13 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App for Free

13 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App for Free

Have you created a mobile app? Now, it’s time to promote it. Use social media platforms, reviews sites, app stores, blogging, etc. and get the desired results. Know more in the following blog.

Mobile apps have become a core part of today’s life. It offers an entirely unique experience for you. Once its development, you want to see its popularity day-by-day.

The outcomes depend on how efficiently you utilize your time and efforts. Therefore, I have come up 13 most effective ways to promote your mobile app for free.

1. Define Landing Page

A precise introduction of your app is very necessary. It allows users to know about your website or app. You need to be focussed while writing a landing page. It should be clear and simple. One sentence is sufficient for it. You can take inspiration from different platforms. One of the best platforms is Tinder.

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2. Use Social Media

Social media is a platform that can make your apps popular if used properly. Copy and pasting a link is not enough to reach your goal. You should create an engaging, appropriate, and interesting captions.

If you do so, then only users will consider you click-worthy. Promoting via twitter is the best way to do this. Create a profile on Twitter and link it your app in the App Store to send out tweets. Usage of appropriate hashtags is also essential to reach the target audience and a huge rush.

3. Guest Blogging

Invest some energy looking on the web for industry specialists who have online journals. You need to check whether they can share your application on their blog. Offer them to do a guest post.

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Choose a topic that can describe the advantages of your mobile app. In case, you have a free edition of your app, make it available for their (influencers’) supporters.

4. Try for More Reviews

There are numerous app review websites in the online market. Therefore, to start working with them, you need to prepare a list. Then, draft an email stating the advantages of your app.

It would be better if you personalize the email for the site your contacting. Because these personalized pitches might develop the interest of the reader (app review websites).

5. App Store Optimization

It is quite similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ASO is basically the process of increasing your app’s visibility on app stores. In order to get your app to the top searches, it is important to perform some strong actions.

The competition is not going to be easy. In fact, it will get tougher with each passing day. Hence, implementing ASO strategy is one of the key things you need, in order to fight in this competition.

6. Start a Blog

Nowadays, blogging has become one of the simplest ways to create some buzz about your mobile app. Hundreds of blogs are written every day. Almost every organization has a blog section.

Therefore, the competition is very high. You need to read different articles, already available to get an idea of writing a blog. Draft a compelling and effective article. If you are not good at writing, you can even hire freelancers or contact writer websites. 

7. Register for Awards

This is another way to promote your apps. You can participate in app awards. It gives you a huge exposure, plenty of downloads, and tons of reviews. Don’t expect to be the winner every time because it all depends on your app idea. Learn new things even from the failures. Try to be more innovative. These are some famous app award websites:

  • Appy Awards
  • Best Mobile App Awards
  • Appsters Awards
  • Apple Design Awards
  • Best App Ever Awards

8. Build a Community

Get in touch with somebody who has purchased your application and ask him/her to give you a feedback. One of the ways you can climb the positions in the App Store is to just have more feedbacks than others in your specialty.

Moreover, you can build a community of your own. It helps you to make your app better, as well as popular. Add those members who have already purchased your app.

9. Go for Alternative App Stores

As we know, there are two key app stores i.e. Google Play and App Store, in the market. However, you can even consider other online stores to upload your app. Here, is the list of some good app stores:

  • AppsLib
  • Opera Mobile Store
  • Amazon Appstore
  • GetJar
  • AppBrain
  • SlideMe

10. Go for Print Marketing

There is nothing bad in trying some older approaches for marketing. Design a flyer and put it on the bulletin board at the supermarket, coffee shops, and schools. This method will costs you nothing, but there are chances that you get a lead.

I personally feel it is a great way to reach out to your target audience. You can link your app with the old app if you have any. Why is this useful? People who are already using your app and are happy with it will definitely love to use your other app as well.

Moreover, you don’t need to prove yourself once again. Just provide a link and users will get to know about your new app. It is not necessary that they will download your app. However, there is a possibility that they will promote it in among their relatives or friends.

You can even go for this method to get a huge amount of traffic to your app. Search for top bookmarking websites and start to promote your app.

In case, a few users see, as well as share the links through their social marketing platforms, you can get a new audience quickly.

13. Involve in Forums

Forums have become a major platform to execute discussions. Hence, you can even join forums related to your niche. You just need to sign up and indulge like an active participant. Just link your mobile app in your signature as this is not the podium to spam.

The users that are the part of the discussion will try to find more about you. Once you become an authority in your niche, the users will start feeling ease about hitting those links.

Final Thoughts

Building an app is not enough. In fact, it only is the first step. Promoting it in a better is crucial. Hence, in the above write-up, I have mentioned some tips on how to promote your mobile app. Hope, you will implement and get benefits from these points.

Writing comes to Neha as a passion that she is pursuing as a career. Being the senior technical writer at MobileAppDaily, she loves jotting down the ideas about the latest technology to offer insightful information to the readers about everything that breaks the internet.

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