Harness the Power of Social Selling for Driving Sales

Harness the Power of Social Selling for Driving Sales

Learn what’s new & break the ice implementing social selling in your business.

To some extent, social media is a thing of past.  However, engaging prospects on social media is in practice since ages. But to win business, it’s not enough. Therefore, Social Selling comes into play.

What Social Selling is all about?

On your journey to convert likes into sales, Social Selling acts as a strong game player. It’s a growing trend that companies of every size are adopting overwhelmingly to supercharge their sales. With a significant influence, Social Selling has broadened the horizons & empowered businesses to increase their sale on multiple social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are not just the sources to make friends for chit-chatting. Today, a large part of the population worldwide is leveraging these platforms to get interacted with the targeted buyers.

So social selling is Finding, Relating & Engaging consumers. Isn’t it interesting? Of course, yes! The concept of social selling is far different than the common techniques of buying & selling.

Cracking the right deal & finding the right prospect is always important to make your business grow. It’s a phenomenal way to transform your sales from analog to digital. Undoubtedly, scaling up your success has become a lot easier by investing in Social Selling.

You might be wondering how Social Selling helps you get ahead of the competitors? Well, selling on social media speed things up & ease your way to build relationships. Though it seems to be challenging, however, Social Selling is not rocket science. Before trying hands on it, leave all your worries behind.

For your need to keep social selling at the forefront, we’ve got you covered

Transforming your team into digital salesforce is possible only when you have necessary resources, time & expertise. The whole process of Social Selling revolves around Rapport, Relationships & Retention. From product research to partnerships, social media platforms help to take the whole process to the next level. To get mastery over Social Selling, take a look at the steps that have been compiled to make you understand the complete process of Social Selling.  

1. Branding

To become a right Social Salesperson, the first & foremost thing to be taken care of is the choice of social platform. Always look for the active users who are interested to know you. Having a strong profile is the key element to get success. Out of millions, how a user will identify you? Therefore, building brand credibility & reputation is all the more important to attract consumers to your business.  Achieving social selling index score is not everyone’s cup of tea. One must use keyword optimized content for search engine indexing. 

There is no denying the fact, that today’s buyers are fully equipped with the ongoing trends in the market. If you think you can fool them, then you are wrong.   

So to get noticed, make social media platforms your great help. Having an online presence is a must if you are planning to jump start your social selling process.

Also leveraging your brand for engaging prospects is of use only if your professional brand holds the potential to engage leads on social media.

It has been found that social selling can be done in many ways, but relying on social media is the surest way to double your profits.

2. Engagement

You cannot reach to your potential buyers overnight. It takes years of struggle, techniques & investment. How would you make someone trust you? Word of Mouth is not any more helpful when it’s about buying & selling.  

Social Selling has given a new shape to the buying decisions of the people. To create a long-lasting impact, embedding social selling to your business is the need of the hour. What’s in the market is not always for your benefit but there’s no danger in trying something new.

Building social selling skills is really important for an effective & long-term relationship with buyers. To get the most out of social selling, sellers must know how to build relations with the consumers, how to do social content sharing & when one should direct message to the prospects. All these points can prove to be a valuable tool for generating sales online. Appreciation in Social Selling comes when you hit the nail on the head. Maintaining a perfect balance between listening to your customer & delivering what they actually looking is of utmost importance.  Keep an eye on what your competitors have in stock for your buyers.

3. Value & Need for Social Selling

According to a survey done in the past,
it has been figured out that Social Selling brings more authenticity and takes
the pain out of identifying the right lead. Social Selling tools benefit you,
know how:

  • Reduced Account/Contract Research Time
  • Increased number of leads
  • Building deeper relationships with clients
  • Enhanced lead conversion rate
  • Shorter Sell Cycles

More meaningful engagements come when you share more relevant information with the clients about you & your business. Recent social selling stats show that 73% of salespeople have opted social selling to make their business grow.

4. Potential Connectivity

Social Media channels give you the freedom to connect with different types of people globally.  Building a list of connections & converting them to leads makes a big difference. Social Selling is not about impressing others to buy from you. It's a technique to engage only potential buyers & enlighten their experience. Be open to your customers through a piece of writing about you, your struggle, achievements & determination. The consistent social selling strategies & endorsements from other businesses & connections build your credibility & extend your network.

Gone are those days, when via newspaper customers used to find sellers & made a call. That’s too sometimes got missed by the sellers intentionally or unintentionally.

Therefore, social media as a unique medium caters to the need of the businesses & customers. It generally works as a two-way platform where buyers & sellers actively get involved to sell & buy.

5. Quality Content

Does it really matter to put content on social media platforms for social selling? Content is a king when marketing your business. Selling your services & products without effective tools & strategies may help you get money but it won’t help you convert your lead into a customer. Putting together meaningful words will help you get fruitful results.

Creating content like a pro is an initial step to drive clients to you. Before you begin with your content strategy always put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  When done with the social media platform selection, content posting is the next step. The content should be a perfect combination of the words that are easy to read & understand. A user always read what gives answers to his/her problems. And in Social selling your word choice is always a clear representation of what you are. Educating & Influencing buyers through video content can make you stand apart in the cut-throat competition. You have to be a little more careful about the content you are sharing. You must have a clear understanding that whether it's for B2B or B2C.  

6. Metrics/ KPIs for Measurement

Measuring the success of social selling is highly important no matter which platform you are using. There must be some sort of metrics & KPIs for measurement that sellers can take advantage of. A strong network is the best representation of your growth. The more consumers you have in your list, the more successful you are on getting leads. With no thumb rule, the process simply works & makes every leader or seller understands his/her social selling growth.  Apart CRM is the one best way to know more about your performance. A social network field in the Customer Relationship Management System indicates all about the leads & to what extent they are influenced.

CRM helps in tracking & monitoring the customers. Moreover, it streamlines the process by letting the sellers know where to contact customers. CRM provides a report on a monthly & quarterly basis indicating the key areas of concern. In addition, Account Based Management System is another tool to measure the efficacy. What campaigns are running & what's the collaborative effort of the team is all that ABM counts. Social Selling is a combination of attracting, engaging, converting & measuring.   Therefore, experts handle the whole process like who is managing what, how the team is performing, what are the results and more.

ABM metrics is generally comprised of factors like Coverage, Engagement, Influence & Revenue. To make the best things happen in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to make use of effective tools, techniques & strategies.  


No one can stop you from getting more sales unless and until your approach is not correct.  Social Selling is a hot topic in the field of marketing. Why enterprises are adopting? How it is beneficial for your growth? Rather than getting confused with what & why you need to embrace Social Selling.

It is your responsibility to reach your audience via authorized platforms.  Don’t do what everyone else is doing. No two individuals are alike & the same goes for the businesses. Your business type will let you decide which social media platform suits your need.

So be a part of the super active groups, learn what’s new & break the ice implementing social selling in your business.

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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