Top 9 Logo Trends to Follow in 2019

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Top 9 Logo Trends to Follow in 2019

When the audience can easily recognize your company through your logo, you've done something great! Because Logo represents the face of your Business.

Beware! Your logo is not just an art piece but a powerful visual that entails the power to reflect your brand story.

Companies often find it daunting to stay ahead of competitors. They devise various marketing tactics to target customers, it’s vital to create a unique identity that sets your brand apart to engage the audience.

Large organizations constantly work on creating a unique identity. A well-designed logo is a beginning your company’s branding conveying your business vision.

Your logo represents the face of your company. Therefore, design it carefully to make a strong first impression.

Before you start, consider these logo design trends to make the most of your logo.

1. Bright Colors

In 2019, bright colors will rule the designing arena. Many trendiest brands are adapting bright colors in their logos and this fascination doesn’t seem to wane with time.

Check out some examples of logo designs 2019 vibrant combinations of bright colors:

Source: logojoy

Source: 99designs

Source: logogenius

Bright colors can be adopted by various brands plus, these colors offer a strong impression by enhancing emotions that logo conveys.

The bright color logo makes a colorful, eye-catching statement. Choosing the right vivid colors can highlight your business strengths and help you attract the right clients. However, wrong combinations may result in reverse effects.

2. Responsive Logo Design

A versatile logo is necessary for every brand. Whether you print your logo on the business card, brochure or website, it has to be flexible enough to be used on different devices.

The property to look perfect on all digital devices and backgrounds is known as responsiveness. Responsiveness is another trend to follow this year. Be sure to consider responsive design before creating your logo. Ensure that your logo works best after getting resized.

According to Statista, last year 52.2% of the world’s website traffic derived from a mobile device and this figure is expected to increase this year. Therefore, responsive logos become necessary for all screens to convey a clear brand image.

3. Negative Space

Negative space continues to be trendiest for the years to come, this concept is a kind of artistic composition that cleverly leaves an interesting impression on the customers. There are many iconic logos that have incorporated negative space in their designs and here are a few examples:

Source: Pixellogo

The FedEx logo is amongst most recognizable logos with negative space. The arrow between the “E” and “x” is ingenious and features that FedEx is about moving objects from one place to another.

Negative space is used to hide shape, image, or text in a logo and can add an element of surprise and sophistication.

4. Overlapping Elements

This year, Elements overlapping is a highly emerging trend, and designers are actively using opacity and stimulating shapes to form attractive pictorial marks.

Designers are looking forward to combining overlapping designs with exact colors, negative space, and geometry. Many major brands have already incorporated this new trend and making full use of overlapping possibilities.


This trend was introduced in 2014 when PayPal rolled out its redesigned logo featuring two overlapping P’s that impeccably reflects the company’s devotion to its 250M+users.

PayPal has revealed this trend a few years back, and designers are ready to embrace the same trend in 2019 with a clever mix of bright colors and bold shapes.

5. Metallic Logo Designs

Metallic styles are not a new thing in logo designing, in 2019 it looks set to take center stage. This style is not exclusively reserved for the jewelry brands, it seems to be everywhere right now.

Metallic logos are usually associated with luxury brands but they are extremely versatile—perfect for any number of industries and professions. Metallic logo comprises a shiny metal effect that can make a simple design stand out and this is what a brand needs from a logo.

In 2019, Grid-based logos will really be on the pedestal one reason for its emerging popularity is

its scientific logo designing process that creates attractive shapes and designs.

Grid system maintains accuracy and consistency between different design elements because they use a mathematical approach which helps designers to maintain visual consistency.

The grid helps designers to place all the right elements in the right place so it won’t create a cluttered look.

Designers can use margins to reduce cluttered layouts, especially when your logo involves two or three elements.  Keeping your margins opened will enhance your logo design.

This year, we can expect many brands to adopt this technique in their logos.

Source: Design Shack

7. Geometric design Styles

This year, geometric patterns popping up everywhere not only because of their mathematical precision but also for a various range of emotions they can express. Geometric shapes can easily simplify a complex figure and elegantly reflects a brand’s concept.

Shapes including squares and rectangles provide a robust and stable feel while circular or oval logo can give a brand a wild, eternal feel. Similarly, corrugated or curved edges offer a sense of relaxation.

A number of geometric shapes are available that you can choose depending on what you want for your business because shapes influence the way we think of brands therefore, it’s important to choose your shapes wisely.

8. Double Initial Logos

Double initial logos are making the way forward and can be a perfect choice for industries including Coffee shops, clothing brands, restaurants, and salons.

A double initial logo can be an exciting way to represent your brand since there are a lot of design variations and you can mix and match uppercase letters, two lowercase letters and joint letters to make it bit more creative.

Designers can enhance their double initial logos by using attractive font size and style to make a

two-letter logo stands out against some other logotypes.

Source: design KULTUR

9. Illustrations As Logo Letter Substitute

This year’s hottest logo design trends will be incomplete without the mention of illustrations.

Replacing a logo letter with illustration is not just a unique way to entice customers, in fact, it makes a logo memorable if designed correctly.

The illustration should be clear and powerful enough to represent the missing letter with a substitute image. Take a look at a few creative examples:

Source: Pinterest

Some Good Logo Examples

Since a logo is purely for company’s identification; therefore, it has to be timeless, simple and memorable.

Achieving a well-designed logo requires a lot of hard work and being up to date with the latest trends in design. An upright logo design is probably the best way of establishing a brand. Here are few incredible yet creative logos


Source: Fatrabbit Creative

Every element of a logo expresses something, its color, shape or words holds a definite purpose, and that’s what makes a logo important for the brand.

Logo design takes a lot of planning to create a mark that users can remember as your brand’s identity.

Brands like Nike and Apple implemented the right strategies to form a memorable logo.  You can also consider some useful tips before jumping into logo designing process:

1.      Choose the Right Logo Type

There are a lot of logotypes to choose from including lettermark, wordmark, pictorial mark, abstract mark, mascot logo, combination mark, and emblem logo.

You need to determine which logotype is suitable for your business. For example, if your company name is generic than you can go with a logo mark or if your brand name is unique then choose a logotype.

Businesses can choose logotype by identifying their brand personality and message they want to convey.

Once, you determine your brand personality along with logotype then select a typeface that offers some personality to the logo.

2.      Select a Simple but Quirky Design

A simple design is not only easy to memorize, but it also appeals to users and conveys the brand’s vision instantly.

Most globally recognized logos comprise the simplest designs. Simplicity is, but without adding a flavor of creativity, you can’t make your logo stand out.

A good example is Amazon’s logo where you can see an arrow connecting the letter A to Z, denoting that the company sells everything.

3.      Understand the Meaning of Colors

Marketing is all about attracting customers and colors have a strong power to evoke strong human emotions.

Each color has its meaning and can greatly serve your brand’s marketing. For example, a blue color reflects trust and dependability; that’s why many banks choose blue as their dominant logo color.

Meanwhile red color represents energy and intense passion, and that’s why many energy drink companies use red to promote their brands.

The yellow color is another color that is often used in brands marketing. This color is attention-grabbing, vibrant and associated with happiness and optimism. Yellow is mostly linked with warmth and a lot of brands used this color in branding see example below:

Source: Artitudes Design

When you’re looking through 2019’s logo design trends and tips make sure to implement thoughtful elements into your designing process to make your brand stand out.

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