Top List of Best Website Audit & SEO Tools That Every Marketer Should Use [Updated]

/ August 20, 2014 | 10 Mins Read

Top List of Best Website Audit & SEO Tools That Every Marketer Should Use [Updated]

Here are some trusted as well as best website and seo tools that can work for any digital marketing agency to makes their seo efforts easier.

In this fast-paced digital world, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on business owners and marketers. This makes it imperative to regularly audit your website for discrepancies and optimize it to enhance your search ranking by using SEO tools.

However, due to frequent changes in the search algorithm and new SEO strategies emerging suddenly, it has become important to keep updating your SEO strategies. It can be a difficult proposition. However, there’s nothing to worry about as there are lots of technical SEO audit tools that can assist you in saving your time and money. 

Here are some of the top free website audit and SEO tools that your digital marketing agency should consider while auditing your website. For your convenience, I have divided these tools into different categories so that every marketer can easily comprehend their functionalities.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

i). Pre-business analysis Tools

A. Website Audit Tools:


Woorank is one of the best website review and SEO tools. The amazing thing about this tool is it enables you to run a free review. You can also create an Advanced Review to track and optimize your site. In case you are looking for a website audit tool, this tool is perfect for you.

Salient Features

  • Content Management
  • Auditing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Management
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Link Management
  • Mobile Search Tracking

2. SE Ranking

The SE Ranking Website Audit has a special feature of scanning your website, including domains, sub-domains and even pages blocked by robots.txt against key SEO parameters.

The amazing part is, you get a comprehensive report about the status of your pages, links & images, along with clear recommendations on the ways to fix problem areas if there are any. 

There is a Settings section too that helps you customize information as per your requirements. This includes selecting the pages for crawling, scanning frequency and parser settings.

SE- Ranking

You can get all the information in the form of a professional report that can be sent across to your client.

Salient Features

  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Marketing Plan
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • White Label
  • User Role Permissions
  • Position Tracking
  • Website Audit
  • Social Media Management
  • Page Changing Monitoring
  • Keyword Grouping
  • On-Page SEO Audit
  • Backlinks Monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Reporting Tools
  • API
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Grouper
  • Lead Generator


Serpstat is an all-inclusive platform consisting of five different tools, including keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, competitive analysis and site audit.

As far as the SEO audit tool is concerned, it scrutinizes your site and provides you with a report consisting of different types of errors found, links to pages where they’ve been noticed and a recommendation of how to fix them.

There is also a “Tool” section that finds all issues concerned with meta tags, headings, indexation, links, redirects, server parameters, HTTP/HTTPS, loading speed, etc. On top of this, it even allows exporting your report to the spreadsheet or PDF format and adding your own logo to this report. 

Salient Features

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Analytics
  • Advertising Analysis
  • Content Marketing Ideation
  • Competitor Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Market Intelligence
  • On-Page Audit
  • Reports & Infographics
  • API
  • Backlinks Analysis


Screaming Frog lets you get all the informative data from an entire site at once. On top of being an audit tool, it also works as a crawler. It scans/crawls your entire site and gives out data from an SEO perspective. This way, you get a lot of valuable insight into any SEO problems concerning your site. 

You can also download this tool on the desktop. This is a big plus point for the marketers as it enables the crawl to happen so much quicker. It’s definitely worth it for any marketer/agency to download. I highly recommend it.

Salient Features

  • Find Broken Links
  • Audit Redirects
  • Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data
  • Discover Duplicate Content
  • Extract Data with XPath
  • Review Robots & Directives
  • Generate XML Sitemaps
  • Integrate with GA, GSC & PSI
  • Crawl JavaScript Websites
  • Visualize Site Architecture

5. Netpeak Spider

Netpack Spider is a great option when you are looking for a fast and comprehensive technical audit. This tool audits more than 50 keywords parameter on a single page, can find a maximum of 60 issues, scrutinize your internal & external links, find broken links and calculate internal page structure to enhance overall website performance. What more do you need?


Thousands of marketers, SEO professionals and webmasters across the globe utilize Netpeak Spider to perform daily SEO tasks without any hassle. Try it free for 14 days!

Salient Features

  • Spot 80+ issues of website optimization
  • Check 70+ key on-page SEO parameters
  • Site scraping and web data extraction
  • Data segmentation
  • SEO audit with white label feature
  • Internal PageRank calculation
  • XML Sitemap generator and validator
  • Built-in tool for source code and HTTP headers analysis

6. Webmasters

Google Webmaster is Google’s official tool which allows users to get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly website. It deciphers and enhances your site in Google and other search engines. It assists in fixing problems and finding answers to your queries or issues on the website.

