Should I Write For Others Or My Own Blog? A Dilemma

/ October 25, 2017 | 8 Mins Read

Should I Write For Others Or My Own Blog? A Dilemma

Have you ever thought whether you should write for your own blog or others? This is a major dilemma faced by writers. In this blog, I try to answer this question by sharing my experience with you. Do not dare to miss this blog!

When I got started with my writing career I noticed something very peculiar. Since I began writing as a freelancer, it was easy for me to write and finish off quickly based on the title of the article given to me by the client. But whenever I decided to write for my own blog post, I couldn’t really focus and often was running out of ideas so as what to write. Though I wrote many articles on my blog, I used to spend a lot of time in deciding the topic of writing itself.

Sometimes, it almost took me the same time to decide the topic of writing that I used to take to simply finish off writing the whole article while working for a client. This really taught me a lesson that it is easier to focus when you know about your targets. Once you know your targets it becomes easier to somehow tackle all the hurdles on the path of reaching out to your goals or targets.

When I worked as a freelancer I knew my target point. I simply had to write based on the title and number of words given, and even if I didn’t have my own ideas to write, based on the title given, still I could do a Google search to find all the necessary information needed. I could also get the money from the client within just a day or two once the article was done. So, I also knew my ‘targeted amount’ or goal.

work for blog

By contrast, I had to put extra efforts to find my target point first, whenever I decided to write for my own blog. First of all, I couldn’t understand what audience to write for as I could see the established blogs already dominating in Google search for most of the niches I was interested in.

Somehow once I decided that, I couldn’t understand how to get the ideas to write something different every time for the same audience in my particular niche. Also, my mind was full of doubts and it didn’t know its destination point. I knew it will not make me any immediate money by just writing for my own blog. The blog had to have a lot of free traffic from Google organic to generate revenue by any of the several ways such as by placing ads, affiliate programs etc.

There were several questions that used to arouse in my mind whenever my inner self prompted me to write for my own blog.


Isn’t that a lot of articles already exist in Google search based on the title I chose to write?

Will it work to publish such a similar article on my blog?

Are my blog posts good enough for other publishers to link to them?

Will I be able to generate traffic from Google search if I couldn’t get links to my blog?


Even if I pay to the editors to get the links will it be right and will it ultimately pay off?

How much time may it take for the blog to actually generate a decent amount of money for a living?

And there were several such questions and thoughts in the mind. These questions didn’t let me decide my destination point and so it was hard for me to focus while writing for my own blog.

I am sure the same questions upset the mind of many other bloggers and writers while trying to make money from their own blog, as nobody wants to work for others as a freelancer. Our mind is captivated when we see the proof of high income being generated by the established blogs. I was also fascinated by that.

But, after a lot of battle in the mind, I finally decided not to write for my own blog and now when I am always writing for others, still, I don’t regret it because now I am able to make much more money from writing than I used to make at the initial stages of my writing career.

Here are three things I can advice based on my experience of 7 years of continuous writing that why choosing to write as a freelancer will not be a bad idea at all - though making money from your own blog will not be impossible as well - if you have the required credentials.

1. Don’t think there is less money in writing for others:

No doubt, I hardly made any money during the first 6 months of my writing career as I was not a good writer at all. Several times I had to close my accounts, at the freelancer sites where I used to write, due to the bad or average ratings given by the clients. Also, when sometimes the clients were not happy, I used to lose money from my own pocket to get the article rewritten by some other professional writer but I never used to tell the client that I got the article rewritten from someone else. I used to do this to preserve my good ratings and satisfy the client.

less money in writing for others

But by doing that I used to learn a lot as I could then know where I committed mistakes by comparing my article with the one being rewritten by the hired writer. And that was actually my real secret to learning from my own mistakes and achieving the expertise to write more better and high-quality articles in the future, and because of that; now I am able to earn $50- $150 per article from some of my established clients while I started only with $3 per article on a freelancer site. As you can see here highly talented and well-experienced writers are getting paid between $50-$500 per article and this list is only limited.

Though I am getting paid good from my established clients but still, many a time, my articles do get rejected when I try to convince new clients. There are people (clients) with distinct minds and the only thing you need to do is to get yourself connected with the clients who have the same mind like you (twin minds) and that is surely going to work to make money from a writing career. You need to look for a client who would be like your soulmate and then only things will work out for a long term business relationship along with a good pay amount. It will be hard, and may take years, to find your soulmate client but ultimately your destiny will take you to him/her if you keep working hard in searching new clients.

2. Forget that it’s easier to make money by writing for your own blog:

I have noticed many top brands and several publishers have hired an SEO specialist, who writes for them just to publish the written content on other high-quality websites in order to acquire links for them. And they have been doing this for past many years. Their main goal is to add more new posts on their blog section and then ask their SEO expert to create links for those news posts by publishing content on other high-quality websites.

make money by writing for your own blog

This is actually how they grow their search engine traffic and generate revenue by selling their products or services online or through ads. If these publishers and top brands stop doing content marketing for links or PPC campaigns then they may lag behind in the competition as there are 2 million blog posts written every day.

Now when you will create a new blog to make money from it, it will be extremely hard to compete with the established brands and publishers who have been growing for past many years. If you will create 5 links to your blog, other publishers and brands will already be 15 links ahead of you.

I don’t want to discourage you by saying that but it will be extremely hard to compete unless you have high marketing budgets to advertise your blog through PPC campaigns or simultaneously working with many link builders to move faster than the competitors to grow your blog links. That is the major reason I started writing as a freelancer instead of writing for my own blog.

But of course, still, it will be much easier to make money from your own blog than writing for others if you can sustain yourself without any immediate income for at least 1-2 years till your blog is new.

This is because you always have the option to accept guest posts on your blog to grow it free of cost. But quality guest posts will not come to you unless your blog acquires good domain authority, page authority and alexa rank. However, if you are an experienced blogger achieving these things for your blog should not be difficult (see no.3 point below to do that).

Once you achieve that, then it’s all easy money and it will also grow at a fast pace through the collective efforts (by growing content will the help of contributors) which will not be possible through writing for others as an individual. I have seen my client’s hr blog growing that way and so I don’t have any doubt about it. As an SEO, I have been working for this hr blog for so many years now and have been tracking it’s increasing traffic from search engines and so convinced about its true growth. The point no.3 below is actually the way to go.

3. Working as a freelance writer first is actually the path to attain success from your own blog:

Success through writing blogs is largely dependent on the quality of information you provide to your audience and how well you write. If you already have hands-on experience, as a freelance writer, then it will be much easier to succeed when you will write for your own blog. Also, as a good writer, you can be easily featured on high authority websites like,, and many other media websites.

path to attain success

Once your articles are accepted by these websites they will also allow you to link your personal blog or company website from your profile at these websites. Few such links from high authority websites will be good enough to get you going with your blog by generating the most demanded free organic traffic from Google and generate a good income from it in the near future.

The secret formula to attain success is to keep writing more and more articles. If you will write 5-10 articles in a single niche, it will surely give you enough knowledge to write at least one article, in that particular niche, of the caliber to be accepted by high authority sites like, etc.

That is what I have learned from my experience.  It doesn’t really matter if your articles are getting rejected as in the process you learn a lot to grow your knowledge which will ultimately help you to write more better articles in the future. And that is really the way to establish yourself as an authoritative writer.

Author Bio:

Rajesh Bihani is a freelance writer, SEO specialist, web designer and programmer, and content marketing manager and adviser for people hr blog.

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