13 Best Online Assessment Tools to Streamline Learning in 2024

13 Best Online Assessment Tools to Streamline Learning in 2024

Looking for the best online assessment tools? We’ve compiled a list of the 13 best online assessment software to look for in 2022.

Our ranks Our top pick Best for Free trial period Pricing
ProProfsTutor who wants to build templates to launch and create quizzes in no time.Yes$20/month
LiterablyEasy to use for both teachers and students. Works on mobile phones and tabletsYesN/A
PeerGradeStudents can review each other's assignments and works in all devices. Ability to export all the dataYes$2/student/year
Google FormsVery easy to use, available on all devices with full report YesFree
MentimeterVery fast and can organize real time Quiz Yes$11.99/month

The eLearning industry is taking massive steps toward what appears to be a bright future for the entire education sector. For example, over 80% of US college students report that digital learning opportunities enabled them to improve their test scores.

In the small student cohort, almost 50% say they intend to retain the "remote" status.

These trends announce a significant increase in the need for online assessment software. These tools can help streamline assessment in the education sector and recruitment and marketing.

If you want to future-proof your organization, you are probably looking for online assessment tools. Unfortunately, they are all unique in price, scalability, ease of use, and reporting and analytics, so it's hard to pinpoint the best ones.

To help you narrow down your options, we've compiled a list of the best online assessment software to look for in 2024.

Price & feature comparison of the ten best online assessment software of 2024

1. ProProfs

ProProfs Online Assessment Software

If you want to make your online education more engaging, ProProfs can do wonders in helping you achieve it. But, of course, we are talking about a cloud-based online assessment platform that you can use across devices with various screen sizes.

ProProfs hits a sweet spot between a super easy-to-use and an assessment tool with many features, including customization options. The most noteworthy ones include automated grading and templates you can use to create assessments.

ProProfs also delivers a solution that supports different question types to help you make your quizzes more engaging.

Plus, there is support for integrations to enable you to make the most of your organization's tech stack.

USP - 1 million+ ready-to-use & customizable questions and 100+ settings for security & customization.


  • Template library – use 100+ professionally built templates to launch and create quizzes in no time.
  • Assessment library – over 100 available assessments categorized by topics.
  • Question library – use 1,000,000+ readymade questions on a variety of topics.
  • Automated grading – save hours having the platform grade quizzes automatically.
  • Prevent cheating and unauthorized access – disable tab switching, randomize questions to prevent cheating, restrict the time for answering questions, share private links and more.


  • Great scalability capacity;
  • Straightforward to use;
  • Saves a lot of time with automatic grading;
  • Insightful real-time reports.


  • The tool has some of its valuable features locked behind a paywall
  • It needs more templates
  • It can have more flexible pricing
  • It could do with a typeahead library.


Starts at $20/month; users can cancel a subscription anytime.

2. Literably

Online assessment tools are limited in one way – they rarely offer the opportunity to assess how students read or listen to how they answer the questions.

That's where Literably comes in to create new assessment opportunities.

The user-friendly design will help you onboard even the youngest of students. It works across devices and has a dedicated iPad app, allowing students to record their answers and forward the results to teachers.

USP - Oral reading fluency (ORF) assessment to check reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension.   


  • Automatic scores – access various scores, including fluency, phonics, understanding, and phonological awareness.
  • Mobile friendly – works on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Advanced reporting – review assessment by grade, student, month, or type.
  • Teacher dashboard – get instant insights and easily spot patterns from data visualizations.


  • Easy to use for both teachers and students;
  • Ability to streamline literacy assessments;
  • Automatic scoring;
  • Comprehensive reporting.


  • Listening to students takes a lot of time.
  • There needs to be an option for more books at each level.
  • Some of the younger students might find the login method challenging.


Pricing is available on request.

3. PeerGrade

PeerGrade brings something new to the world of online assessment software. It helps you enable your quiz takers to give each other feedback, which can be super-helpful in improving their learning experience. In addition, it's a go-to tool for organizations interested in streamlining peer learning.

PeerGrade is one of the newer tools. It features a modern design. Despite the contemporary looks, PeerGrade is very easy to learn. Onboarding tech-savvy students with such an attractive tool is also accessible.

You can use it to create live assignments or streamline homework. Once the students submit their work, others in the class can review it.

