How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Image and Gallery Images

/ July 17, 2020 | 7 Mins Read

How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Image and Gallery Images

Images are one of the most important parts of any online store. WooCommerce will bring your store's static image display to life.

Owning a website, you need to maintain a lot of data pertaining to the store. Sometimes you need to update, modify the product information like the title, the price, images, and much more. If you own a small store with a few products, you might find it easy to work on. 

What if you own a bigger store with a multitude of products, as well as lots of product variations? 

Luckily WooCommerce has few options to edit the product's details.

WooCommerce has in-built features for bulk editing, which is also quite handy when you have fewer changes.


You can apply some basic filters here in the WooCommerce Products tab and then go for Bulk edit. Here you can choose product categories, types, and stock status, etc. to filter the products that need to be edited.

This works for simple, variable and downloadable products. Then you can easily sort the products with respect to their stock status such as, in stock, out of stock as well as on backorder and then make the changes.


By default, you can edit certain fields in the products using the WooCommerce bulk edit option. 

What if you want to edit the other fields like images for a large number of products? 

When it comes to images, you have to go to individual products and then edit the image. When you have numerous products, then it is going to take so much time of yours. This is when you have to consider using a plugin to automate the process.

Here we make use of the ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes, to easily bulk edit images for products on your WooCommerce store.

How To Bulk Edit Images Using ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes

Now let us take a look at how to bulk edit the images using this plugin on your WooCommerce store.

Once you install the plugin on your store, Go to WooCommerce -> Bulk Edit Products.

1. Filter the products to apply bulk edit

 In the first tab, you can choose the products to be filtered.


Here you can filter the products based on certain factors like title, tags, type, categories, regular price, short description, description, attributes like color, size, etc. You can choose the same, from the options on the basis of which you want to select the product from the group of products.

If you are using attributes as the filter criteria, then you can use the AND, OR conditions to group the product efficiently.


You can also choose the ones to exempt while performing bulk edit using the Exclusions feature.


You can exclude certain products, by specifying their product IDs or selecting a specific category itself including the subcategories.

2. Next, preview and select the products to be edited

Once the filtering options are set, you can choose the products from the list to be edited. The preview will display the filtered products and the details of the same. If you have got the list correctly you can proceed, else you can even go back and include the product or even exclude by deleting the product from the list.


The page will display the products with title, properties, the stock details, the price, and the published date apart from the checkbox to select and deselect the product.

3. Bulk edit the image 

In the next tab, you get the option of what needs to be edited. By default, you can edit various product properties like Title, SKU, Product Visibility, Featured Product, Shipping Class, Tax Status. Tax Class etc.. You can also make changes to the variations, like interchange attribute values. 

Also, you can choose what category actions you want to perform, like add, remove, overwrite, or none.


You can also choose to delete the products permanently here or move it to the trash. 

Now here, when you want to bulk edit the images, you have two options :

Bulk edit product image and bulk edit gallery image.

Bulk edit Product Image: When you are rebranding or any major updates happened on the products, then you can modify the product image on the store using this. Here you need to first upload the image in WordPress >> Media. 


Then Add New image .


You can either drop your files or choose from the device. Upon uploading you get a link for the image.


Then, in the plugin settings, you need to paste the link in the product image.


Once done, this image will be uploaded to the product images for the chosen products. 

Bulk edit product gallery image

Here you can Add, Remove, or Replace product images in the gallery of the filtered products. 

In a similar manner, you can upload the image to the media and then copy the link and paste it here. If you want to update multiple images, use the links comma separated.


Once the required settings are done you can proceed.

4. Schedule the bulk edit of images

The next thing to be done is to schedule the update. This comes handy when you want to update the items, only on a particular date or even only for a date range. You can easily schedule the bulk edit as a job to occur multiple times.


Here you can also use the option to revert the changes at a specified date and time. If you want to trigger the bulk edit execution only for a specific period of time, you can schedule it accordingly by setting the exact time range.

You can also enter a name for identifying the job later for ease and then create a log file that will contain information related to all the product fields that are updated. This can be used as a reference for a later time.

Once done click the Finish button.


Upon clicking the Finish button, you also get the option to undo the action, if you do not want to proceed with the bulk edit. Else you can proceed with the update.

Once done, you can see the updates on the shop page.


The jobs performed can be viewed in the jobs tab.


In this tab, you can perform editing or copying the job, reverting back the last update of the respective task, performing a quick bulk update, delete or cancel the task, or even download the log file. So here you can perform some quick operations on the jobs from this tab itself.

Once you have scheduled the changes, if you change your mind or want to add some more products, then you can undo the changes from the first screen, where you can see “Undo Last Update”.


Now let us see, what are the other features the bulk edit plugin poses , which are handy when you have to bulk edit the products on your store.

Using the plugin it is easy to edit various fields associated with the WooCommerce products. Here are some of the features that make the plugin worth using.

  • It helps to edit various product related data like product title,product categories, descriptions,price, sale price , tax, images,attributes like color , size etc.
  • You can easily apply bulk edit on simple, variable and external products.
  • Also provides filter options using custom meta data apart from the general properties.
  • Prompts before the bulk edit is applied and also lets you undo the bulk edit which reduces the risk of mistakes while updating.
  • You can perform various operations like overwrite,delete or even edit the same data with the new data.
  • Efficient pattern matching option to make filtering of products easier.

To Wrap up 

Hence using the plugin, you can simply automate the process of bulk editing the product images and the gallery images in your WooCommerce store.

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