphasize the Brand

Stories have a lot of great features, such as filters and effects. Adding them is simple – tap the “Effects” icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Brand image can be enhanced by including relevant filters, themes, colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc.

8. Customer Experience

As long as your client gets to experience something great and remembers it, you will be in a perfect situation. Why not exploit that by using Facebook stories?

For example, if there is an event coming up, you could create a series of slideshows or short video announcements leading to the event. It will keep everyone engaged and show how good of a sport you are.

9. More Than Promotion

The audience will not be happy for too long if all you do is post content related to sales. There are plenty of other types of stories that can keep your followers engaged.

Try out by posting videos celebrating certain milestones and upcoming preview products. Share tips with those who are also interested in starting something themselves. Add a selfie with your colleagues every now and then. 

10. Track and Learn


Image source: Unsplash.com

Facebook stories are still extremely underutilized, and keeping track of their performance is an important part of a successful business. Use Insights and collect information about your audience.

Also, keep an eye out for new features released every now and then. There is bound to be some in the near future, especially given how popular this part of the platform has become.

To sum things up, more than 500 million people use Facebook stories actively. The number itself is a perfect indicator of why everyone should entertain the idea of investing more in their Facebook story marketing campaign. And if you look at everything else mentioned here, it should no longer be a question of why everyone is so eager to get started.

Author: Justas Markus

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