Meanwhile, you have a complete insight into what's going on. It can help you remove bias from your grading process and help students understand what they need to improve their grades.

USP - Students can give anonymous feedback to each other


  • Reporting – get access to complete reports about the assignment hand-in and feedback;
  • Question quality – discover which questions are easy or hard to answer;
  • Insights – find average question response time and learn how to improve your assignments;
  • Fair evaluations – you have complete control over feedback to help students feel safe.
  • Peer review – Students can review each other's assignments


  • Encourages critical thinking;
  • Works across devices;
  • Ability to export all the data;
  • LMS integration support.


  • No LMS integration in the Basic plan
  • More suited for higher education, this tool might not offer enough structure for K-12.
  • Peer reviewing isn't possible if a student takes too long to submit an assignment.


Starts at $2/student/year, and a 30-day free trial is available.

4. Exam.net 

Exam.net, a cloud-based assessment software, was developed by former teachers with teachers’ needs in mind, which is notable for the intuitive interface that makes it easy and quick to create and conduct an exam. 

At the same time, it’s a robust tool with a wide set of functions catering to different needs and preferences. You can customize the exam setting with various question types, randomize the order of questions, and add subject-specific tools like drawing or programming tools. For students with learning challenges, like dyslexia, there is text-to-speech, translations and support for adding additional time.   

Exam.net uses advanced technology to prevent cheating, is the most used software for national high-stakes exams in Sweden, and allows real-time monitoring. 

The fact that students log in to their exam through an exam key (code) provided by the teacher and hence don’t need to create an account is a welcomed feature to avoid dealing with account setups and lost passwords. 

USP: Intuitive to use and effective at cheat prevention. No student accounts are needed. 


  • Multiple levels of security, from open book exams to locked-down screen 
  • Supports various exam types, both essay/open-ended questions and auto-marked questions that are graded for you upon submission. 
  • A large set of built-in tools, like Desmos, Geogebra, programming tools, text-to-speech, teacher-student chat and the ability to submit a picture of the handwritten answer
  • Anonymization of student submissions 
  • Works across devices: Windows, Chromebooks, iOS etc.


  • Saves time with automatic grading 
  • Easy to use and to get started, not student accounts, implementations or set-up processes needed 
  • Many customization and student accommodation possibilities 
  • Robust security settings (Anti-cheating measures)


  • It could have more advanced reporting and analytics 
  • It’s integrated with Google Classroom but could have more LMS integrations
  • There is no question library 


Pricing: Pricing is available on request. You can sign up for a 75-day free trial. After that, you can purchase a school-wide license - the price of the license is customized based on your needs and usage.  

Free Trial Period: Yes, 75-day free trial for the whole school 

5. Google Forms

google forms

Google Forms comes from the search engine giant. Whether you want to use it to assess your students or the results of remote employee training, Google Forms stands at your disposal. It helps you collect data from your students with ease.

You can use different questions and create answer keys to enable self-grading.

Google Forms also has a feedback option to communicate your insights with quiz takers. Plus, you can create adaptive quizzes to trigger the following questions based on previous answers.

USP - Seamless integration with your Google account 


  • Automatic grading – create answer keys to grade tests on auto-pilot;
  • Student feedback – give your students valuable feedback on every question they take;
  • Adaptive forms – enable your quiz to adapt based on students' responses;
  • Real-time reports – access the latest response data.


  • It's completely free;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Reports are updated in real-time;
  • Works on any device.


  • It takes time to create answer keys for all your quizzes.
  • Doesn't capture answers if people miss the submit button
  • Limited customization capabilities


Google Forms is free.

6. Mentimeter

Are you interested in real-time formative assessments? Then you should check out Mentimeter. This mobile-responsive tool was built to enable you to make your classes more interactive while assessing students on the go.

You can use Mentimeter to add polls or Q&As to your presentations. It works both ways. You can use it to assess students in real-time and discover how engaging your presentations are. You can also create beautiful word clouds to help visual learners in reading and comprehension assignments.

USP - Highly intuitive presentation builder


  • Presentation builder – create beautiful presentations with a built-in editor;
  • Different question types – use over 13 interactive question types in your quizzes;
  • Analytics – take a deep dive into your assessment data to get better insights;
  • Live quizzes – create and add quizzes mid-presentation.