Salient Features

  • Search queries
    •   The impressions section
    •   Query metrics
    •    Click through rates

  • Search keywords
  • Refining your web page keyword performance
  • Google authorship

7. Google Analytics

Irrespective of whether you wish to boost your sales, find more visitors, or improve your website, Google Analytics has the answers and insights that can improve your business. 

If you wish to learn how your marketing programs are performing on all digital platforms, Google Analytics is the answer. Whatever be your business goals, it provides powerful insights about which campaign drives visits, sales and actions from your users.

Salient Features

  • Traffic Reporting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Keywords referral
  • Third-party referrals
  • Custom dashboards

8. Nightwatch

If you’re looking for a sophisticated all-in-one SEO tool, Nightwatch is the perfect match. With Nightwatch, you can customize reports, run site audits, discover keywords and competitors automatically, and more. 

The intuitively-designed dashboard that lets you quickly view your most important metrics. You can customize your graphs however you want -- add competitors, add segments, add various sources. This makes it easy for you to compare data and to make decisions to further optimize your SEO efforts.

Salient Features

  • Browser Automation
  • Clean Syntax
  • Built-in Test Runner
  • Cloud Testing Support
  • WebDriver Service
  • Page Objects Support
  • Continuous Integration
  • Easy to Extend

9. Advanced Web Ranking

Each complete SEO audit must include a comprehensive analysis of the websites' rankings for the targeted keywords. Advanced Web Ranking has been specifically built for this, to help you track your rankings on any search engine, location and device. 

Starting by having a look at your potential clients' starting point in SERPs and continuing with tracking your SEO evolution, Advanced Web Ranking helps you meet your goals through metrics such as visibility score, market share or click share. It can also help you discover the competitors that really count and understand how the SERP for each of your keywords is shaping up.


Moz is a terrific link explorer that assists you in performing competitive link research, exploring backlinks, anchor text and much more for free. I consider this one of the best tools for checking backlink.

Salient Features

  • All your keyword research in one tool
  • Seamlessly add to, manage and create keyword lists in a single place
  • Find better keywords by seeing thousands of intuitive suggestions
  • Prioritize keywords by the metrics that matter


Majesticseo is a link intelligence tool specifically designed for SEO and internal PR & Marketing. With the help of this site explorer, you can get information about inbound links and site summary data. It even lets you find how all the websites on the internet link to each other with the largest Link Intelligence database on the planet. 

This tool gives you such comprehensive information including the fabric of the web it is knitted together which is not possible for any other site or search engine. It also depicts popular anchor text, anchor text diversity and link diversity.

Salient Features

  • Site Explorer
  • Backlink History Checker
  • Search Explorer
  • Link Intelligence API
  • “Campaigns”
  • Verified Domains
  • Flow Metrics History
  • Keyword Checker


Ahrefs will accumulate all the data and show you the metrics in a single table with the options to sort and export. Some of the popular metrics include the number of backlinks and internal links. You also get information about anchor text, anchor text diversity and link diversity. 

Salient Features

  • SEO Auditing
    • Site Audits
    • Change Tracking
    • Log File Analysis
  • Keyword Research 
  • Rank Tracking    
    •   SERP Rank Tracking
    •   Localization
    •   Rank Alerts
  • Off-Page SEO    
    • Link Building   
    • Backlink Monitoring
  • SEO Reporting    
    • Competitor Analysis     
    • Data Visualization
    • Custom Reports
    •  While Label


SmallSEOTools helps in determining how many backlinks are pointing to the website or link you entered. It also provides information about anchor text that is being used, PageRank of the backlink source and any potential flags or warnings for each individual link.

Salient Features

  • Backlink Checker
  • Backlink Maker
  • Website Link Count Checker
  • Website Broken Link Checker
  • Link Price Calculator
  • Reciprocal Link Checker
  • Website Link Analyzer Tool
  • Broken Backlink Checker
  • Valuable Backlink Checker
  • Backlinks Competitors
  • Anchor Text Distribution


This free online Checker / Validator not just tells you which of your hyperlinks are dead but it will also show to your where exactly those stale references locate in your HTML code!

Such a unique feature makes our checking service stand out from other available problem detection tools and makes it very convenient for a webmaster to find bad URLs and clean them in no time. It's never been so easy to locate and fix dead weblinks!