  • Easy-to-use presentation and quiz builder;
  • Comprehensive analytics engine;
  • Built to facilitate interaction;
  • Dedicated mobile app.


  • White labeling is only available in the Pro plan
  • Doesn't have many advanced features
  • The app can sometimes take too much time to reveal poll results
  • It does not integrate well with Powerpoint


Starts at $11.99/month; cancel anytime.

7. Outgrow

outgrow-online assessment tool

Are you looking for a no-code online tool that provides personalized content in just a few minutes? Then you must try the easy-to-use Outgrow assessment builder that makes online education more interactive and engaging. It is a cloud-based online tool that caters to businesses across various industries, including the education sector, and can be used across multiple devices. 

Outgrow's interactive tool offers premade customizable templates where one needs to drag and drop the elements to create assessments and tests for students of all age groups. In addition, you can choose from over ten questions like multiple choice, single select, text input, drop-down, etc. 

You can create quizzes and assessments with custom questions and widgets to seamlessly assess the level of understanding, test knowledge retention, and reinforce critical information across a broad reach of learners. 

The tool provides easy access to accurate results, reports, and powerful analytics that further help segment the audience for personalized and effective retargeting for a practical teaching-learning experience.

USP - Ready-to-use & fully customizable interactive content, no-code tool


  • Variety of easy-to-create interactive tools
  • Professionally build templates and layouts
  • Question bank - premade and customizable interactive questions
  • Showcase your brand - logo, colors, assets, font, style, etc.
  • Real-time and powerful funnel analytics
  • No coding required
  • Conditional messaging - add images/videos, and customize messages for different results.
  • Embedding and Integration


  • Easy to use no-code tool
  • Real-time powerful analytics
  • Customizable premade layouts and templates
  • Interactive and interesting questions


  • Some valuable features are available in the paid version
  • Limited access to templates in the free version
  • Need to add more templates


You can sign up for a 7-day free trial. After that, the paid plan starts from $14 per month. If you have specific requirements, you can also get a custom plan.

8. EasyLMS


While EasyLMS is a complete learning management solution, it ships out with comprehensive online assessment capabilities. It lets you easily create various questions and provides automated grading to save time and effort. You can also white-label your quizzes.

You can use EasyLMS to completely automate your online assessment while ensuring that no one quiz you create is the same as before. The tool also has excellent reporting capabilities to identify and address learning gaps. It supports ten languages.

USP - Easy-to-use quiz builder  


  • Support for question types – include various question types in your tests;
  • Question randomization – create a question bank and use it to deliver unique quizzes;
  • Feedback – provide instant feedback to your students;
  • Certification – generate and have certifications on auto-pilot.


  • Keep your questions and quizzes in one location;
  • Great user interface;
  • Different pricing plans.


  • Investing in a complete LMS solution can be too much for some users.
  • The interface can seem confusing in some places.
  • It doesn't offer support for all types of SCORM files.


Starts at $50/month.

9. ExamSoft

Self-proclaimed as the "World's Most Advanced Assessment Platform," ExamSoft is another state-of-the-art assessment software you can deploy online. It has everything you need to streamline assessment and get actionable insights.

Some cool features are question randomization, the ability to disable students from using WiFi while taking tests, and the facility for tagging exam items to analyze and improve competency on specific topics. It also offers downloadable reports, a notification system, exam security settings, and more.

USP - Advanced AI and human remote proctoring for exams 


  • Security – make your data secure and use anti-cheat measures;
  • Reporting – get insights from data to create better experiences for students;
  • Notifications – get instant notifications when students complete exams;
  • Automatic grading – get access to scores immediately after exam completion.


  • Offline mode;
  • Ability to export data;
  • Great automation capabilities;
  • Superb anti-cheating measures.


  • Some features are hard to use.
  • Unsatisfactory performance on Mac computers
  • It can take longer to load than some other similar tools


Pricing is available on request.

10. ClassMarker

ClassMarker is a solid option for using a web-based assessment tool. It works on all devices and comes with an intuitive user interface.

You can use premade tests, customize them, or create new ones from scratch. It's great if you want to engage students on social media because it allows you to share the link that takes students directly to the test.

It also offers many security configurations so that you can create and conduct credible final exams. These include question randomization, setting time limits, and private quizzes.

USP - You can pool questions from a question bank to prevent cheating 


  • Time limit – set the time limit for every test you create;
  • White-labeling – customize the quizzes to reflect your organization's branding;
  • Issue certificates – make custom certificates for quiz takers;
  • Automated grading – enable automatic grading to save time.


  • Insightful reports;
  • Personalized tests;
  • Set reminders for students.


  • Become pricey at scale
  • Needs a good internet connection to run smoothly
  • Not great for creating math questions with graphs


Starts at $19.95/month. A free plan is available with limited features.

11. Skolera

Skolera is a great platform to use for online assessment. It's also a complete LMS software solution. It has many valuable features to help you create and share quizzes, communicate with students and parents and conduct effective learning programs.

The best thing about this tool is that it has an intuitive dashboard that logically presents everything, with one-click buttons for frequent tasks. The dashboard also provides easy access to reports and statistics.

USP - You can award badges and rewards for good performance so that students stay motivated and keep up their hard work


  • Student badges - Motivate students with badges
  • Add-Ons – hundreds of add-ons to add functionalities;
  • Question bank – create quizzes easily with premade questions;
  • Cross-device support – create and share quizzes across devices;
  • Ask a teacher – enable students to ask you questions anytime.


  • Ability to schedule examinations in advance;
  • In-depth reports;
  • Streamlines online grading.


  • Outdated user-interface design
  • Needs more customization options for reporting
  • Needs more filters in the admin interface


Pricing is available on request

12. Quizizz


Quizizz isn't just a solution for enabling online assessment. Instead, it's built to help you engage your learners and inspire them to improve their knowledge. This makes it ideal for teachers looking for an effective teaching tool and corporate trainers who wish to enhance and optimize their Employee training programs.

The gamification feature that allows you to grab students' attention is what sets Quizizz apart from other platforms on this list. You can create gamified quizzes, polls, and lessons for live learning and conduct friendly competitions among your learners.

USP - Gamified quizzes, polls and lessons.


  • Quizzes bank – explore teacher-created quizzes and reuse them how you see fit;
  • Live or Homework quizzes – engage your students in the classroom or assign quizzes as homework;
  • Automatic grading – get all the quizzes automatically graded.


  • Works on any device
  • Gamification makes quizzes engaging
  • Easy to use
  • iPhone and Android apps


  • The target audience is limited to elementary school students
  • The free version isn't great
  • You can't import questions from a spreadsheet.


Starts at $10/month.

13. Jotform Test Maker

jotform test maker

Looking for an online easy-to-use test maker for your class? Jotform Test Maker is a great online test maker option that allows you to create an online test in just a few minutes. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can add new boxes, multiple-choice questions, test instructions, and more to customize your test according to your preferences.

You can choose from Jotform Test Maker’s readymade quiz templates to save time and lighten your workload. You can also grade the answers automatically in seconds and analyze the data with the Form Analytics feature.

USP: Easy customization and various ready-made templates


  • Conditional logic - Show/hide fields, skip pages and send email confirmations easily.
  • Advanced Widgets: Choose from a wide selection to customize your test according to your needs.
  • Form Analytics: Analyze the data you gathered in seconds.


  • Easy to use
  • Advanced customization
  • Doesn’t require any coding


  • Needs more readymade templates
  • Free plans have some limitations
  • Pricing: Starts at $34/month. A free plan is available with limited features.


These ten online assessment tools cover various online assessment needs. Therefore if your goals are unique, you should explore your options and choose the one that can help you take your online assessment initiative to the next level.


What are Online assessment tools?

Online assessment tools are designed to test the abilities of individuals based on the instructions and guidelines provided by the conductor. This method evaluates and gauges people's credibility, cognitive knowledge, aptitude, and other skills.

What are examples of online assessment?

Online quizzes. Essay questions. Drag-and-drop activities. Online interviews. Dialogue simulations. Online polls. Game-type activities. Peer evaluation and review.

What are the top Assessment Tools for Distance Learning?

Socrative - quizzes and questions with real-time grading Google Forms - very easy to use and COPPA/FERPA compliant Mentimeter - pre-built education templates Quizizz - enhances and optimizes training programs.

Best assessment tools for recruiting

Adaface automates first-round tech interviews. Aspiring minds automated assessments and video interviews. Expert Rating offers over 800+ pre-set tests. Codility assesses its candidates' skills by testing their code online.

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