Salient Features

  • Checks your websites and blogs for dead links
  • Can scan an unlimited number of web-pages
  • Validates both internal and external URLs
  • Shows the location of problematic links in your HTML
  • Reports error codes (404 etc.) for all bad URLs
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS


This deadlinkchecker tool is free to use, doesn't require a download and will quickly identify non-working, bad links for you to correct. This will enable you to keep your site fresh, accurate and free from broken links.

This URL checker (linkchecker) can check your site or your competitors' sites, either for a single page or the whole site. The report will identify the number of links checked together with any errors.

Salient Features

  • Site check - a free service allowing you to check a single web page or a whole website for broken links.
  • Multi check - a free service, requiring a login, which can check multiple websites and send a report by email.
  • Auto check - a subscription service that scans several websites automatically, unattended, and on a user-specified schedule. Reports are emailed or available online.

ii) Tools for On-page Activities

A. Keyword Research Tools:


WordTracker is one of best keyword research tool available on the internet. It reveals high performing keywords in minutes with the keyword research tool.

17. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool that helps you build Search Network campaigns by finding keyword ideas and estimating how they may perform.


Keyword Discovery is the most powerful Keyword Research tool that fetches keyword search statistics from the entire major search engines worldwide. Keyword Discovery can tell you the search phrases people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors.

If you believe your site's ranking is being harmed by low-quality links you do not control, you can ask Google to remove these bad links by using Disavow tool.

Using Monitorbacklinks tool, every marketer can easily discover bad backlinks on the website. The easiest way to disavow them!

C. Content Optimization & Check Duplicate Content:

21. Edubirdie

Google hates duplicate content, so be aware. Many marketers out there are facing this issue - because of the lack of knowledge and writing skills. But no worry, you can still get ideas from other content and proofread with some of the best Plagiarism checkers like Edubirdie. I personally tried it much time, it helped me a lot. The most important is, it's easy to use, you just need to copy documents and paste into the search box. Within a few mins, it will give you the plagiarism score.

Plagiarism Checker

22. online checker online checker allows evaluating the level of plagiarism in any text. This checker is free of charge and very fast – you can get a comprehensive result in just 20 seconds. It gives you the opportunity to check any essay or other pieces of writing so that there are no mistakes because originality is crucial for academic performance.

Among the advantages of this checker worth mentioning is the instant results, which show all the sources that have similarities with the checked text. Plus, the whole program is really simple to use. You can either copy-paste your text or upload a file in such formats as pdf, docx, txt.


Siteliner is one of the easiest ways to analyze your entire website including duplicate content, broken links, internal page rank, redirections and more. It even assists you to create an XML sitemap.

24. Eduzaurus Plagiarism Checker

Eduzaurus offers an easy to use a free online plagiarism checker for students who need to review essays, web content, resumes or any other document. There’s the option to copy and paste or upload a document for ease. The checker then scans the web for journals, articles, books and any other relevant content that might be considered plagiarism. It then ranks the overall text for uniqueness and gives it a percentage.

It breaks the document down by sources in a tab below and rates these sources in relation to the document and its uniqueness. The uniqueness percentage is a big plus for Edubirdie because it makes it super easy to review what requires the most changes at a glance. However, this checker solely reviews for plagiarism and does not review grammar or offering writing suggestions, so might not be suited to everyone.   


Smallseotools plagiarism checker is used to check duplicate content on a webpage or an article. To use this, please copy and paste your content into the box below, and then click on the big green button. All duplicate content will show in RED color and all unique content will show in green color.


PlagSpotter is an online duplicate content checking and monitoring tool. Check your whole site for duplicate content or automatically monitor your pages for plagiarism. PlagSpotter allows you to automatically monitor your selected URLs for duplicate content. This tool also scans site on regular basis and you by email of the % of duplication.


Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker. The software allows you to detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original.

D. Page Speed:

Website speed is one of the key ranking factors for the search engine. If your website speed is fast, then there is a chance to increase ranking, customer engagement (visitor will consume more time on site) and overall conversion. So what are you waiting? keep checking your website's speed on a regular basis with some best available tool.

Website Speed Test

Final Words

Are you still inquisitive to learn about SEO tools that can save your time and give a result more efficiently? If yes, check out this article to get the best ones for your website today!

Also, do not forget to let us know which one of these tools did you like the most? Comment below. 

Sawaram Suthar is CMO at Acquire, and also a founder of Jagat Media, a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on @sawarams.

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